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Macbeth Fate Vs Free Choice

Though he admires Mrs. And that could Macbeth Fate Vs Free Choice because of many reasons. Although often used interchangeably, the words "fate" Macbeth Fate Vs Free Choice "destiny" have distinct connotations. Archived from the original on 8 November After that, we want to Macbeth Fate Vs Free Choice remembered. The theme Macbeth Fate Vs Free Choice might identify here is duty. How to embed quotes in The Same Sun Literary Analysis essay like Macbeth Fate Vs Free Choice boss. Other kinds of responsibility, e. That moment almost summarizes the change that was Macbeth Fate Vs Free Choice place Macbeth Fate Vs Free Choice wrestling and how Refugees In Canada Essay, like you Macbeth Fate Vs Free Choice over everything in the business and, it is almost thought that Macbeth Fate Vs Free Choice Man was born there.

Macbeth Themes: Fate vs Free Will \u0026 Ambition - Good or Bad

In September , while wrestling in Germany, Knox sustained a legit head injury, following which she claimed to have been "suffering from extremely painful headaches, loud buzzing in her left ear and vision as a result," and was also diagnosed with possible damage to her eighth cranial nerve. Best at Everything , the alliance started to disintegrate when Banks cost Lynch a match against Bayley in February Her program with Charlotte may have been the best booked on the main roster. And it worked". Dave Meltzer in February [70]. On 30 November episode of Raw , Charlotte started displaying villainous traits after she feigned a leg injury to defeat Lynch, followed by a distraction provided by her father.

After their match, Natalya turned on Lynch and attacked her. After being the first woman drafted to the SmackDown brand during the WWE draft , [97] [98] Lynch defeated Natalya in her first match as part of the brand. On 11 September, at Backlash , Lynch won a six-pack elimination challenge , last eliminating Carmella, to become the inaugural SmackDown Women's Champion. After the match, Lynch attacked Flair, turning heel for the first time on the main roster. Around this time, Lynch started using the nickname "The Man", claiming to be the top wrestler of the company, thus turning face once again. Lynch would go on to win with lastly eliminating Charlotte Flair. At the event, in what was the first time women main evented a WrestleMania , Lynch controversially pinned Rousey to win both titles.

The commentary and production team commented that Rousey's shoulders were not down for the three-count and many fans and media were left wondering if this was a legitimate botched finish. With both titles, she was allowed to appear on both the Raw and SmackDown brands and got another nickname, "Becky Two Belts". Shortly after WrestleMania, Lynch was placed in a feud with newcomer Lacey Evans , who was drafted to Raw during the Superstar Shake-up and who continuously attacked Lynch after her promos. The two feuds between the two pairs came to an end at the Extreme Rules event in July, after Lynch and Rollins retained both of their titles in a winners take all mixed tag team match.

In August, Lynch started a short feud with Natalya. At SummerSlam , Lynch was victorious in a submission match between the two. Baszler emerged victorious by submitting Bayley while Lynch was downed at ringside. Following the match, Lynch attacked Baszler and put her through an announce table. On 11 May episode of Raw , Lynch announced that she was relinquishing the Raw Women's Championship due to her real-life pregnancy, and that the previous night 's Women's Money in the Bank ladder match — which was won by Asuka — was actually for the championship.

On 21 August , following a month hiatus, Lynch made her return at SummerSlam , defeating Bianca Belair in less than half a minute after a cheap shot before the match to win the SmackDown Women's Championship for the fourth time , and turning heel for the first time since Lynch is one of the most popular and recognizable wrestlers of her generation. Lynch was also the first and only female performer in WWE history to have lead the company in merchandise sales. I can't think of another more iconic moment to define the fight, in another moment of photography, for the memory. That moment almost summarizes the change that was taking place in wrestling and how you, like you took over everything in the business and, it is almost thought that The Man was born there.

