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Luke Skywalker: The Heros Journey

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Aboard the Falcon , Davane provided Skywalker with Leia's data tape, which he noted was a sign of great trust between the two of them. With her place as a friend of the Alliance confirmed, Skywalker and his allies returned Davane to her home on Skorii-Lei. Despite the escape from the Harbinger , the heroes quickly realized that C-3PO was captured during the commotion, and Skywalker was unable to stop R2-D2 from commandeering an X-Wing to rescue the protocol droid on his own. With his own X-wing's hyperdrive temporarily disabled, he resumed reading Ben Kenobi's journal. Identifying a symbol in the journal as a star map , Skywalker decided to visit the Vagadarr system after reading of a Jedi Master who had ventured there in the past and encountered enormous giants made of living stone that gave those in close proximity a power known as Stonepower.

Like the Jedi Master before him, Skywalker was able to navigate through the planet's heavy debris field and land on the surface, where he encountered Garro , the last remaining native human, who initially wanted to use Skywalker's life force to kill the few remaining giant children. Determined to protect them, Skywalker inspired Garro to change his mind and sacrifice his own life force to revive a dead giant. Skywalker and the giant children then ventured into the giant's cave to find the heart of the mountain and finish what Garro started in reviving the giant, thus completing the mission of the Master from years past and taking another step in his journey to becoming a Jedi.

Skywalker journeyed to the Screaming Citadel with the hope of learning more about the Jedi. Threatened by its denizens, he defended himself alongside Doctor Aphra and Black Krrsantan, who had lied to Sana Starros in order to find Skywalker.. Claiming to know where to find a Jedi Master, Aphra convinced an initially hesitant Luke to visit the Screaming Citadel with her. While on the way, she introduced him to the Rur crystal of the ancient Jedi splinter group known as the Ordu Aspectu.

Aphra claimed that introducing him to the Queen of Ktath'atn as a Jedi would allow them to reactive that crystal. At Ktath'atn, the entire party, except for Krrsantan were allowed into the citadel. Aphra presented Luke to the Queen who, unbeknownst to them, planned on eating Skywalker. Having been selected by the Queen from a group of other creatures of interest, Doctor Aphra and Skywalker ate in a dining hall with the monarch. The Queen commanded Luke to move a nearby dining tray with the Force, though he was unable to until the Queen's servant, Vespinax , threatened him with a knife to his throat.

Moving the tray revealed to the duo that the Queen planned on implanting them with an Abersyn symbiote , so they quickly made an attempt to escape. In the Citadel's hallway, they were nearly stopped by many of the Queen's thralls. Starros attempted to shoot Aphra, but Skywalker blocked the blast with his lightsaber, claiming that she was his friend. Meanwhile, the Queen's servants and armed security guards pursued the group, so they escaped into an Abersyn symbiote laboratory. Aphra led Luke to a nearby room and sold him out to the Queen of Ktath'atn, who promptly enthralled him. Solo attempted to rescue him, but was quickly enthralled and forced to lead the Queen's forces. In an ensuing struggle, Skywalker managed to re-arm himself with his lightsaber and fell under the influence of an Abersyn symbiote, becoming more powerful than even the Queen, and proclaimed himself King of the hive.

Doctor Aphra, deciding to return to save Luke, allowed Eternal Rur to enter his mind to assist him. Rur advised Luke to use the symbiote to his advantage, claiming that tying the Force's abilities into the parasite's emotional drive would make him immensely powerful. Choosing to ignore Rur, Luke let go, connected to the Force, and was able to free himself of the symbiote's influence and strike down the Queen. Han and all those under the Queen's control were freed, and the Citadel was destroyed by BT Reuniting with his friends, Luke told Aphra to stay away from them. Afterwards, the rebels and Aphra's crew escaped and went their separate ways. Skywalker later took part in a mission with Leia, piloting a Taylander shuttle with the princess.

With Imperial TIE Fighters in pursuit, Skywalker was forced to fly into a nebula , which disabled the shuttle's systems, forcing them to crash land on an ocean planet. Stranded on the planet for three weeks, Skywalker's experience with machinery such as moisture vaporators helped keep himself and Leia alive. Having to live off of the land, the two grew closer, relating to each other because of their status as orphans. They eventually realized that there was a native species living in the planet's ocean.

Not wanting to bring the war to these people, Skywalker and Organa set a trap for the Imperial forces that were pursuing them. Luke used the native's resouces, as well as his own lightsaber, to fend off an AT-AT and shoretroopers. Although close to being defeated, Leia used a flaming arrow to light explosive chemicals and disable the AT-AT. Afterwards, they were able to repair the shuttle and return to the Rebel Fleet. They saved R2's X-wing from Darth Vader and escaped in hyperspace. The team arrived there, discovering the devastation. Fearing further danger, they left without burying the rebel troopers, but Skywalker insisted that they honor the dead.

Together they built a cremation pile before leaving. Luke journeyed to the ravaged moon of Jedha, where he gained insight into the Dark Side of the Force. Having traveled throughout the galaxy with his friends, Luke and his fellow rebels journeyed to what remained of the moon Jedha , the site of one of the Death Star's tests. On the ashy moon, Luke and Leia defended what remained of Saw Gerrera 's Partisans from invading snowtroopers and brought them aboard the Millennium Falcon.

Moving to NaJedha , the planet that Jedha orbitted, Luke met Chulco Gi , an aspirant to the Disciples of the Whills , someone wou could potentially guide him in learning about the Force. Gi led the rebels to the rest of the Partisans on Jedha and placed hoods over their heads, in keeping with Partisan tradition. Led by Benthic , Saw Gerrera's former second-in-command, the remaining extremists held guns at their fellow rebels' heads. Benthic questioned why the Alliance would attempt to mend their relations with the Partisans and return to Jedha, and Leia revealed that the Empire had resumed mining Kyber crystals on the planet and that the Alliance hoped to aid the Partisans in fighting against the Empire.

Though wary of Alliance support, Benthic was nonetheless willing to accept some aid. Luke, shaken by the Partisans' extreme methods, was conflicted by agreeing to help them, but specforces operative Ubin Des reassured him that it was the right thing to do. Later in the ruined settlement of Ai-jed , Luke, Chulco, and Ubin contemplated why people would stay on a ruined planet. Stormtroopers armed with flamethrowers attempted to incinerate the remaining civilians, but Luke lashed out against them with his lighstaber, cutting them all down.

Realizing all that was at stake in the Galactic Civil War, Skywalker approached Benthic with Han Solo and wholeheartedly agreed to assist him in his fight. Their first target was the drill citadel , a mining device from the planet Shu-Torun that the Empire began using to mine Kyber crystals on Jedha. Benthic and Luke scaled the drill citadel and the Tognath ruthlessly killed the station's guards, much to Skywalker's chagrin. Benthic held a technician at gunpoint and forced him to lower the citadel's shields before killing him as well. Later, a disillusioned Chulco asked Luke to accompany him to meet the Central Isopter , a death-worshipping cult that Gi claimed was wise in the Force.

Although Luke was hesitant to seek the guidance from someone other than a disciple of the Jedi, he nonetheless was willing to go along. Leia attempted to convince him that his duty to the Alliance was most important, but Luke believed that becoming a Jedi and avenging all those slain by Darth Vader was the most important duty to him. Entering a chasm alongside Gi, the duo were attacked by a sand slug , a giant, normally herbivorous animal negatively influenced by the Dark Side of the Force.

Able to slay the beast, Skywalker and Gi were finally confronted by the Central Isopter, who claimed that they had come to join them "in the shadow of death. The cult implored Skywalker and Gi to meditate and listen to the chasm's call. They both did, but Luke refused to let the Dark Side take hold of him. However, Chulco was possessed by the darkness and attacked Luke, forcing the Jedi trainee to strike him down. The cultists then announced that they had received a distress call from Chewbacca, who was being pursued by a TIE fighter over NaJedha.

Luke borrowed a ship, was able to destroy the TIE fighter and bring an injured Chewie to the planet, where he provided the Alliance with the plans for the Leviathan , a mobile fortress able to strip mine Kyber crystals from Jedha. Han, Leia, and Benthic formed a strategy to destroy the Leviathan using the plans Chewbacca obtained. After the meeting, Luke ruminated on the sacrifice Rogue One made to get the Death Star plans to the Alliance, ultimately leading to him making the shot that destroyed the battle station.

Skywalker made his way to the bridge of the Leviathan and held its commander, Kanchar , hostage but the Imperial's cybernetic arm was equipped with a blade able to defend against Luke's lighstaber. Kanchar pursued Luke throughout the ship with his cybernetic arm's blade and flamethrower. Eventually leading the officer to the crawler's hangar, Skywalker activated an ion torpedo, which shut down Kanchar's cybernetics and allowed Luke to knock him out.

Having taken total control of the Leviathan with the help of the double-crossing Queen Trios , the rebels brought it to Jedha's chasm, destroye it, and escaped with not much time to spare. Having saved what remained of Jedha and made allies in the form of the Partisans and Queen Trios, Luke and his friends left Jedha. During the investigation, they ran into native droids and a male Duros named Akar Duel. Their actions made the group leave Lotho Minor, believing that the planet was not a good location for a new rebel base.

Upon arriving on the desert world, Skywalker sensed through the Force that there was something more at play beyond the actions of a few mercenaries. He requested the assistance of an agent who had a reputation for desert warfare and, together, the two defeated the mercenary outposts. The two also discovered from Imperial operatives in the sector that Imperial supplies were being ferried from Nar Shaddaa to Er'Kit, suggesting a large-scale operation was under way.

Eventually, Skywalker and the agent arrested the mercenary leader and tracked down the last members of Malachor Company, who had holed up in an empty village. Among the mercenaries' possessions, Skywalker and the agent discovered a document proving that Malachor Company was preparing to ship supplies somewhere, and its coordinates led Skywalker and the agent to an Imperial base on the planet.

They subsequently attacked several Imperial bases until they found intelligence pertaining to the Empire's operation on the planet. Once they located the base from which the Imperials deployed most of their forces on the planet, Skywalker assaulted it with the assistance of Princess Organa. The Rebels razed the base, dealing an important blow to the Empire's operations on Er'Kit, but they still lacked vital information on what the Empire's true purpose was on the planet. Skywalker gradually discovered Imperial logs detailing how Malachor Company had been hired by the Imperial Security Bureau and were tasked with forcibly relocating natives to make room for Project Hidden Eye. This ISB operation was intended to create cybernetic sleeper agents who could be deployed throughout the galaxy and spy on galactic citizens on behalf of the ISB.

