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Terms And Conditions


The use of OUR WEBSITE represents YOUR concurrence with OUR terms and conditions explained below. If YOU have any conflicting views or opinions to any of OUR policies, please do not continue using OUR WEBSITE.


This SITE is only intended for use of adults with legal age. If YOU intend to purchase and use OUR PRODUCTS and services, YOU must also be of legal age.


For all orders that have filled out forms and completed the payment, it is assumed that YOU have fully understood what was stipulated and in accordance to all of these terms and conditions. Our terms and conditions is a legally binding agreement between OUR Company and the SITE visitors and/or clients.


In OUR terms and conditions, the:


"WEBSITE” or “SITE” refers to as  


"CLIENTS" or "YOU" refers to OUR customers or persons who visit the SITE with the intention of submitting an order.


"WE," "OUR," or “US” means OUR legal entity.


"PRODUCTS" or “OUTPUT” refers to an original essay, paper, and/or other written material WE create using the CLIENT’s provided information and guidelines.


"ORDER" refers to an electronic request format containing the details of what should be done, requirements to be fulfilled in the OUTPUT, and certain personal information of the CLIENT that is submitted through OUR WEBSITE.


Services agreement


Through the submission of the ORDER form and confirmation of payment, it is presumed that OUR PRODUCTS will only be for personal use. The freelance writers agreed to transfer all the rights of OUR PRODUCTS to OUR company. Therefore, YOU have the responsibility to fully comprehend all the stipulated terms and conditions on this page before availing any of OUR PRODUCTS and services.


Refunds and VAT exclusion


All refund requests should be in compliance with OUR Satisfaction Guarantee policy. WE strongly recommend for YOU to fully read and understand the said policy for additional information in case the need arises. For those CLIENTS within the European Union who have paid VAT during the payment process, please note that VAT will not be refunded to YOU. What will be refunded is the full or a percentage of the price seen in the SITE’s Prices page.


Respect to copyright and personal use clause


WE make sure that all PRODUCTS delivered are original. Once order has been submitted and delivered, the full copyright of the PRODUCT remains with OUR Company, its affiliates, and partners.


Personal use is defined as the noncommercial consumption of the PRODUCT in accordance to its limitations including disseminating, circulating, transforming, or creating a spin-off OUTPUT from OUR PRODUCTS and all other materials provided in this SITE without prior notice. As OUR CLIENT and/or SITE visitor, YOU shall indemnify and exclude US from any legal or criminal actions from the unauthorized use of OUR PRODUCTS. The prohibited use of OUR PRODUCTS may subject YOU to illegal acts punishable by law.




WE reserve the right to cancel any deal or contract with any individual who avails of OUR editing and proofreading service, in which the paper to be serviced is plagiarized but declared by the CLIENT as original work. With this terms and conditions, YOU agree that OUR PRODUCT is for personal use alone and cannot be distributed to third parties or for any other commercial purpose it may serve. WE reserve the right to decline to any service YOU might need and subject YOU to legal consequences should WE suppose that OUR PRODUCT has been disseminated in the public or used for plagiarism.


All PRODUCTS and materials and/or content from US is OUR property, therefore, you cannot claim it as YOUR own. All materials WE provide are for reference or research purposes only. WE abide to all laws concerning copyright and do not condone any illegal activity for violating such. WE do not promote taking part or knowingly be part of any plagiarism activity or fraud act and neither do WE allow OUR CLIENTS to commit any copyright infringement. YOU agree that all supplied materials from OUR WEBSITE are for reference and sample document only. All other text that will be borrowed from OUR material must be properly attributed to US.


OUR COMPANY, together with its affiliates and partners, shall not be liable for any inappropriate and unlawful use of OUR PRODUCTS and all other content attributed to OUR WEBSITE. This consists of criminal or civil penalties, loss of grants/prizes/scholarships, plagiarism, failed assessments, expulsion, academic sanctions, or any other lawful or disciplinary actions. With the CLIENT’s acquisition of PRODUCT or any other material from OUR WEBSITE, all accountability for any legal actions from the unlawful use of the material is transferred to the former.


Maximum acceptable level of plagiarism is 10%. In case the plagiarism level is higher than expected, YOU may ask for a revision or refund. Please see OUR Satisfaction Guarantee and Revision policies for more details on this matter. Please note that citations (i.e. in-text references in the footer or at the end of the paper) and commonly used phrases such as idioms, standard expressions, and the like are not to be considered as plagiarized content. Therefore, it should be excluded from the plagiarism estimation.