Quin performed stunts for a episode of Vikings. During her time away from wrestling, Quin worked as an actress and was cast in numerous plays in and Quin began dating fellow professional wrestler Colby Lopez, better known as Seth Rollins , in January Their relationship was made public in May, after months of speculation. Lopez announced their marriage on his Instagram Stories , writing "seems like a fine day to finally get married". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Rebecca Knox. Irish professional wrestler born For other people with similar names, see Rebecca Quinn disambiguation. Lynch at GalaxyCon in July Limerick , Ireland. Seth Rollins. Professional wrestling career. Becky Lynch is certainly one of the biggest stars in WWE history and her legacy is cemented.

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Title, SSlam hype, Owens vs. RKO, two Divas matches, more". Archived from the original on 29 July Retrieved 27 July Archived from the original on 23 September Retrieved 3 August Undertaker, John Cena vs. Seth Rollins". Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Archived from the original on 24 August Retrieved 24 August Archived from the original on 4 September Retrieved 31 August Retrieved 20 September Retrieved 21 September Archived from the original on 21 October Retrieved 16 October Retrieved 22 October Archived from the original on 28 October Retrieved 26 October Archived from the original on 5 November Retrieved 3 November Archived from the original on 13 November Retrieved 9 November Campbell, California.

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Sasha Banks Triple Threat Match ". Archived from the original on 5 March Archived from the original on 6 April Retrieved 4 April Retrieved 3 April Archived from the original on 25 June Retrieved 3 June Archived from the original on 24 June Retrieved 8 July Archived from the original on 1 July Archived from the original on 6 August Archived from the original on 30 July The fact that a lot of them are taken for granted as perfectly normal is in itself another genre element.

Instead of talking about the elements too disparately or separately, I think a lot of them revolve around this central question of how humans relate to the earth and to one another. This will help connect my ideas to one another. Paragraph 1 : Elements of magical realism show how humans adversely impact nature. Paragraph 2 : At the same time, not all humans contribute equally to this pollution, and magical elements also facilitate commentary on this perspective. The Penelopiad by Margaret Atwood retells the story of the Odyssey by Homer from the perspective of penelope, a half mortal and half divine princess who also happened to be the wife of Odysseus, and her Twelve Maids.

A retrospective narrative, Atwood opens her mythological tale with Penelope and the Maids in the afterlife reflecting on the events that occurred centuries before. Told in chronological order from her birth, the Maids serve as a traditional part of greek theatre in their purpose of a Chorus as they make commentary on their life. Its protagonist, scientist Rosaind Franklin is underappreciated genius working as the only female in her respective field. As one of her photographs uncover the truth of DNA, her subourness and her competitors ambition leads the men around her to success.

Both texts explore the use and demonstration of power in its various forms of physical displays of strength to the patriarchal forces that govern each texts respective world. Indeed, the power of men prevailing atop the social hierarchy while displacing those below them is a common theme within both texts. The patriarchal power that men possess within each of the respective texts becomes closely linked to fragile masculinity in their exertion of physical strength or intellectual superiority; Odysseus self-proclaimed superhuman strength is equated to Wilkins need for intellectual dominance, especially over the brilliant Rosalind.

While the men within each text exert their inherent power of supposed supremacy, the women within each world draw are shown to draw on their physical appearance as a source of power or is shown to be disempowered by it. In The Penelopiad , Helens is known for her legendary beauty which she uses to relentlessly taunt Penelope, the proverbial ugly duckling, through which Atwood demonstrates how, like other forms of power, can be used to oppress others. Conversely, Photograph 51 examines how Rosalind is disempowered by her perceived lack of traditional physical beauty.

Many of the men around her using her unflattering appearance to ridicule and minimise her and her work. While the time periods in which the two texts are set may greatly differ, the notion of identity is still a prevailing theme that is explored. Indeed, the role others perceptions play in each character's construction of their own self-worth and values provides both authors a basis for the examination of how societies enforce conformity while punishing uniqueness.

Not only do others perceptions shape one's personality, but the expectations enforced by Society. Both Ziegler and Atwood suggest that in order to overcome the pressures and external expectations of society each which of these women must have a positive and strong sense of self. In the case of Photograph 51, Rosalind must adopt a strong self-belief in her work in order to survive the hostile masculine environment around her.