Upon its discovery, Project Hidden Eye was nearly ready to deploy its first wave of spies. To prevent the operation from being carried out, Skywalker and the agent led their troops to the base that housed Project Hidden Eye. They fought through its staging area and ultimately took out the installation, ending the Imperial project for good. Skywalker thanked the agent for their service and then remained on Er'Kit for a short time, helping the Rebel Alliance execute additional missions on the desert world. At some point, Luke was given a mission to analyze different worlds in search of which could host a rebel base. As Skywalker meditated on the planet, he began to hear the voice of her friend and companion rebel Leia Organa.

Luke thought the Force allowed the two to communicate across the galaxy, but Leia was behind him. Leia asked what Luke was doing there since Bogano was one of the worlds she had to check out, and Luke told the Force had taken him there. The two were taken to the Bogano Vault by a small animal. Skywalker sensed the Force was strong in the place, and while Leia thought the world might be a good base, Luke disagreed. Skywalker was apparently right, as the small animal led them to a group of stormtroopers who were dealing with animals of the same species, making it clear that the Empire knew the world.

Following their mission to Shu-Toran , Skywalker, along with Solo and Organa, returned to the Rebel fleet where General Carlist Rieekan assigned Skywalker a mission to the Inner Rim planet Sergia to lure all Imperial forces and probe droids from a refueling station the Rebel Alliance had established on the planet. In 3 ABY , [3] Skywalker and the Rogue Squadron were transferred to the Echo Base , a rebel base on the iced planet Hoth , where he participated in regular patrols of the frozen perimeter under the callsign Echo Three.

Thinking they would have died, they recorded a message for their little son Poe Dameron to explain why they joined the Rebellion. Skywalker, however, rescued them, helped by Chewbacca by opening a hole in the ice using his lightsaber. Dameron and Bey were eventually treated by a B-series medical droid. Some time later, while reconnoitering the surroundings of Echo Base on [11] the tauntaun Riba , [88] after Solo had departed back to base, Skywalker was attacked by a wampa , only to regain consciousness in its cave.

He severed its arm with his lightsaber and escaped; after a long walk in the icy wind, he collapsed from exhaustion. Near death, he had a vision of Kenobi, who told him to seek the teachings of Yoda in the Dagobah system. Rescued by Solo, Skywalker recovered from his wounds in a bacta tank operated by the medical droids B and FX However, Vader had located Echo Base with one of his probe droids and prepared an imminent attack on the recently-opened Alliance base, [11] thus prompting the Alliance to evacuate the base at once. After bidding farewell to his friends, [89] for the impending battle , Skywalker was to lead Rogue Squadron in an airspeeder. Though he was shot down, and his gunner Dak Ralter was killed, he got out of his damaged speeder and single-handedly destroyed walker Blizzard Four with his lightsaber and a thermal detonator.

As Imperial forces breached the Rebels' defenses, the last Rebel transport departed, and Skywalker fled the planet aboard his X-wing with R2-D2. Skywalker then traveled to Dagobah , which turned out to be a remote swamp planet, where he encountered Yoda, the former Grand Master of the fallen Jedi Order. In their initial meeting, Skywalker was frustrated and impatient and was rather short-tempered with the diminutive Yoda, who did not initially identify himself and purposefully tested Skywalker's patience, telling him a story about three brothers, [89] and taking him back to his hut to partake in a meal of rootleaf stew , which he did not find very appetizing.

However, Skywalker gained a new appreciation for the small creature upon learning his identity, and Yoda agreed to train Skywalker only at the insistence of Kenobi's spirit. Skywalker's training proved to be difficult, as his adventurous past had shaped his mind toward action and emotional instinct. During his training with Yoda, the Jedi Master had Skywalker climb a tree to use his senses to find a way through the tree, Skywalker lost his balance and fell from the tree.

Yoda decided to have Skywalker carry him as he redid the task. When Yoda asked him to enter a cave that was strong in the dark side in which he was supposed to find only what he took with him, he was challenged by a vision of himself wearing the armor of Darth Vader , meant to symbolize his inner darkness. Unable to get the visions out of his head, and convinced that his friends would surely die if he did not help them, Skywalker decided to end his training prematurely to rescue them, despite Yoda and Kenobi's insistence that he was not ready to face the dark side on his own yet, but Skywalker was convinced that he'd learned enough to hold his own, and he could not just stand by and leave his friends to the mercy of the Empire.

Seeing that Skywalker's mind was made up, Kenobi let him know that if he ended up facing Vader, he could not interfere on his behalf, and advised him not to give into hatred. Likewise, Yoda advised him to mind what he'd learned. Skywalker promised to do so, and vowed to return to Dagobah one day to finish his training. Upon his arrival at Cloud City's East Platform , Skywalker felt Vader's presence, [89] and went into the nearest building, where he was shot at by Fett, who had come to claim a bounty put on Solo by Jabba the Hutt, and tried to pursue a group of stormtroopers and Imperial officers who held Organa, Chewbacca, and C-3PO captive.

The princess attempted to warn Skywalker that he was walking into a trap, but his path was diverted to the carbon-freezing chamber where Darth Vader awaited him, with the intention to freeze him in carbonite to present him to the Emperor. Skywalker engaged the Dark Lord in a fierce lightsaber duel. During the duel, Vader praised Skywalker's training in the Force thus far and attempted to goad him into giving into his anger and hatred, claiming that it was the only way to defeat him. Vader managed to knock Skywalker into the carbon-freezing chamber and appeared to have frozen him like he had Solo, but Skywalker lept out of the chamber before the process was finished, which left Vader impressed.

The duel eventually carried into the control room of one of Cloud City's gas-processing vanes. Vader began using the Force to throw various objects in the chamber at the young Jedi hopeful. One such projectile, a large piece of metal piping, was misdirected and smashed through a nearby observation port. The chamber was quickly depressurized, sucking Skywalker out onto the nearby sensor relay catwalk overlooking the reactor shaft. Skywalker managed to grab on to the catwalk's railing and pull himself up. Vader re-entered the fray and forced Skywalker back onto the catwalk.

Skywalker refused and desperately tried to keep fighting Vader, to which Vader responded with several ferocious strikes, ultimately forcing Skywalker to the very edge of the catwalk and slicing off his right hand. Both Skywalker's hand and his lightsaber fell into the depths of the reactor shaft. The revelation that Vader was Skywalker's father shook the Jedi hopeful to his core. Seeing that Skywalker was vulnerable in his weakened state, Vader offered to show Skywalker the power of the dark side and complete his training, but Skywalker adamantly refused to ever join Vader, the man who had killed his father. In that moment, Vader revealed the truth: that he was his father.

Horrified by Vader's shocking revelation, Skywalker initially denounced the Sith Lord's claim as untrue and impossible, but Vader insisted that they both knew that it was the truth. Vader further claimed that Skywalker was powerful enough to destroy the Emperor, and when he did, they could rule the galaxy together as father and son. Though he managed to grab onto a weather vane to avoid falling to his death, he knew he was unable to stay there forever, especially in his weakened state.

Calling out to Kenobi at first but getting no response, in desperation, he called out to Leia Organa through the Force, who was able to hear the call. Soon, the Millennium Falcon , with Lando Calrissian , Organa, Chewbacca, and the droids onboard, arrived to rescue him. As they escaped from Bespin, and the Falcon was faced with the Imperial fleet, Vader reached out to Skywalker through the Force, calling him "son. Haunted by the truth of his parentage, Skywalker found his connection to the Force considerably weakened, with his control over it remaining sporadic. Aboard the Falcon , Organa informed him of what had happened to Solo. Skywalker wanted to begin searching for his friend immediately, but Organa told him that there was more at stake than just Solo's life and it would be best to reconvene with the Rebel fleet first.

With Skywalker agreeing to this plan, the Falcon jumped to hyperspace. As the Falcon entered the battle, Skywalker volunteered to commandeer the ship's belly gun, despite his injuries. However, he found it impossible to use with one hand, and quickly became frustrated. His anger resulted in him unknowingly using the Force to make several of the attacking TIE Fighters crash into one another.

With Luke stunned by his sudden show of strength, the fleet jumped to hyperspace. With the fleet regrouped, Skywalker found a deserted part of the flagship and attempted to contact Yoda through the Force. Angry at the Jedi Master's refusal to answer, he almost shattered one of the ship's windows in another frustration-fueled loss of control over his Force abilities. He wondered whether the lack of answers from his mentors signified a premature end to his Jedi training, and who he was meant to be if not a Jedi.

Organa told Skywalker that he should have a prosthetic hand installed in the Nebulon-B frigate Redemption ' s medbay. Although unsure whether it would help his mental state, Skywalker agreed, [94] and received the hand as Calrissian and Chewbacca set out to find Solo. Upon their return, Calrissian found Skywalker training to fire a blaster with his prosthetic hand. Observing the would-be Jedi's struggles, Calrissian suggested that they return to Bespin so as to retrieve Skywalker's lightsaber. As they talked, Skywalker was suddenly confronted with a vision of a female hooded figure catching his lightsaber and telling him to follow his destiny. Fortunately, Calrissian was able to remotely disable the city's turrets, but the team were soon ambushed by stormtroopers upon landing.

Needing to carry out their missions as quickly as possible to avoid capture, the rebels split up, with Skywalker and R2-D2 heading to the smelting chamber where Calrissian claimed his lightsaber should be located. However, Skywalker found mountains of debris in the chamber and realised that it would be impossible to recover his lightsaber. Sensing that Organa was in trouble, he abandoned the search and found Calrissian surrounded by stormtroopers.

Skywalker used the Force to push the Imperial soldiers through a window, telling Calrissian that he did not need the lightsaber to be a Jedi. Together, they rescued Organa and several Cloud City citizens and escaped, with Skywalker stealing his X-wing back. He temporarily parted ways with the other rebels, flying off in search of the woman from his vision. Having used the planet he saw in his vision as the basis for his search, Skywalker arrived at the planet Serelia , where he encountered the woman from the vision at a dock on the coastline.

However, when he asked whether she was a Jedi, the woman responded by dropping a large amount of fish on top of him and escaping in a boat. Undeterred, Skywalker gave chase but ended up capsizing the boat, washing ashore on a beach. He followed the woman into a cave, where he was almost killed by several booby traps and eventually fell into a cage that was gradually filling with water.