Service Guarantee


WE assure that the plagiarism content of the PRODUCT is 10% or below. This percentage excludes in-text referencing and commonly used phrases such as idioms or expressions. WE see to it WE follow YOUR directives in the content and document formatting needed for the written PRODUCT. In all ORDERS, WE do OUR research in accordance to the required field of study. WE use formal English in all of OUR PRODUCTS.

WE do not assure YOU of a high score nor any specific grade attributed to OUR PRODUCT. Refund cannot be given should YOU receive a poor assessment.


About Orders


The online form is needed should YOU have inquiries to OUR service or decided to proceed with an ORDER. The online form requires YOU to provide some personal information to be able to proceed with the order. WE shall not sell, lease, or share the information to third parties. Please see OUR Privacy Policy for more details.

WE will use YOUR email address for any information about YOUR ORDER, including but not limited to clarifications on issues, writer-client correspondence, and order fulfillment. In addition, both YOUR email addresses and contact numbers may be utilized for OUR company’s marketing efforts such as promotional discounts and limited-time offers.


ORDERS are calculated based on the following parameters:



As soon as the ORDER form and the payment is completed, the timer starts for the project deadline.




All fees for OUR PRODUCTS are published in the WEBSITE. Our Prices page shows the details of the fees to be collected once YOU engage US with YOUR project. VAT is applicable on orders from residents within the European Union. In this case, VAT will be computed on top of the total order fee and charged during the payment process. VAT is excluded from the refund requests.


Should there be order requests which are categorized as a special service request or a delivered PRODUCT to be edited other than the initial order instructions, WE have the right to charge a different rate in order to fulfill the service needed.


CLIENTS are required to pay all orders in advance. WE have a pool of specialized freelance writers who will be able to deliver the CLIENT’s requirement. In cases wherein payment has already been made and all efforts are exhausted to be able to find a suitable writer for YOUR project in which no freelance writer was available at the moment, a full refund will be given. For more details on other refund scenarios, please see OUR Satisfaction Guarantee policy.


Order Fulfillment


Completed PRODUCTS are uploaded in the personal order page. This is available for CLIENT’s view using the preview mode. Should the OUTPUT pass the CLIENT’s standards and requirements, the “Approve” email should be sent in order to inform us via email.


In the event that a revision is required however the “Approve” email was accidentally sent, CLIENTS are given a seven-day duration to ask for a document improvement after the action has been made. In this case, refund request may be denied. Please visit OUR Revision Policy page for more details.


If the CLIENT fails to receive the PRODUCT on or before the deadline, part of the ORDER fee may be refunded. For more information, please visit OUR Satisfaction Guarantee Policy page.


PRODUCT delivery delays resulting from any system malfunction, network, or other technical issues on the CLIENT’s side, including mail-server errors, excludes US from any accountability.


Please note that YOU are given seven days to approve the paper. Approval time automatically starts from the time the last document version was completely uploaded to you through email and deadline already lapsed. After seven days, the paper is automatically tagged in the system as approved.


Complimentary Revisions Guarantee


Three complimentary revisions are given to YOU in accordance to OUR Revision Policy. Please read the guidelines for more details.


Privacy and Security


For a detailed explanation of OUR data collection practices and safekeeping of such, and the use of personal information and what YOU can do about it, please visit OUR Privacy Policy page for more information.


CLIENT’s email address and phone number submitted to the ORDER page may be used for any types of notifications concerning YOUR ORDER or for marketing purposes. In case YOU decide to discontinue any notification receipt from US, please do contact OUR Customer Service Representatives. WE will immediately stop any kind of messages being sent to YOUR email address or phone number.


Product and Service Warranty


Before and upon submission of the ORDER form, YOU acknowledge that YOU fully read and understood all of OUR policies, terms and conditions, as well as the following items:





WE are not liable for any consequence for unlawful and prohibited acts due to the use of OUR WEBSITE’s content and PRODUCTS. YOU also agree that the company, together with its affiliates and partners, are released from any claims such as damages and losses of any kind from any of OUR PRODUCTS or SITE content. These include but are not limited to the following:



YOU also affirm that WE will be excluded from any law suit or legal claims resulting from the use of OUR materials. Legal claims refer to any kind of payment to third parties due to the correct or prohibited US of OUR materials.




With the use of OUR SITE, YOU agree to all of the stipulated terms and conditions and that these may change without prior notice. It is the CLIENT’s responsibility to check OUR terms and conditions for any changes and to fully understand these before YOU proceed with OUR SITE further.