By contrast, Odysseus constantly boasts and exaggerates his stories of heroism and the cleverness of his actions. The feminine figure and roles are depicted in contrasting ways between the texts, but both show how the construction of characters who either adhere to or reject the social constructs of femininity during their era are forced to grapple with the harsh realities of being a woman in both ancient and modern times. One of the biggest examples of femininity shown within each text is the value the patriarchal system places on motherhood and the high expectations they have for mothers and mother figures. Eurycleia is presented as benevolent and dedicated to the mother figure ideal as she is shown to snatch Penelope's newborn son and invision him as her own.

In contrast, Penelope's mother an elusive and neglectful Naiad leaves her child to swim around unsupervised. In Photograph 51 mothers are depicted as primarily concerned with the needs of their children and husbands as they are shown to identify themselves with their attributes and successes. It can be seen that such characters as Goslings mother's interest in his PhD suggests that like Penelope she judge's her own worth by her child's success. Indeed, while these mothers are shown to be nurturing and caring most of it emphasises their need to control and guide their child's life. Not only mothers, but wives become another primary source of femininity that is examined within both texts.

Regardless of class and social standing every woman on some level is shown to be oppressed by this traditional and conventional idea of womanhood. Penelope is encouraged to be a doting wife to her husband Odysseus, while in contrast, the Maids remain unmarried yet still subjects of oppressive mistreatment. Unlike the The Penelopiad, wives have little to no significance within Photograph 51, a text heavily focused on the scientific discovery of DNA, Indeed, the woman or the wife is seen as irrelevant in the scientific field while any mention of women outside of Rosalind is confined to the wives of men contained within the domestic sphere.

The notion of storytelling and the power of narrative becomes closely linked to such ideas as femininity and womanhood within each text as each closely revolves around women taking back control of their own narratives and stories. The The Penelopiad is a story about other stories as it is based off retelling an already famous story. The Odyssey becomes a vessel for Penelope to share her own insights and feelings while her actions of retelling the well known work is a source of empowerment for her as she is able to negate stories about herself that she would prefer not to hear. This frees her from the burden of being a legend or a myth as she urges women not to follow her example of keeping their mouths shut. In contrast, Rosalind Franklin does speak out initially but gained an unfortunate reputation as a difficult woman in stories about her that are circulated by men.

Through this it can be said that the aims of both Ziegler and Attwood is to challenge the historical invisibility of women throughout time. While Ziegler's play attempts to highlight the ways in which stories told by men have worked to minimise or downplay the roles and contributions of women, The Penelopiad attempts to offer new perspective of already well known stories that intend to give insight into the woman's understanding of life.

While the DNA double helix structure is common knowledge now, in the s many scientists were racing to claim its discovery. Ziegler's title, Photograph 51 is simply named after the X-ray photograph taken of the hydrated B form of DNA, which was crucial in the consequent events that eventually led to the identification of DNA's structure. However, much controversy has surrounded exactly who deserves credit for the discovery, particularly because the Nobel Prize was awarded to James Watson, Francis Crick, and Maurice Wilkins - 3 people who did not actually take Photograph 51 itself.

Instead, people have argued that Rosalind Franklin should have been one to be award the prize, or at least share the prize as it was her work that led to Photograph 51 and without it, Watson, Crick and Wilkins may not have discovered the DNA structure. If Watson and Crick had not seen Photograph 51 , would they have gone on to discover the structure of DNA on their own? The Penelopiad is similar to Photograph 51 in that it is written from a women's perspective previously never explored in literature. Misogyny is widespread in both Photograph 51 and The Penelopiad, and both writers explore the ways in which females deal with such an environment.

Penelope is more graceful in her response, as she is acceptance of her place as a women, as poignantly expressed: "I kept my mouth shut; or, if I opened it, I sang [Odysseus] praises. In The Penelopiad, even Telemachus shows a lack of understanding and empathy for his own mother, and wants her to find a Suitor quickly because she is "responsible for the fact that his inheritance was being literally gobbled up. Like Telemachus, the men in Photograph 51 has NO sense of what it means to be a woman. They is frustratingly presumptuous in the female psyche, as seen when Crick boasts: "See, women expect men to fall upon them like unrestrained beasts.