As the woman watched, Skywalker attempted hold back the rising water with the Force, but was unable. The hooded woman asked him who he was and revealed herself to be Verla. Verla informed Skywalker that it would be safer if he was to give up his dream of becoming a Jedi, cynically telling him about Order 66 , the Inquisitorius and Darth Vader himself. Sensing Skywalker's suspicious reaction to the mention of his father, Verla probed deeper into his mind and realised that he was the son of Vader. She increased the flow of water in the cage, attempting to drown him. Fortunately, Skywalker's life was saved by R2-D2, who incapacitated Verla and resuscitated him.

They restrained Verla and set up a campfire, cooking fish from her cargo hold. When she regained consciousness, Skywalker freed her as a show of good faith and asked her about his vision. Verla told him that she did not possess a lightsaber, as she had given up on the Force and refused to take part in the conflict between the light and dark sides. Although she strongly recommended that Skywalker should leave the Force behind, she informed him of a Jedi outpost from the High Republic Era on the Outer Rim astronomical object of Tempes.

Skywalker flew to Tempes and was almost struck down by the planet's powerful lightning storm. He managed to outmanoeuvre the lightning and land safely, venturing into the outpost. Inside, he found a new yellow-bladed lightsaber but was attacked by the spirit of the Grand Inquisitor, who had been forced to guard the outpost for eternity by Vader. The Inquisitor taunted the young Jedi's skill with a lightsaber, but Skywalker was able to over power him and escape before Vader arrived. Skywalker returned to the Rebel fleet and reunited with Organa. Organa implored him to show the assorted rebels what he had found, and so Skywalker activated his new lightsaber, its yellow blade representing renewed hope for the future of the Rebellion.

The Empire's Commander Ellian Zahra intercepted a transmission that revealed the Alliances Fourth and Seventh Divisions were planning to rendezvous somewhere in the Inner Rim, so Zahra initiated an attack that saw her split her forces to strike simultaneously. Zahra's primary strike force led an attack on the Alliance's Seventh Division, while her secondary strike force attempted to attack Leia Organa's Fourth Division, however the Fourth had already left their rendezvous point before the strike force arrived.

The Imperial forces overwhelmed the Seventh Division's capital ships. TIE interceptors created a blockade of Home One ' s hangar bay, that prevented Alliance starfighters from launching, including Red Squadron. Shortly into the battle, the Fourth Division's ships emerged from hyperspace and immediately deployed their starfighters, led by Commander Luke Skywalker, who assumed the callsign Red Leader. Skywalker called for all Fourth Division fighters to form up on him, on an attack run on Home One ' s blockade, to push the TIEs back, while those starfighters who were trapped in the hangar bays prepared to launch, including Wedge Antilles Red Two.

Skywalker then left the space battle to board the frigate where Leia Organa was under attack from an Imperial boarding party, led personally by Zahra. After the command of Red Squadron was transferred to Antilles following his promotion to squadron leader, which pleased Skywalker, [92] he declined to rejoin the squadron and chose to be stationed onboard the Redemption. When the time came for Organa to attend the top clearance meeting with the Rebel leadership, Skywalker and Nunb met with Antilles for a discussion of "reconnaissance tactics" about Antilles' refusal to pay the Sullustan a drink. He would later return to escort Organa to her quarters before going to his, and two days later, he saw her off, before catching his own shuttle back to the Redemption.

Soon afterwards, he would go to Kothlis , where he would learn of Solo's location—still frozen in carbonite and kept in Jabba the Hutt's palace—, and where he would keep himself up-to-date with the status of the Alliance Fleet's assembly. He had already devised a plan to rescue Solo when Organa contacted him following the successful Operation Yellow Moon , and showed eagerness to join him on his attempts to rescue the Corellian smuggler. During the raid, Skywalker used his new lightsaber, along with his Force abilities, to clear a path for Rebel forces to acquire copious Imperial fuel stores.

His Rebel companions became awed at his use, although one of them, the major in charge of the operation, held reservations about its power as he had only previously seen such power being wielded by the Sith. Unknown to Skywalker, the Emperor had begun to probe his mental defenses from afar, which caused Skywalker to briefly open his saber in alarm. As Skywalker and the strike team flew away from the platform, they were ambushed by an Imperial Star Destroyer, which launched several TIE Fighters in pursuit. As the battle began to rage, Skywalker's mind was penetrated by a vision from the Emperor. The vision saw Luke follow a possible series of events wherein he would begrudgingly leave the Rebel strike team to its fate and crash-land on an unknown planet, losing his X-wing in the process.

As he journeyed from the wreckage together with R2-D2, Luke would leave his lightsaber and helmet on the ground, symbolizing his complete retreat from the concerns of the war. Having later broken free of the Emperor's vision, Skywalker proceeded to aid the Rebels in escaping the Imperial ambush, using his lightsaber to prevent the major's shuttle from leaving, giving him time to pilot the shuttle and draw the Imperials away from the rest of the Rebels.

While his friends bustled about preparing for the rescue, Skywalker retreated into the solitude of a desert cave they had chosen as their rendezvous point. Using the Force to assemble the weapon, he brought the kyber crystal inside to life, making the weapon his own, almost an extension of himself. Afterwards, Skywalker waited to see if Organa's impersonation of Boushh and liberation of Solo was successful without his intervention, but she was only half-successful. She then sent a message to Skywalker and Calrissian that she had been captured as well, prompting Skywalker to act and go to Jabba's Palace. Skywalker killed the monster, but Jabba was furious and sentenced all the captured Alliance heroes—including an unfrozen Solo—to death in the Great Pit of Carkoon to be eaten by the sarlacc that resided there.

However, right before he was put into the pit, Skywalker escaped when R2-D2 shot his lightsaber to him and freed the other prisoners on the skiff. A skirmish ensued in which Skywalker protected his friends, ended the life of several of Jabba's thugs including Klaatu , [92] and helped Organa escape the Khetanna after she had killed the Hutt. After destroying the sail barge , [13] Skywalker and his entire team escaped unscathed through a dangerous sandstorm, [92] after which he boarded his X-Wing with R2-D2 and parted ways with the others. Skywalker then returned to Dagobah to complete his training and keep the promise he had made to Yoda, [13] but the aged Jedi Master, who had used the Force to prolong his life beyond what was natural, had fallen ill and was finally starting to succumb to age.

Yoda told Skywalker that he'd already completed all the training he required, but in order to finally become a true Jedi, he needed to confront Darth Vader one more time. Skywalker received such confirmation from Yoda, [13] which angered him that they had lied to him for so long, but Yoda confessed that he knew that Skywalker had not been ready to shoulder the burden of being the child of the Dark Lord of the Sith, to which Skywalker expressed his regret that he did not listen to him the first time.

Keeping his promise, Skywalker returned to Dagobah where he received confirmation from Kenobi and Yoda that Darth Vader was indeed his father. Sensing his turmoil, [92] the spirit of Kenobi appeared before Skywalker, who confronted him for lying about his father. Claiming that the good man that Anakin Skywalker had been had died upon his fall to the dark side, Kenobi stated that he did not directly lie to him about his father; he was simply telling him what happened "from a certain point of view.

Skywalker then asked about the "other Skywalker," who Kenobi told him was his long-lost twin sister, who had been separated from him at birth to protect them from the wrath of the Empire. Skywalker instantly came to the realization that this sister was Organa, which was confirmed by Kenobi. Skywalker nevertheless accompanied his friends on the mission to the forested moon of Endor to destroy the shield generator that protected the DS-2 Death Star II Mobile Battle Station in orbit , volunteering immediately upon arrival at the Rebel briefing above Sullust.

As they approached the moon on the stolen Lambda -class Imperial shuttle Tydirium , Skywalker sensed Vader's presence on the nearby Super Star Destroyer Executor and realized his presence was endangering the mission; yet, it was his presence that prompted Vader to allow their landing. Upon doing so, the Rebel force was discovered by a small force of Imperial scout troopers that were guarding the shield bunker, and Skywalker and Organa pursued them on speeder bikes. Though they successfully stopped the scouts, Organa became separated from Skywalker. Upon learning of her disappearance, Solo, Skywalker, Chewbacca, and the droids went looking for her, only to be captured by a tribe of Ewoks.

Using the Force to prove C-3PO's deific " magic ," Skywalker convinced the Ewoks to release them and, after C-3PO's tale of their adventures, the whole group was accepted as a part of the village. He quietly slipped away from the celebration, but Organa noticed that he had left and followed him. He informed her of what he was planning to do and also told her that, in the event that he did not make it back, she would the last hope of the Alliance, going on to tell her that she was his sister, and she could use the Force too.

Organa was initially shocked that she and Skywalker were actually brother and sister, but admitted to him that, somehow, she'd always known, and attempted to dissuade him from confronting their father, but Skywalker was adamant that he could redeem Vader, and set off. Eventually encountering an Imperial patrol and willingly surrendering himself [13] to Commander Igar , [] Skywalker was brought to Vader and tried to convince his father to renounce the dark side by referring to him as "Anakin Skywalker," but Vader harshly denounced his former name. As he was brought before the Emperor, the Dark Lord of the Sith repeatedly told the young Jedi that he would fall to the dark side just as easily as Vader had, and let him know that he had purposely allowed the Alliance to discover the second Death Star's location in order to lure them into a trap and finish them off once and for all.

Skywalker confronted Vader on the second Death Star, believing he could redeem his father in spite of the Emperor's control over him. In order to temper Skywalker's negative emotions, Sidious forced him to watch as the Imperial Fleet engaged the Rebels. He constantly encouraged Skywalker to give into his anger and hatred. Though Skywalker was resistant at first, his feelings of hopelessness and desperation only grew as the destruction of the Rebel fleet and the death of his friends appeared imminent.

Attempting to strike down the Emperor, Skywalker found himself once again facing his father in a duel. Unlike their previous encounter on Bespin where Vader was largely able to dominate the proceedings, throughout , this time the pair would fight as equals. After successfully parrying a flurry of blows, Skywalker sent Vader tumbling down a stairwell before regaining his composure and appealing to the good in his father. Vader would have none of it and attacked once again, though eventually Skywalker withdrew from combat altogether and refused to fight Vader any further, retreating into the shadows of the throne room.

