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Revision Policy

Essay Writing Service USA always maintain excellent quality of academic support and customer service to our clients. We will work with you to meet your paper requirements. As an extra mile to our clients, we are providing three complimentary revisions guided by the following terms and conditions:


·     Instructions:

All revisions must be in line with the initial directions given to the writer. If the Quality Assurance Group assess that the initial directions of the project owner are met, the revision request will be declined.


·     Submission:

Revision requests can be submitted through the “Email OR Contact Us Page”. You can use this email to get in touch with us or just click on Contact US page at the top of our website. Customer Service Representatives will respond you quickly after seven days NO Revision will be made. 


·     Deadline:

Clients may request to use one of the three complimentary revisions before approving the paper send through email within 7 days. Clients are also advised to examine the document before approving it. For orders 20 pages and above, a complimentary revision can be done within 14 days from the approval time.


·     Free revision allocation per order:


Clients are given a maximum of three revision requests for free. This is only applicable once the all the conditions above are met.


A new order should be placed for request instructions that are far from the abovementioned provisions or if the three complimentary revisions are used up. On the new order, kindly clearly itemize the changes needed to be made in the document.


We advise clients to contact our Customer Service Representatives through email with your ORDER # to ask for the revision required. Free revisions are inapplicable if seven days already lapsed. In case the paper needs further editing or proofreading, a new order can be placed.


Clients are given 14 days to approve the revised document. Approval time starts upon completion of the latest document sent to our company through email. When the 14-days duration has lapsed, the system will automatically tag it as approved.