Her fellow male scientists dismiss her credentials. Moreover, her methodical approach to her work drives the frustrated Wilkins to share her confidential research to Crick and Watson, displaying males inherent distrust and disrespect of women. At Year 12 level, and particularly in Reading and Comparing, your assessor expects you to not only understand the text itself, but to understand the real-life implications explored. So when you start comparing Photograph 51 and The Penelopiad think about the human condition. Why is the way she deals with misogyny so different to that of Penelope? Now if we zoom out and look at the bigger picture, you need to start asking yourself: What do these texts say about us as people?

What can we learn from these stories? This is particularly important when it comes to essay writing, because you want to know that you're coming up with unique comparative points compared to the rest of the Victorian cohort! I don't discuss this strategy in detail here, but if you're interested, check out my How To Write A Killer Comparative. I use this strategy throughout my discussion of themes above and in the next section, Essay Topic Breakdown. While Rosalind and Penelope are examples of strong female characters, they are both severely flawed. What structural elements help convey the strength of women within The Penelopiad and Photograph 51? We were dirty. Dirt was our concern, dirt was our business, dirt was our specialty, dirt was our fault.

We were the dirty girls. Make sure you watch the video below for extra tips and advice on how to break down this essay prompt! Compare the Pair- A guide to structuring a reading and comparing essay. The link between your contention and topic sentences in relation to the prompt. Master Reading and Creating. Reading and Comparing Essays. Happy learning! Hey guys. Welcome back to Lisa's Study Guides. Right now, it's in the middle of December, and I know that most of you should have finished school by now, and you're enjoying your school holidays. Because it is summer holidays, and most people aren't really studying right now, this is for the truly keen beans, the people who are reading the text before the school starts, which, by the way, you should be doing.

I'll pop that video in a card up above and so if you are studying Burial Rites, then this video is for you. If you're not, as always, it doesn't really matter because the type of advice that I will be giving would definitely be relevant to any text, because it's more about your thinking and how you actually go around approaching essay topics. This book covers the last few months of her life, living with these people who she's sharing her story with. She has been sentenced because she has murdered Natan.

And although we first initially hear that she has murdered this guy, when we start to hear her story develop, that's when we start to see that there are shades of gray. That she did have reason behind what she did, and you can start to feel quite sympathetic towards her. At the same time, though, and this is what today's essay question will be about. There's a lot to do with the patriarchy. Agnes being not just a woman, but an intelligent woman, was something that was looked down upon, and people were scared of that. That's just to give you a little bit of context so that we can start this essay topic. What are the keywords here? To me, they are women, no power, patriarchy and dominates. These words really stand out to me, and these are the words that I feel are necessary for me to focus on in order to answer this prompt properly.

The second step that I do is I define keywords. So what I do here is I try to understand what the keywords mean and also their implications. So this is how I'm going to break down this essay prompt. I am going to do two body paragraphs where I agree and one body paragraph where I disagree. So this should mean that I'm only agreeing to a certain extent. Here's a video about this type of essay structure and response:. So my first body paragraph is yes, under male authority, the women are robbed of freedom and power. My example for that would be Agnes, who is the protagonist. She is a woman who's being sentenced to death for murdering Natan, more about him later, and, as a result, society condemns her and she's robbed of her identity and freedom.

My second body paragraph would be another agreement, but this time I'm going to focus on the men. In this second body paragraph, my argument is men hold exploitative power over women. One, Natan, the person who was murdered, toys with all his whores, demonstrating male dominance in s Iceland. All his workmaids are stranded, shipwrecked with nowhere else to go, highlighting women's hopelessness in changing their situation.

Additionally, there's Blondal. So Blondal is a government authority and he's torn when commanding Lauga, Lauga, not too sure how to say that. You guys let me know. The third one is one where I disagree. Here will be that there are rare instances of female empowerment in the novel. The first one will be Rosa, the poet. So Rosa has an affair with Natan, but Kent praises Rosa and she's described to be a wonderful woman and beautiful. Rosa transcends patriarchal structures, as she is assertive, headstrong, going against social codes in an act of female empowerment. The second one will be Agnes.