In order to goad his son back into fighting him, Vader used telepathy to probe his thoughts, learning of the existence of his daughter and Skywalker's twin sister, stating that perhaps she could be seduced to the dark side if Skywalker could not. This statement pushed Skywalker over the edge and caused him to finally give into his rage. Attacking his father much more aggressively this time, he unleashed his full might upon the Sith Lord. Eventually pushing Vader into a corner, right next to the Death Star's reactor shaft, Skywalker repeatedly struck him with multiple heavy blows, and with one final, devastating strike of his lightsaber, sliced Vader's hand off at the wrist, sending it—and the weapon it still gripped—cascading down into the depths below.

A cackling Sidious, delighted that Skywalker had not only given into his hatred, but made use of it to such an extent, encouraged him to deliver the killing blow to his father and take his place as his apprentice. However, Skywalker noticed that the hand he'd cut off was mechanical, much like his own, and in a moment of realization, saw that he was about to become what he had sought to destroy. Skywalker tossed his lightsaber aside and defiantly declared to the Emperor that he had failed, and that he was a Jedi like his father before him. Infuriated that his plan to corrupt Luke had gone up in smoke, Sidious declared that, if Skywalker would not be turned, he would be destroyed, and unleashed a barrage of Force lightning against him.

Unprepared for the lightning, Skywalker desperately tried to protect himself, to no avail. At this point, Vader had gotten back to his feet and returned to his master's side, and Luke begged his father to save him. Eventually, seeing his son in such terrible pain became too great for Vader to bear any longer, and in that moment, the Sith Lord Darth Vader was gone, and the Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker was reborn. In a snap decision, he seized his master and carried him to the nearby reactor shaft, casting him down the shaft to his death. In doing so, however, he turned Sidious's lethal Force lightning on himself, irreparably damaging his life-supporting armor. Vader found redemption through his son and fulfilled the prophecy of the Chosen One before ultimately dying as Anakin Skywalker.

Luke carried Anakin to Imperial shuttle ST , [92] where his father asked him to remove his breathing mask. Though Luke was hesitant to do so, convinced that his father would die without it, Anakin told him that nothing could prevent his death now, but before he died, he wanted to look upon his son with his own eyes. Luke relented and removed the mask, gazing upon his father's real face for the first and only time. Anakin then encouraged Luke to leave him and save himself. Though Luke was insistent on saving Anakin, his father assured him that, by bringing him back to the light, he already saved him, and with his last words, told him to tell Leia that he'd been right about him before passing away.

Skywalker took his father's body on board the shuttle and escaped just before the Death Star's destruction, [13] when he was almost intercepted by Green Squadron ' s Shara Bey, who proceeded to cover him from TIE interceptors after he identified himself. It was during this moment of celebration that Skywalker saw the onlooking Force spirits of Kenobi, Yoda, and his father, looking at him in approval and with a sense of peace. Warrick reset their traps to stop a Gorax. Sensing that Ewoks and Organa needed time to complete the task, Skywalker used his lightsaber to slice through a log that the Gorax had thrown at him before he threw his lightsaber to Organa to use to cut a log.

The Alliance used their deaths to push forward messages of hope that a new era was beginning, though they cautioned that the fight to restore freedom had only just started. The Empire, meanwhile, reeled from its defeat and its leadership was in chaos, and the Imperial government claimed that the reports of the Emperor's demise were treasonous propaganda. Chasing the call, Luke along with R2 took his X-wing and set course for the remote aquatic planet.

When they arrived, the two came across an Imperial Shuttle making its descent, confirming Skywalker's suspicions that the planet held something of importance. He left his faithful Astromech Droid with his ship, and it was not long before the young Jedi encountered Stormtroopers on guard, who attacked him on sight. Skywalker made his way through several dozens of troopers and officers, remarking that the Empire must have been searching the planet. Sensing something unnatural from within a nearby cave, the Jedi found that native wildlife, Scritters , were attacking the invading imperials.

Hearing cries for help, Skywalker made his way further into the depths of the planet to find Del Meeko , a member of Imperial Special Forces Unit Inferno Squad , with his arm stuck in the amber of the Scritters. Despite their different allegiances, Skywalker used his lightsaber to cut through the amber and free the soldier. When Meeko asked why the Jedi helped him, Skywalker simply responded, 'Because you asked'. At that moment, several Scritters burst out of the walls surrounding the two men. Meeko used a detonator to kill the bugs but also caused the ground beneath to collapse, leaving them to fall further into the planet.

They landed in a small shallow stream of water, and Skywalker used the Force to protect Meeko from falling rocks. After being helped to his feet, Meeko remarked that stories of the Jedi always scared him as a young boy. Skywalker responded that if they want to get out, they'll need to work together. Making their way through the caves, Luke shared that the Force has brought them to together and apologizes for killing the rest of his men; he was reluctant to do so, but they left him no choice, while Meeko did. As the two made their way out of the cave, Del revealed that the Emperor had an observatory on the planet and that Meeko was tasked with destroying it.

Skywalker and Meeko eventually escaped the cave and gained access to the observatory by destroying its defense system. Skywalker discovered that the key to opening the vault door is to use the Force, prompting Meeko to wonder why the observatory could only be opened by the Force and if the man who hunted down the Jedi was secretly one of them. Luke suggested that Del had learned to fear the wrong thing. The two investigated the vault, apparently full of junk, and Skywalker took a compass.

When Meeko asked why he should be allowed to keep it, Skywalker responded, 'Because I asked'. As the two left, Skywalker remarked that the Empire had done enough damage to innocent worlds and that Meeko could choose not between the Empire or the Rebellion, but to be a better person. He wished the Force with Meeko before leaving. At some point Skywalker was promoted to General.

After the Battle of Endor, he took on his first student and trained his twin sister in the ways of the Force. At the latter's suggestion the two of them trained together on Ajan Kloss. Under his tutelage, Organa constructed a lightsaber , and began to learn the principles of lightsaber combat. He also instructed in her in the basics of the Force, teaching her about light side, and in meditation. Luke was impressed by Leia's strength in the force and how quickly she progressed in her training.

While training Leia, Luke found it interesting that Leia struggled with skills and concepts that he had a natural affinity for like lightsaber combat , but excelled in other areas like meditation that were harder for him to master. At some point during their training together, Luke and Leia spent an hour sparring with their lightsabers. Later that same day, Skywalker attempted to teach her in a scenario similar to what he did with Yoda on Dagobah, where she held herself up in a handstand with the Force.

On the final night of her training, Organa experienced a dark vision that her Jedi path would lead to the death of her unborn son. While Luke hoped that his sister would resume her training later on, Leia gave him her lightsaber to convince him otherwise, asking to pass it on to a promising student someday. However, Luke didn't do that and never told Leia where he stored her lightsaber. In 5 ABY , [] three months after the Battle of Endor, Skywalker planned a mission to an Imperial research base on the planet Vetine in order to retrieve the last remaining fragment of a Force-sensitive tree. The tree , which once dwelled in the heart of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, was stolen by the Emperor after he came to power and converted the Jedi Temple into the Imperial Palace.

Skywalker recruited Shara Bey to fly as his co-pilot on the mission, and, along with Artoo, they flew a stolen Imperial shuttle, Antarra , to Vetine. Upon their arrival, Bey claimed she was Agent Beck and that she had arrived to perform an unannounced inspection. The base's commander, Commandant Hurron , showed them into the facility and led them to the research lab containing the tree, at which point he revealed that he knew that Bey was not Beck. Hurron questioned why two Rebels would break into the facility, and Skywalker explained the importance of the tree—which he found had two remaining fragments. Skywalker and Bey fought their way out of the base, making their way through numerous stormtroopers who attempted to stop their escape. Once back at Antarra , Hurron ordered his forces to throw thermal detonators at the escaping Rebels, but Skywalker used the Force to deflect them back, killing Hurron and several of his stormtroopers in an explosion.

The Rebel trio made their way back towards the Alliance Fleet. During the trip back, Skywalker and Bey discussed the latter's future plans for service in the Rebellion, as Skywalker knew that Bey was considering leaving the Alliance to reunite with her husband, Pathfinder Sergeant Kes Dameron, and their son Poe Dameron Poe. Bey was unsure as to whether she wanted to leave the Rebels behind, but Skywalker's guidance helped Bey decide to leave the Alliance.

The Jedi Knight gifted one of the tree fragments to her, as he had only expected to find one, believing that the important relic would be kept safe with Bey and her family. She and Dameron planted it outside of their new home on Yavin 4. An Imperial officer stationed on a Star Destroyer claimed to have seen the Jedi Knight using the Force and a lightsaber to dispatch Star Destroyers in space, causing them to crash into the surface of the planet. When the Star Destroyer crashed into the surface the officer said he was recovered by a figure who dragged him across the desert searching wreckage for other survivors. He also noted the man wore clothes similar to Luke Skywalker and talked about being raised in another desert.

The Galactic Civil War came to a close with the signing of the Galactic Concordance , a peace treaty between the Republic and the Empire that forced the Empire to remain within pre-established borders, though the remnants of the once-powerful military force disappeared into the Unknown Regions. There were rumors that Skywalker visited his sister and Han before disappearing on an untold mission. Others claimed that his absence was conspicuous. With the Empire fallen and the Sith Lords vanquished, Skywalker had great hope for the future of the Jedi. He believed if a single Jedi could bring balance to the Force as his father had done, then a revived Jedi Order could keep the peace and prevent the dark side from ever returning to such strength.

Despite his optimism, he had many unanswered questions [] and was hesitant to take on another apprentice after his sister Leia, unsure of his grounding in Jedi lore. Through his quest, he came to understand much about himself and his destiny and gained the confidence he needed to rebuild the Jedi Order. As he traveled the galaxy, he also searched for force-sensitives who could possibly become his students. Skywalker's research into the Jedi was a long and difficult task that took him years. Gatalenta was one of the first destinations in Skywalker's search, [15] and he also traveled to Moraband, [] the ancient home of the Sith, [] to investigate anything he could about the Force. One of the books was the Rammahgon , an influential work that was thought destroyed over 5, years ago but retrieved by Skywalker while he explored the subterranean ruins of Ossus.