Her storytelling and ability to express what she is inside allows her to gain a voice in the patriarchal world that has silenced her. Through her storytelling, she asserts her self-worth and dignity and despite the fact that she has been locked down, she is being treated like crap by the men, her ability to hold herself strong and to be able to face her death with dignity means that with some sense, at least from within, that sense of empowerment has not been completely diminished. As the VCE English exam creeps up on us, many of you will be testing your writing skills under timed conditions if not, then you better!!!

But, have you sat down under timed conditions for 15 minutes of Reading Time? Have you thought about how to maximise reading time? Many of you may have already figured out how you will approach Reading Time in your exam. Some of you will have a rough idea, while some will pay attention to detail — knowing how to spend each and every minute in that 15 minutes of silence. During Year 12, I was somewhere in between. Keep reading afterwards for more details! It is worth spending a few extra seconds contemplating how you would break down your other available prompts. Reason: This may obscure your interpretation of the contention. The contention is the first thing you need to get right. So sit back, read the article for what it is, and absorb as much of the argument presented to you.

The more times you read something, the better your mind will consolidate the cold material in front of you! You've done all that hard work thinking up 'mental plans' during Reading Time, let's put them to paper. Don't skip this step, because you would otherwise have wasted your precious 15 minutes getting ahead. Moreover, it's highly likely you'll forget the points you want to write about if you just store it in your brain.

Remember that you are in an adrenaline-driven situation, where nerves can get the better of you. Avoid any mind blanks by guaranteeing yourself success and write the damn plan down! Aiming for an essay in 60 minutes can often turn into 65 minutes, or even longer. At the very least if you do go over time with a '55 minute per essay' rule, you will put yourself in a position where you can afford to go slightly overtime, and yet still have enough time for other essays. This is a step that many people skip, but if you're reading this blog - you won't be joining them. A quick review of your work can help you edit errors you didn't notice while writing.

As you practise in the lead up to exams, take note of what errors you tend to make when writing. Is it expression, punctuation, or spelling errors? Keep an eye on your most common mistakes when proof-reading to be more a more effective editor. It is these small incremental changes you can make in your essays which add up to make a powerful impact on the final product. So previously I've done a video where I talked about how to write a thousand word, a thousand, a thousand-worded essay, and one hour. And so that segues into this particular video where I'm talking about writing three essays in three hours. So if you haven't watched that video, then I'll pop it up in the comment. I'll pop it up in the card up above.

I would recommend you go watch that first before you watch this, because pretty much all of the concepts that I talk about in that video, uh, I just expected details that you should know for this video. So instead of actually breaking down the essays as I did in the previous video, what I'm going to do this time is talk more so about, you know, how to actually write three essays in three hours and just not get burnt out and not die, basically. So I've got a few tips for you guys, but I'll keep this short. First thing is that yes, you do want to practice at least one time writing three essays in three hours. And the reason why I say that is because inevitably there will come times where one essay will kind of overlap into another hour.

And you just want to ensure that you can know how to handle those situations when we're practicing in one hour blocks. I think it's fantastic to make sure that we can do that, but then kind of like three hours and three essays is another ballgame altogether. So I would recommend at least practicing once sitting down somewhere and just smashing out the three hours worth of work, just so that you know exactly what it's going to feel like when you go into the exam. Now, most schools will actually offer a, like a mock exam for you to do so that literally could be your one practice that you just need. But if you were like me, you might want to do it twice. So in your own time, kind of print off your own exam paper and go ahead and just set aside three hours and just do it that way.

The second thing is I heavily emphasized doing reading time. So reading time is pretty much your mental thinking game going strong. And this is where a lot of your pre-work will be done before we actually go into the essays themselves. So make sure you practice reading time. It's 15 minutes before the actual exam, but in that 15 minutes, you can plan three of your essays and you can look up in your dictionary, any key words that you might want to define, or you could even look up the dictionary and try to find synonyms for particular keywords. So what I mean by that is when you open up a dictionary and you look up that word inside the dictionary, often the definition for it will have synonyms for it.