The Aionomica was another, a two-volume collection of Jedi explorations and codifications of the Force, part codex, correspondence and scrapbook. He would chronicle his efforts to find the Sith Wayfinder in the Rammahgon throughout his explorations in the galaxy. Skywalker dedicated much of these years to finding the site of the first Jedi Temple. He uncovered many tantalizing clues that hinted at the origins of the Jedi, but the precise location was a mystery. One key to unravelling the mystery was his study of the spread of the Force-sensitive uneti saplings. With a plasma -encased supraluminite lodestone at its center, the compass functioned much like the ancient wayfinders and was attuned to specific points in hyperspace.

In his explorations for Jedi lore, Skywalker discovered the cache of Jedi Chief Librarian Jocasta Nu , [] and recovered her holocrons which contained a wealth of Jedi knowledge and history. Luke as well as learning about the light, he also learned about the Dark Side. With all this, he also learned about the Sith's history and several events, such as the creation of Darth Bane's Rule of Two, and the Scourge of Malachor. Another relic he recovered was a page of the Journal of Caleb Dume , a survivor of the Jedi Purge who took on the new name Kanan Jarrus , fought against the Empire, and trained his own apprentice, Ezra Bridger , in the years of Skywalker's own youth on Tatooine. Ahch-To was also where Skywalker collected the Rammahgon , the Aionomica , the Chronicles of Brus-bu , Poetics of a Jedi , and the other sacred Jedi texts [7] and assembled them into a small library housed in an uneti tree.

Grogu had been raised at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant before the Great Jedi Purge but had not yet been fully trained as a Jedi, [] and had since become a foundling cared for by the Mandalorian bounty hunter Din Djarin , whom had been tasked with taking Grogu to someone who could train him in the use of the Force. Shortly afterwards, Grogu was taken by an Imperial remnant. Skywalker tracked Grogu to a light cruiser that Djarin and his allies had boarded in their own attempt to rescue him. Despite Galen's advantages in size and cybernetic enhancements, the Jedi was able to disarm and defeat the Power Guard, and the SIS agent collapsed to his knees. As he fought Sadic's commands, Galen suddenly relaxed as the Knight's damage overloaded the neural implants that kept him controlled.

However, the effects were only temporary, and his systems had already begun repairs, so he asked the Jedi to kill him—the process was irreversible, and he'd rather die than continue to be a pawn of the Sith. Sadic intended to build thousands of Power Guards out of the Imperial prisoners of war in the prison district of Shadow Town , and Galen begged the Knight to eliminate him just as his systems came back online. However, the Knight refused to give up hope and denied Galen his request; the Jedi urged the agent to hold on and reminded him of his duty.

The Jedi's words inspired the operative and gave him the strength to fight his programming, and he agreed to aid in the fight against Sadic. However, to be safe, he decided to travel alone to Shadow Town and departed from the factory by himself. After they took an air taxi to Shadow Town, the Knight and a companion cut a path through the Imperial guards and the district's defenses to reach Sadic's lab deep in the region. There, the Jedi defeated the Mark III Power Guards that guarded the facility, and entered the lab to find something horrifying—in the pursuit of greater power, Sadic had undergone the perfected Power Guard process himself, which had transformed him from a man of average size and height to a hulking behemoth of cybernetics and armor.

Disgusted bu the Sith's willingness to cast aside his humanity so easily just for greater power, the Knight warned Sadic to surrender: his new strength would not save him from the power of the Force. Amused, Sadic began to muse about adding the Jedi to his army before he was interrupted by the arrival of Galen, who warned the Sith that his time was over.

Upon seeing that Galen was still functional, Sadic used a voice command to trigger the agent's implants at maximum and demanded that he obey or die. As Galen began to convulse in pain, the Knight urged him to fight back—Sadic only had power over the man if he allowed the Sith to control him. A laughing Sadic declared that he was power, but Galen spun around and leveled his blaster at the Sith Lord. The cyborg's size and power allowed him to bat aside his opponents like insects, but despite Sadic's might the trio stood strong against the Sith's attacks and wore him down. Together, the three were able to overcome the Sith and sent Sadic's armored form sprawling lifeless to the floor. As they put away their weapons, the group was surprised to see Agents Diyaz and Tander enter the room along with several Republic commandos.

Diyaz had planted a tracker on the Knight when they last met, and he had convinced his superior to come to the Jedi's aid. The squad's assignment was to destroy Sadic's lab and recover any useful information, but Galen asked to remain and die with the facility. Tander and the Knight were able to convince Galen otherwise, reminding the agent that Sadic had no power over him anymore and that the SIS would help him. As some of the commandos escorted the wounded Galen out of the lab, Diyaz announced that he had located the Power Guard files and asked about what to do with them.

Over Tander's protests, the Knight ordered Diyaz to delete everything—the project was too heinous to use, even against the Sith. Upon their return to the spaceport, the Knight contacted Suthra via holocomm and was thanked for the decision to destroy the project. The Mon Calamari was relieved to hear that Galen was alive, but was also saddened at the loss of Rieekan and his agents. When Suthra informed the Jedi that he was sealing the files on what happened on Nar Shaddaa, the Knight objected—keeping secrets was what had gotten Rieekan and his men killed and Galen captured by the Sith.

Realizing the truth of the Jedi's words, the general promised to file a full report with his superiors. However, Suthra had another matter to discuss: he had just received a potentially important message from Admiral Hacklin , one of Darth Angral's closest advisors. The admiral wanted to defect, but he would only speak with Carsen: she had encountered Hacklin back on Ord Mantell, as the admiral had been present with Angral during her interrogation.

The Republic had heard rumors that Hacklin had earned a death mark , or bounty , and Suthra believed the offer was legitimate. Therefore, he was asking Carsen and the Knight to meet with him—the admiral's tactical knowledge and insight into Angral's operations could prove invaluable in the current crisis. Suthra had told Hacklin to meet the two at an abandoned mining facility out in the Unknown Regions , and he needed the Jedi to head there immediately.

Departing from Nar Shaddaa, the crew soon reached the facility and docked aboard the abandoned station. Leaving Teeseven aboard the ship, the Knight and Carsen disembarked and cautiously crossed the dark hangar to the only other ship there, one of Imperial design. The sole light from the Imperial ship spilled from the boarding ramp , which the two Jedi ascended to find the ship itself sealed. Uneasy, the two were about to begin searching the hangar when a young sandy- haired Human stepped out from behind a cargo container. The man, who was garbed in Imperial colors and carried a lightsaber at his hip, introduced himself as Valis and thanked the Jedi for their quick response.

Apologizing for the deception, Valis explained that Hacklin was still loyal to Angral—the young man had simply used the admiral's name to lend credibility to his message. Carsen suddenly declared that the man was a Sith and told her Master to kill him, drawing her lightsaber, but Valis simply smiled and asked her why she was acting that way—he was family. Surprised, the Knight asked Carsen to explain, but she claimed that Valis was lying. The Sith explained that Carsen was a Child of the Emperor , like him, and that his "father" had sent him to retrieve her.

The Emperor's Children, he explained, were extensions of the will of their "father" and eternally favored servants of the Sith Emperor. Claiming he had no fight with the Jedi, Valis asked the Knight to stand aside and allow him to take Carsen home, but the Padawan's Master refused. Valis was prepared to take Carsen by force, regardless of the Knight's objections on the matter. Carsen charged at the Sith and attempted to strike him down, but Valis drew his purple-bladed saber in time to block the blow and threw her backward with the Force. Together, the Knight and Carsen engaged Valis in a duel, fighting through the arcs of violet lightning he cast at the two Jedi and his use of the Force to throw his opponents across the room and slam them into the floor.

Despite Valis' power and brutal use of the dark side , the combined power of Carsen and her Master was enough to defeat the Sith, and he soon fell dead to the hangar floor. Shocked and relieved, the two did not speak until after they had boarded their ship. There, Carsen gathered her resolve and spoke to her Master in the ship's conference room. She had been born to Sith parents on the Imperial capital of Dromund Kaas, but she was not a biological child of the Emperor—it was a title. Taken from her parents as a child like all other Force-sensitive youth in the Empire, she had been placed in the Sith Academy on Korriban and trained there with Valis and other children.

However, some of the trainees were occasionally taken to see the Emperor, and they could not remember anything of the meeting—something had happened to them. So, when a ten-year-old Carsen realized that she could not remember the events of the past week , she stowed away on a freighter heading for Nar Shaddaa. There, Carsen had lived among the refugees until she met Master Kiwiiks, who took her on as a Padawan. The Togruta did not suspect her past, and the Knight was the first person whom Carsen had told—but her Master immediately suggested telling the Council. The Knight believed that Master Shan and the others needed to know the truth, and Carsen agreed, ready to face the consequences, no matter how harsh.

Before departing for Tython, the crew contacted General Suthra and informed him of the events that had transpired. Disappointed, Suthra apologized for his mistake and delivered more bad news: Masters Kiwiiks and Din had missed their last two comm checks. Suthra asked the Knight to follow the Masters to the planets Tatooine and Alderaan , but first the Jedi informed him of Carsen's secret and their plans to speak with the Council. At first suspicious that she was a potential spy, the Mon Calamari took the Knight's word that she was trustworthy.

Ordering Teeseven to set a course for the Deep Core and Tython, the Knight and Carsen spent the journey meditating in their quarters. Carsen's past intrigued Bakarn, as it gave the Council concrete evidence that the Children existed [37] —though Bakarn did not know that he himself was the First Son of the Emperor, the Child who protected his fellows from detection by the Jedi. Believing the young Jedi, Shan granted her blessing for Carsen to continue as the Knight's Padawan, and the pair returned to their ship. Carsen seemed very concerned about her former Master's failure to report back in, and since she could not sense the Togruta in the Force, the Knight and Teeseven set a course for Tatooine.

Arriving on the arid desert world, the trio landed their craft at the spaceport in Anchorhead , the largest Republic settlement on the planet. There, they contacted General Suthra once more, who gave the group their assignment. Kiwiiks' last report was that she had secured the main research facility , but nothing since then, and the general suspected Imperial action. The desert planet was largely uninhabited, presenting the perfect location for a secret project. Suthra then stepped aside, allowing Doctor Godera to brief the Knight on the Shock Drum —a device that discharged massive ultrasonic vibrations into the ground.

The vibrations damaged enemy fortifications on a microscopic scale, literally softening up the actual materials, and could cripple biologicals if they were close enough. However, the weapon's greatest danger was that the vibrations would eventually disrupt the planet's core, causing it to explode. When the Knight protested to the use of such technology, Suthra explained that this side effect had only recently been discovered, and that he had banned further testing of the weapon.

Nevertheless, the research facility did have a fully operational prototype. Carsen could feel Kiwiiks through the Force, but the sensation was faint and weak as though she was dying, and the only insight into the Togruta's surroundings that Carsen could glean was that she was somewhere dark. The Knight and Carsen immediately departed from Anchorhead, heading south into the Jundland Wastes region and east toward where the research facility was located.

There, the Jedi found the facility under attack by the native Sand People , forcing the Knight to fight through the hostile and territorial natives. After clearing the building of the Sand People, the pair found a sealed door deep within the facility, which the Knight cut open to find a Human woman and a group of diminutive Jawas —another species native to Tatooine. The Human introduced herself as Hare'en , a seismologist on the project, and the Jawas as Brrik and his family.

Hare'en had given Brrik's clan a home in the facility after theirs was lost to the Sand People, and his family had repaid her by working on the Shock Drum. Hare'en asked if the two were there to protect the Shock Drum like Kiwiiks, sparking Carsen's interest. The older woman explained that the Jedi Master had defended the facility from Imperial soldiers, but a red-skinned Sith had defeated her and dragged her body away with the Shock Drum. Hare'en was confused about the Sith—instead of killing anyone, he simply took the superweapon and captured Kiwiiks alive, ignoring Hare'en and the Jawas.

The only opponents he had attacked were Brrik's droids, telling the scientist that she and the Jawas were no threat and did not deserve to die. Hare'en and the Jawas had been attempting to restore the facility's power when the Sand People struck, so the Knight headed outside to brave the Sand People and fix the generators so that the scientist could track the Shock Drum. Accomplishing this, the Jedi returned to the safety of the facility and met with Hare'en, who had detected the Shock Drum's locator beacon. However, the weapon had been activated—if it was not shut off, it would destroy Tatooine. The seismic vibrations disrupted the facility's sensors , so she needed the Knight to place several ultrasonic scanners around the region in order to narrow down the weapon's location.

Fueled by Carsen's sense of urgency, the pair departed the facility and left the mountains, where they traveled across the Jundland Wastes to place scanners at locations such as the Bak'arap Farmstead , the Northern Windfarm , and the Northern Jundland Plateau. After placing the last scanner, the duo contacted Hare'en via holocomm, who reported that the Shock Drum had been moved to an abandoned mining complex in the Dune Sea region—but that complex was now the lair of a legendary insectoid creature known as the sand demon.

Just as she finished giving the Knight the coordinates for the complex, the transmission flickered and was interrupted by another call. Informing the Jedi that he had the only electro-transmitter capable of disabling the now-active Shock Drum and saving Kiwiiks, Praven challenged the Knight to a duel for the device. Speaking with the Sith, the Knight learned of Praven's emphasis on loyalty and honor, and also that Tarnis had been Praven's apprentice.

Realizing that Praven was deeply conflicted about his actions and those of his Master, the Jedi attempted to convince him to leave the Sith and embrace the light side , but Praven refused, and they were forced to duel. The Knight defeated Praven in combat but refused to kill him, as it was not the Jedi way. Praven then informed his enemy that his honor demanded that the Sith surrender to Angral, so that Angral would spare him further humiliation and failure by killing him. Nevertheless, the Knight sensed the noble spirit within Praven and convinced him that his values were those of a Jedi. Despite Praven's belief that the Jedi would never accept him, the Knight's words changed Praven's mind and opened him to the light—abandoning the dark side, Praven gave the Knight the electro-transmitter.

Thanking the Jedi and wishing the Knight and Carsen luck, he traveled to the nearest spaceport and turned himself over to the Jedi Order for training. While the Knight was examining the device, Hare'en contacted the pair in a panic and revealed that Brrik and his family had gone to the facility to aid the Jedi. However, the group was now trapped with the sand demon, forcing the Knight and Carsen to race across the Dune Sea toward the mining complex. There, the two found the terrified Jawas hiding from the sand demon and its spawn and ordered them to stay put while they dealt with the creature. Together, the two Jedi fought and defeated the monstrous insectoid and its smaller children, dodging the chunks of rock falling from the ceiling that had been ripped loose by the Shock Drum in the next chamber.

Entering that chamber, Carsen and the Knight steeled themselves against the vibrations to reach the ovoid weapon itself, only to find the unconscious form of Kiwiiks lying on the ground before it. While the Knight deactivated the superweapon with Praven's electro-transmitter, Carsen immediately began to aid her fallen teacher and quickly awakened the Togruta. With the help of Brrik's clan, the Jedi destroyed the cavern and buried the Shock Drum beneath several tons of rock, while Carsen hesitantly explained her past to Kiwiiks.

However, her fears of rejection were unfounded—Kiwiiks told her former student that her past was not important, and that she was proud of what Carsen had accomplished. The Jawas then took the injured Jedi Master to the nearby Outpost Thorazan for medical attention, while the Knight and Carsen returned to Anchorhead and their ship. Departing from Tatooine, the trio returned to the Core Worlds and traveled to Alderaan. House Ulgo's leader Bouris Ulgo , a former Republic general, had declared himself king not long after the last queen's death in the early days of the Cold War.

When the team arrived in orbit, they contacted General Suthra and Doctor Godera. The scientist explained that the weapons project on Alderaan—the Death Mark laser —was composed of three parts: a targeting device, a central computer, and an orbital satellite with a focused laser. The device marked targets with microscopic and undetectable tags, allowing the main computer to track them anywhere on the planet, and the satellite could fire with pinpoint accuracy to eliminate any target that the computer sent to it, without any extraneous loss of life. The Knight was disappointed that the Republic was dealing in assassination, but Suthra countered the Jedi by saying he would gladly end one life to save billions.

The Death Mark did have a disadvantage, however: while the satellite could eliminate any target on the planet, the targeting device itself had a maximum range of twenty meters. The count had been the last to see Master Din, and he was awaiting the Knight's arrival at Castle Organa , but Imperial forces had damaged several holorelays in the area. Landing the ship at Pallista Spaceport , the Jedi and a companion eliminated the Imperials in the region and quickly repaired the damaged holorelays before heading to the Alde embassy. In the building, the Knight found the count in conversation with a Mirialan woman, whom Alde introduced as Aleyna Hark. Hark, who had worked at the Mensaav Military Laboratory , the Death Mark research facility, was in the process of explaining how the facility had been attacked by Imperial forces under the command of a Sith—a "hideous little man.

The Sith had then summoned reinforcements in the form of Killiks , the man-sized insectoid natives of Alderaan, and Hark had barely escaped before the Killiks overtook the facility. Alde began to pace back and forth as he discussed plans to attack the facility with the Knight, but the Jedi suddenly noticed a tiny red light blinking on the back of his neck when the count turned. Suddenly realizing what this meant, the Knight dove for the noble, but it was too late—the Death Mark fired, striking the noble and throwing Hark, the Knight, and the Jedi's companion backward. Hearing the commotion, the embassy's guards charged into the room to find Alde lying dead on the floor, prompting them to order the remaining three to surrender.

Guard Captain Yils ignored the Knight's attempts to explain, but Hark offered herself as a prisoner so that the Jedi could continue the mission. Suspicious but taking the Jedi's word that the Knight would return, Yils allowed the Jedi to depart the embassy. Journeying through the Alsakan Lowlands , the Knight cleared a path through the Killik-infested Mensaav Laboratory and entered the facility's military division. There, more Killiks attacked the Jedi, but the Knight and a companion were successfully able to fight them off and reach the end of the lab, where a sealed door blocked their way. Forcing the door open, the Knight barely blocked a lightsaber strike from Din himself as it opened. Din had survived the attack and locked himself in the chamber with Doctor Parvux , the only survivor of the research team, and the pair revealed that Hark was in fact an Imperial double agent.

The Mirialan had given the lab's location to the small Sith's forces, and she was marking innocent people in Castle Organa with the Death Mark's targeting device. Din congratulated his former apprentice on killing the insectoids' massive leader, but the Knight informed the Jedi Master that there had not been any leader. The conversation was interrupted when the room itself began to shake, and the Knight and Din drew their weapons as part of the wall disintegrated. Together, the two Jedi and the Knight's companion faced a horde of Killiks that poured into the chamber, followed by the Killik Praetor —the oversized leader whom Din had spoken of.

While Parvux hid behind overturned furniture, the trio held the line and cut down all of the attacking Killiks. Recovering from his fear, Parvux emerged and joined the two Jedi in conversation about the Death Mark. The Zabrak suggested shutting down three of the Death Mark's generators to disable the laser, albeit temporarily, so Din escorted the doctor to safety at the nearby Wardpost Duvaal while the Knight braved the Killik-infested laboratory grounds and disabled the generators. While the Knight was doing so, the small Sith—Nefarid—contacted the Jedi several times via holocomm and taunted his opponent, finally revealing that he had just set up another power station beyond the Knight's reach.

Organa informed them that Hark had never made it to her cell, and she had been missing for hours—but scouts had recently spotted her entering Thul Palace in the Juran Mountains. House Thul was an ally of the Empire, but their duke , Horis Thul , supported the peace talks that Duke Charle Organa had proposed, and the peace process would fall apart if Thul was killed by a Republic superweapon. Din told his former student to pursue Hark, while he searched for Nefarid's hiding place. Despite the Knight's objections about splitting up, the two departed on their separate missions. Racing through the Juran Mountains, the Knight and the Jedi's companion assaulted the compound and quickly cut a path through the surprised Thul guards.

Emerging in the compound's central chamber, the Knight found Hark speaking with the duke and several of his guards. Astounded that the Jedi had made it past his defenses, Thul inquired as to the identity and intentions of the Knight, but Hark interrupted him and ordered the guards to attack, claiming that the Jedi was here to assassinate the duke. Suddenly under fire, the Knight batted aside the enemy's blasterfire and knocked the guards to the floor before charging at Hark herself, who opened fire with a concealed blaster pistol as the duke watched in amazement.

Disarming and wounding the enemy agent, the Knight knocked Hark to the floor before explaining the situation to the noble. Believing the Jedi, Thul ordered his recovered guards to arrest the Mirialan, but she spitefully informed the pair that she had just marked both of them with the Death Mark's targeting device as a last act of defiance. Angered, the duke sent Hark to the floor unconscious with a single blow to the jaw and turned to the Knight, whom he informed that he had been tracking Nefarid's movements in case of treachery. Before taking the Jedi's advice by fleeing for the spaceport in an attempt to escape the Death Mark, the duke handed over Nefarid's coordinates and demanded that Hark die.