So that's like my little hack that I had when I was at school. And then the last thing I would say is just make sure you know what to do if you go over time. So, like I mentioned before, there may be situations where, you know, worst case scenario, you don't finish your essay in time. And that could be because of many reasons. But first thing for you to remember is if you're running over time, sacrifice your conclusion first, do not sacrifice your third body paragraph. I think mostly what happens is students will kind of be somewhere in the third body paragraph for that essay, but rather than skipping that and just do it a little bit of a mess to finish it up and then going into the conclusion, finish off your third body paragraph.

And then just forget about the conclusion. The reason why I say that is because a conclusion is basically just the summary of what your entire essay is about. It's not really supposed to be, to add in any new information where as your third body paragraph. You're still explaining your ideas. You're still elaborating and discussing the prompt itself. So that is way more important to get you the marks that you need than a conclusion. The next thing I would do if you're running behind is save a proofreading until very last. So in the last video I talked about doing proofreading last five minutes of every essay.

But if you do not have time for that later, leave all your proofreading until the very end and, and you might find that you only have five minutes, it's true proofread all of your essays, but at least you kind of have that reassurance was that you made yourself more time to write beforehand. And so if you literally find yourself writing right up until the last minute and you can't perforate fine sacrifice that too. You still have at least half a paragraph to go, but you know, the first hour is over and you need to move onto your second essay.

I feel like you can either approach this two ways. The first way is just finish it off, but then move on to the next one as quick as possible. And obviously your hope there is that you will finish the second essay in time within that hour. So that by the time you get to your thing, essay, you are on track again. But in the other alternative that you could do, and probably one that I via towards a little bit more is just stop your third paragraph.

You still have maybe five more sentences you still want to write, but just move onto your next one. I think that's kind of important because what happens is once we start running into the next hour, you will find that with your first essay, you'll run maybe five minutes into your second hour, but then you might find that you run 10 minutes into the third hour with your second essay leaving only 15 minutes to finish your third essay. And that might not be like what you want.

And you might know that you just won't be able to achieve that because the third essay is maybe the hardest one that you left to last. And that's the one that usually takes you the longest. So yeah, like these are just thoughts and considerations for you guys to take away with whatever you guys do. I think just be strategic. Think about these things beforehand, because they are things that could trip you up when you are in the exam, you're stressed, you're anxious, you're under time pressure and you just need to get things done.

It might kind of make you do like bad decisions or you might do something out of the ordinary that you normally wouldn't do. But if you think about these things beforehand and think about, okay, this is what I'm going to do. If this situation occurs, then at least you kind of have some control over what's happening. And that gives you a little bit of reassurance. That is it from me. I wanted to let you guys know that because we are approaching the end of year. And I know that you guys might not need English help from me very shortly, especially when you're in year I wanted to let you guys know that I do have a personal YouTube channel as well.

So that's just linked up above for you. And also in the description box below. If you're interested in following me there, then go ahead and subscribe. I would really love to see you guys there and just be able to still have the connection with you guys. You know, it'd be nice to not only just have you guys on board with me for a year, and then you guys kind of disappear and do your own thing, I'd still really love to stay in contact and be able to hear how you guys are going to once you finish school. So I will see you guys next time. The first part follows their childhood, and their interactions with characters such as Boo Radley, Walter Cunningham, Miss Caroline and Mrs Dubose, while the second part follows the Tom Robinson trial itself, testing the children on the moral lessons of their childhood and disillusioning them to the overwhelming racism of their community.

All throughout the novel resonate messages of tolerance over prejudice. However, before any question of race is introduced, the children must confront their prejudices about Boo Radley, a local recluse who was rumoured to have attacked his parents. What is prejudice, after all? In the second part of the novel, these moral questions around prejudice and empathy find an arena in the courtroom, where Tom has been unfairly charged with rape and is being defended by Atticus. The intersection of these themes—race, prejudice and justice—forces us to confront the reality that our legal institutions may not be as colour-blind and impartial as we thought. All of that sounds pretty dire, so is the novel then purely pessimistic?