The Jedi remained calm, however, and reminded the emotional noble to think rationally. Calming down, Thul saw the wisdom in the Knight's words and had his guards arrest the traitor before destroying the Death Mark's targeting device. The Jedi Master revealed that he had lied to his former student—instead of tracking Nefarid, he had been tracking Darth Angral himself. Before the Knight had arrived at Wardpost Duvaal, Din had detected Angral's ship at the edges of the Alderaan system , and he had sneaked aboard the warship to eliminate his old enemy once and for all.

Despite the Knight's concern, the younger Jedi wished Din luck and continued onward to Nefarid's base. Fighting through the Imperial forces guarding the facility, the Knight and a companion entered the heart of the base to find a seemingly deserted chamber. The pair ascended the stairs to the second-level walkway, where a communications console was waiting for activation, and the duo was startled to hear Nefarid's voice echo around the room. Taunting the Jedi from the shadows, Nefarid activated the console remotely to display a live transmission from the bridge of Angral's warship, the Oppressor. Transfixed, the Knight watched as Angral turned away from his opponent, refusing the Jedi's request to let go of his hatred as Din stumbled to his feet.

Calling his lightsaber to his hand and igniting the crimson blade, Angral asked his longtime opponent if he was afraid to die, and he responded to Din's quoting of the Jedi Code by impaling the Jedi Master through the stomach and throwing him across the room with the Force. Din's student collapsed as the Jedi shared the sensation of death with Din, and Nefarid's laughter echoed through the room as the transmission ended. Standing and calling on the Sith to show himself, the Knight's danger sense spiked as Nefarid reminded the Jedi of the Death Mark. The Knight dove off the platform just as the superweapon fired, throwing the Jedi's companion off the second level as well. As the pair landed and drew their weapons, Nefarid revealed himself by dropping the Force cloak in which he was hiding, then ignited his double-bladed lightsaber and charged at the Knight.

The Sith sorcerer utilized both the Death Mark and Sith magic against his enemies, unleashing blasts of Force lightning and life-draining spells as his opponents dodged intermittent fire from the orbital weapon. However, Nefarid's advantages did not last, and he soon found himself on the defensive against the Knight, forcing him to slip into the shadows to evade the far more skilled duelist. The sorcerer's deception gained him only moments of reprieve as the Jedi found him in the Force and, dodging more fire from the Death Mark, continued their duel.

No matter how many times Nefarid slipped away, his two opponents pursued him, and the fight finally ended when the Jedi sent the Sith Lord sprawling to the floor with a lightsaber strike. Leaving Nefarid's body lying there, the pair searched the facility for the central computer of the Death Mark, which was no longer firing as its controller was dead. Coming across the computer, the Knight entered the machine's own coordinates into it and set the weapon to fire, racing out the chamber as the Death Mark rendered itself inoperable.

The Jedi then contacted Wynne Organa to report the success, and the young man informed the Knight that House Thul had delivered Aleyna Hark to them as a peace offering. Returning to their ship, the two reunited with the third member of their crew and contacted General Suthra. The Mon Calamari was somber as he listened to the Knight's report, and he informed the young Jedi that Angral had broadcasted Din's murder on the HoloNet before leaving the Jedi's body floating in open space.

A Republic shuttle had recovered Din's body, which was being delivered to Tython for a proper hero's burial. However, as Suthra let Doctor Godera explain, Din had left the Republic a gift with his last actions. He had planted a tracker aboard the Oppressor without Angral realizing it, allowing the Republic to locate the ship every time it dropped out of hyperspace—a sacrifice that Suthra was grateful for, though the Knight questioned its worth. The Mon Calamari then reminded the Jedi that Din had sacrificed his life so that others would not need to sacrifice theirs.

Their conversation was interrupted by reports from that very tracker, which showed Angral's ship in the Uphrades system. Uphrades was a vital agriworld that supplied more than half of Coruscant's food , and Angral's presence there was a bad sign for the Republic. As Alderaan was closer to Uphrades than Coruscant, Suthra asked the Knight and crew to head to that system immediately. Carsen believed that Angral could only do so much damage to the planet with one ship, but Godera countered her by reminding everyone of how Taris had been destroyed by Darth Malak's battleship Leviathan —a reminder that proved correct when the Knight arrived in-system, discovering that Uphrades had been devastated at Angral's hand.

The formerly green surface was covered in ash, rock, and magma , and massive chunks of the crust had been torn away to form a crude asteroid belt around the planet. The atmosphere itself seemed to be on fire, forming a ghostly and multicolored spiky aurora around what was left of the planet. Astounded by the devastation, Teeseven and the Knight contacted Suthra from the ship's conference room while Carsen transmitted their sensor readings from the cockpit. Both men were as stunned by the sight as the crew was, and Godera confirmed the group's suspicions—the damage matched the readouts recovered on Ord Mantell of the Desolator weapon.

Troubled, the Knight realized that Angral had adapted the Planet Prison into a world-killer, and Godera added to the bad news by informing the group that Tarnis had combined all of the Republic superweapon projects into the Desolator—the Planet Prison, the Death Mark, the Shock Drum, and the Power Guard project. Using the advancements in cybernetics and weapons technologies made by the Power Guard team, Angral had fused the combined superweapon technologies with his own warship to create a ship-mounted weapon capable of destroying worlds—a capability that he had just demonstrated on Uphrades.

At that moment, Carsen interrupted their conversation from the cockpit, reporting that she had detected a faint emergency signal from the far side of the planet. As she put it through to both the conference room and Coruscant, the others were surprised to see a Cathar in Republic garb hail their ship, identifying himself as Captain Dal of the Republic medical frigate Daybreaker.

The captain was requesting immediate assistance, as they were under attack by Imperial commandos, and both Suthra and the Knight agreed that the crew should try to rescue the ship. As Teeseven and the Jedi returned to the cockpit, Carsen brought their ship around through the asteroid field and docked with the besieged Wanderer -class transport. The Knight and a companion immediately disembarked to find most of the ship's soldier complement in one the Daybreaker ' s medical bays , locked out of the frigate's main corridor by a sealed blast door. Taking command of the disorganized fighters, the Knight blew open the blast door with one of the soldiers' explosives and charged straight into a firefight on the other side.

Coming to the aid of the beleaguered defenders, the Jedi and the soldiers quickly eliminated the Imperial attackers and pushed on into another medical bay—where Imperial saboteurs were busy planting explosives. After catching the saboteurs by surprise and disarming the bombs, the group entered the access corridor to the bridge and eliminated the dozen or so Imperials within, including a Sith assassin who was holding the ship's command crew hostage. While the triumphant Republic soldiers secured the ship and began to assess the damage, the Knight met with Captain Dal and Doctor Senessa , the Daybreaker ' s Mirialan chief medical officer , on the bridge.

Dal and Senessa told the Jedi that the Daybreaker had arrived in-system while the Oppressor was attacking Uphrades, and that any ships attempting to escape had been caught in the ionized atmosphere and sent crashing back to the surface. When the frigate had tried to run, the Oppressor dispatched boarding pods to eliminate them. Dal was convinced that there were no survivors on Uphrades, but Senessa interrupted him, having just detected life signs on the surface—possible survivors.

Senessa wanted to take the Daybreaker down to the surface so that they could provide supplies, shelter, and medicine, but Dal scoffed at the idea and walked over to the main viewport. The Knight's companion informed Senessa that the Daybreaker would be disabled by the ion field, but the Mirialan believed that it was her duty to do it anyway—something that the Jedi approved of. However, Dal continued to silently stare at the ravaged planet, prompting the Knight to join him for a quiet conversation.

The Cathar officer asked the Jedi to allow the ship to leave instead of aiding the survivors, as he had a family that he wanted to return to, and offered the frigate's medical supplies as a bribe in exchange for talking Senessa out of her idea. As the two returned to the doctor and the Jedi's companion, the Knight informed Senessa that Dal had attempted a bribe and should be removed from command. Furious, Dal stormed off to the escape pods while Senessa informed the crew of their upcoming mission, and the soldiers and medics unanimously agreed to aid the survivors. As the Daybreaker ' s crew prepared to approach the planet, the Knight and the Jedi's companion returned to their ship and contacted General Suthra. The Mon Calamari began preparations for food rationing on the capital after learning of what had transpired on Uphrades and the Daybreaker , but their conversation was interrupted by an emergency transmission from Tython.

Grand Master Shan was requesting aid from the Knight and Suthra, as the Oppressor had just arrived in the Tython system —Angral's next target was Tython itself. The Oppressor had deployed micro-burst versions of the Planet Prison technology, temporarily ionizing Tython's atmosphere and disabling the Republic fighters mobilized against it. As Shan's transmission cut off abruptly, the others realized that Angral had departed Uphrades so quickly due to his new target. Ordering the general to dispatch all available forces to Tython immediately, the Knight was ready to set off for the planet when Godera interrupted the Jedi with information on the Desolator.

After studying the plans for the weapon, the scientist had determined that it inherited the same flaw as its predecessor, the Planet Prison: it required long amounts of time to charge before firing. Godera suggested that the Knight and crew board the Oppressor and disable the Desolator before it could fire, a plan with which the Jedi agreed. While the crew raced to Tython, Godera continued to study the Desolator for weaknesses, and Suthra gathered reinforcements for the Order from all available forces in the Core. Coming out of hyperspace close to Angral's warship, the crew were able to dodge the Oppressor ' s turbolasers and board the cruiser safely.

There, they contacted Doctor Godera, who had determined that Angral had amplified his vessel's reactor to cope with the Desolator's power requirements—something he had learned from Godera himself during the scientist's interrogation. For the Desolator to go offline, at least three of the Oppressor ' s reactor relays needed to be overloaded. Teeseven volunteered to stay behind and interface with the warship's systems in order to disrupt the security protocols, and Angral began to jam their transmissions just as Suthra bid the Knight good luck. Preparing themselves for the fight, Carsen and her Master disembarked and set off into the depths of the Oppressor. Almost immediately, they encountered defensive forces: several Imperial troopers and a Sith apprentice confronted the two Jedi on sight, and the Knight quickly discovered that Angral had further deployed Mark V Power Guards against the two.