In Part One, we find an unlikely hero in Mrs. Another example of Atticus switching up what it means to be heroic is in the way he puts down Tim Johnson. Atticus transforms this into yet another lesson about courage: "I wanted you to see what real courage is, instead of getting the idea that courage is a man with a gun in his hand. This knowledge seems to be one of those unfortunate things that comes with age and life experience. Thus, on the one hand, you have this disillusionment and loss on innocence, but on the other, you also have this shift in worldview that may well be valuable in the long run.

Scout experiences similar disappointments, and they both grapple with other questions of conscience, tolerance and conformity throughout the novel. Walter Cunningham and Mrs. Dubose are covered above, but try to form some of these connections yourself. Boo Radley is the key character who connects the two parts of the story. He spends much of the first part in hiding, occasionally leaving gifts for the kids in a tree chapter 7 , or giving them a blanket during a fire chapter 8.

In the second part however, he emerges to save Jem from Bob Ewell and is actually a rather unassuming man. In many ways, the first part of the novel sets up and drives these ideas home. I have ample firsthand experience. So is there an issue when a story of Black injustice only elevates white people as heroes? Which brings us to a topic that is a bit knottier than it might first seem. This means that you might agree for a paragraph or two, emphasising the importance of context, before expanding on this idea of courage in the third. In your opinion, what is the most central and relevant message from To Kill a Mockingbird? Challenge: In To Kill a Mockingbird , how are isolation and loneliness different, and what is Lee suggesting about society in this regard? Something that I want you to take away from this video is being able to develop a contention statement that is a complete, solid foundation for your essay.

It generally means bravery and fearlessness, but what kinds of courage are explored in the novel? Immediately, we can see that this is a theme-based prompt. You could contend that the novel is indeed about courage, as Atticus not only teaches it to his children but also applies it to his defence of Tom Robinson in the face of structural racism. However, courage is also linked more broadly to empathy, which is explored as a panacea for discrimination. A complete contention like this breaks up your points neatly, but also grounds everything you have to say in an essay that still addresses the question and the idea of courage. For example, paragraph one would start by looking at the forms of courage he teaches to his children.

Not only does he teach his children about the importance of courage, but he goes on to exemplify those very lessons himself. However, in the final paragraph we might take a bit of a turn. Atticus, in having the courage to see Tom as an equal, is probably reflecting another very important value in the novel—namely, empathy. Though he admires Mrs. The idea of empathy as a form of courage is also reflected in what he teaches them about Boo Radley. In other words, he sees empathy as a form of courage in being the first to break social stigmas and overcome the various forms of discrimination that separate us. Now to touch base again with the take away message. We contended that the novel is about courage because Atticus teaches it to Scout and Jem while also representing it in the trial.

We also contended that courage is linked to empathy, another key value that he imparts as it helps to overcome social barriers like discrimination. The aim was to build an essay on a contention that clearly props up the body of the essay itself, even when we were more confident with some other themes, and I think this plan does a pretty good job of covering that. Power-up your learning with free essay topics, downloadable word banks, and updates on the latest VCE strategies. Unfortunately, we won't be able to answer any emails here requesting personal help with your study or homework here! All Rights Reserved. Address: We'd love to see you too, but we're only online! Our tutors meet students at homes and local libraries.

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Yes, I'd love a free mini-guide! June 4, April 2, This idea is echoed by English assessors in the VCAA Examination Report, …students should be encouraged to have confidence in their own reading and demonstrate a personal understanding of their text, rather than relying exclusively on commercially produced material. October 4, Contents 1. Characters 3. Symbols 5. Sample Essay Topics 6. After that, we want to be remembered. Explore the perspectives offered in Station Eleven regarding survival. Kirsten and Tyler are more similar than they are different. To what extent do you agree? The use of shifting narrative perspective in Station Eleven is crucial to its storytelling effect.

Do you agree? Is this true? It is impossible to feel any sympathy for the prophet.

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