The farther they progressed, the stronger the opposition that was thrown at them, but together the two Jedi cut down every Power Guard, apprentice, or soldier who crossed their path. It was not long before the Knight and Carsen arrived at the first relay, which was guarded by a well-armored Imperial combat droid, and overloaded it. This drew a response in the form of half a dozen Imperial soldiers, who opened fire on the two Jedi as more soldiers rushed into the chamber from another entrance.

Batting aside the blaster bolts, the pair eliminated their attackers and proceeded to the reactor relay in the adjacent chamber, which was also guarded by a combat droid. The overloading of this reactor drew the attention of several war droids and Power Guards, but the Jedi would not be stopped in their mission. After disabling a third relay, the Knight and Carsen headed for the ship's bridge to confront Angral himself.

Eliminating the ship's security chief Souske , the Knight used the chief's security station to unlock the blast door to the bridge, and the two Jedi fought through the last enemy-filled corridor to reach their objective. The Sith Lord himself stood at the far end of the bridge, watching Tython through the bridge viewport while waiting for his enemies to arrive. Angral brushed aside the Knight's offer to accept his surrender, and Carsen suddenly surprised her Master by ascending the steps to stand by the Sith Lord's side.

To the Knight's horror, Carsen ordered Angral to eliminate the Jedi in a deep male voice, and the Sith Lord promised his Master to do so—the Emperor was possessing former Child. Released from the Emperor's will briefly, Carsen collapsed to her knees in confusion as Angral reminded her of her heritage as a Child of the Emperor and asked the Padawan to join him. However, Carsen's Master strode forward and urged her to fight the Emperor's influence, and the young woman pushed back the Sith's will with a tremendous effort.

Disappointed, Angral drew his lightsaber and attacked the Knight with both blade and lightning. The older Sith was immensely powerful, but his powers were not enough to defeat the two Jedi who faced him. Matching Angral blow for blow, the Knight slowly drove the Sith Lord back away from the viewport and toward the steps to the level below, and the duel ended when a strike from the Jedi's weapon sent Angral tumbling down the steps.

The injured Sith struggled to push himself back up as the Knight approached, weapon still drawn, but the Jedi was interrupted when a cloud of dark side energy engulfed Carsen, and she unleashed a blast of stark white lightning at her Master. As Angral collapsed dead to the floor, the now-possessed Padawan summoned the Sith's red-bladed saber to her hand and spun it, her body covered in shimmering dark Force energy.

Carsen charged at her Master, who blocked the Padawan's lightsaber blow and pushed back, but the possessed woman unleashed a Force blast that sent the Knight flying backward over Angral's body and crashing to the floor. Somersaulting back up the steps to the highest level of the bridge, Carsen stood watching as the Knight rose and informed the Emperor that Angral was dead. Using the woman as a puppet as he paced her back and forth, the Emperor's emotionless voice issued once more from Carsen's mouth and informed the Knight that he had seen the Jedi in visions—and that he would not allow those futures to come to pass.

The Emperor then forced Carsen to draw Angral's saber once more and attack, battling the Knight back and forth across the bridge until the Jedi managed to disarm her with a well-placed strike. The Emperor expressed his irritation at Carsen's resistance to his control and prepared to dominate her mind and body in order to reshape them into his weapon. However, as her body rose above the floor and began to shimmer with red Force energy, Carsen refused to kill her Master—giving the Knight hope that she was still able to fight back.

Carsen's teacher urged her to stay strong, reminding her that she chose to be a Jedi and that the Emperor could only control her if she allowed him to. With a burst of golden Force energy , the Padawan purged her mind of the Emperor's will and permanently broke the link between them, freeing herself from his control. Relieved and astonished that they had survived, the two Jedi were forced to cut short any celebration of their victory when recently arrived Republic fighters began bombing runs on the Oppressor.

As explosions began to wrack the battlecruiser , the duo raced back to their ship and departed the dying warship just before it exploded. As the Knight and crew navigated away from the wreckage of the Oppressor , a relieved Grand Master Shan contacted them. Congratulating the group on their success, she asked them to return to Tython and meet with the Council in the Temple. In the Council chamber, Shan thanked the Knight and Carsen for their heroic efforts and commended them for their bravery. Shan then bestowed the title of "Hero of Tython" upon the Knight, remarking how proud Din would be if he were still alive.

She also promoted Carsen to a full Jedi Knight, with the blessings of both the Knight and Kiwiiks, and informed Carsen that she had never lost faith in the Padawan. Master Jaric Kaedan was alarmed to hear the Knight mention the Emperor, but Carsen and her former Master assured the Council that the Emperor no longer held any sway over her. General Suthra then informed the Council that despite Angral's defeat, conflict was beginning to break out again throughout the galaxy.

Angral's actions had strained the relations between the Empire and the Republic, and the political tension was straying toward open war once more. The conflict with Angral, combined with other events and battles between the two powers, had turned the Cold War warm—the Galactic War had begun. After the battle above Tython, the Hero of Tython and crew took a well-deserved rest from heroics. The trio traveled the galaxy for several months, exploring new places and aiding people in need, [50] and during their journey Carsen was contacted by some of her friends on Nar Shaddaa. After escaping from Sith space, Carsen had lived on Nar Shaddaa for eight years with a group of refugees in the Lower Industrial Sector before she encountered Kiwiiks and became a Jedi, and her friends from that time needed her help.

The alien refugees needed medpacs and supplies in order to survive, and Carsen was more than willing to come to the aid of her childhood friends. All was not well on the moon, however; before Carsen had left, she had confronted a gang known as the Ur'kossags who had been terrorizing the refugees. The meeting had gone sour, and she had ended up being forced to kill several members of the gang. Though Carsen did not realize it, her actions had given her friends a bad reputation, and the group had suffered for it: few people would trade with them, and other refugees feared the group. Her Evocii friend Enaq thanked Carsen for the aid, but another refugee named Darshyn was furious that she had returned.

Carsen was surprised to learn of the consequences of her actions, but remained confident that she had done the right thing. The crew's repose was interrupted, however, when the Knight received a visit from Master Orgus's Force ghost. Din's spirit instructed his former student to travel to Tatooine, where the Jedi would find a ship that had crashed in the desert, before warning the Hero that the Emperor was growing in power and that he must be stopped at any cost.

There, the Knight and crew found a crashed Jedi ship under attack by Sith Marauders. He reported his crash and injury to Braga, who ordered Chul to give the Hero the set of sensor logs which Chul was carrying. Chul had scouted an enemy system and was supposed to deliver the resultant sensor logs to the Jedi Council, but Braga commanded the injured Jedi to wait for a medical shuttle. The Hero took the logs to Tython, where Master Braga asked the Knight to join a strike team that he was forming. Braga and several other Jedi had discovered that the Emperor maintained a space station above the Imperial capital of Dromund Kaas and that he spent much of his time aboard the station. The Kel Dor planned to assemble a strike team of Jedi to capture the Emperor and bring him to Tython.

However, the station was hidden by a cloaking device that rendered it undetectable. One of Braga's former students— Warren Sedoru , another member of the strike team—was on the war-torn planet of Balmorra searching for a powerful cloaking device rumored to be on the world. Sedoru had recently confirmed the prototype's presence, and Braga sent the Hero to Balmorra to assist the other Jedi in recovering the device so that they could reverse-engineer it.

Departing from Tython once more aboard their vessel, the trio traveled to Balmorra and docked their ship aboard the Republic's orbital station there. The Hero and crew were then contacted by Sedoru, [52] who explained that the local resistance had been fighting the Imperial occupation for over three decades, even before the Republic was forced to withdraw from the planet as part of the Treaty of Coruscant. However, Republic Command on the planet had just received a distress call from a resistance medical facility near Farnel Outpost in Bugtown [52] —a former genetic research compound that had been overrun by the insectoid Colicoids [54] —and he asked the Knight to save the hospital in order to gain the resistance's trust.

Taking a shuttle down from the station to Farnel, the Knight and a companion headed to the facility. Entering the bunker, the pair found the medical facility under attack by a swarm of Colicoids. Quickly dispatching the sentient insectoids, the Knight spoke with the resistance contact, [52] a man named Archiban Kimble. The Knight spoke with Kimble, who warned the Jedi that more Colicoids were on the way, and the Jedi ordered the medic to get back.

It was just in time, as Colicoids began to burst out of the ground in the next corridor. While Kimble and the resistance members hurried his patients away from the danger, the Knight and the Jedi's companion fought through a swarm of insectoids. In order to stop the attacks, the Knight pulled down pieces of the ceiling to collapse the four tunnels which the Colicoids were using to enter the hospital, despite resistance from several dozen enemies. The Jedi then followed Kimble and the others back to the facility's safe room, where Kimble was planning an evacuation. However, some of the patients were too critical to move, and Imperial forces had stolen all of his trauma kits for their own soldiers on the nearby Markaran Plains. While the resistance moved some of the more table patients, the Knight took a shuttle to the Jacent Valley and recovered the kits from the Imperials stationed there.

Returning to the hospital, the Jedi delivered the trauma kits to Kimble just as Sedoru arrived. The resistance had agreed to help locate the prototype, but they needed access to the Imperial computer network, and the only connection point was in Sobrik —the Empire's base of operations on Balmorra. The city was heavily guarded by Imperial legions and powerful war droids, and their commanders were known for being aggressive in their responses to perceived attacks.

The resistance's plan was to have the Jedi attack several of the comm relays connected to Sobrik's network, drawing away the Imperial forces from the city so that the resistance could sneak inside and access the computer system. Since Sedoru was no longer skilled and quick enough to handle that many enemies, [52] the Hero and the Knight's companion returned to the Jacent Valley to attack the Imperials' Camp Jacent. Fighting their way through a heavy Imperial presence, the duo reached the camp's communications systems and activated the distress call. Before reinforcements arrived, the Hero raced out of the area and headed to the Balmorran Arms Factory.

There, the Knight activated another distress signal, then repeated the process at the nearby Camp Conquest. The Hero was then contacted by Sedoru, who ordered his fellow Jedi to meet up with the resistance strike team in Sobrik. Fighting through the city's remaining defenses, the Knight and company rendezvoused with Kimble and the others in Sobrik's vehicle depot. Speaking with Kimble, the Knight learned that the strike team had already captured the depot and acquired the information, but as they were leaving, an Imperial medical transport landed at the facility.

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