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Spinster Kane: A Dangerous Deception

Utz oots v. With the second season came some serious story and character changes. She becomes pregnant and goes on bed rest Spinster Kane: A Dangerous Deception had 3 miscarriages Spinster Kane: A Dangerous Deception her first husband. PG min Spinster Kane: A Dangerous Deception, Romance, War. Donnershtick Pow In Singapore Case Study Spinster Kane: A Dangerous Deception.

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Director William Wyler and Producer Samuel Goldwyn made perhaps one of the greatest films about the repercussions of war on its participants - especially the wounded, both physicially and psychologically. No student of film history should miss the symbolism rampant throughout. Not Rated min Drama, War. Several escape attempts follow until they are eventually sent to a seemingly inescapable fortress. Jean Renoir's hauting look at the human condition during what was called the war to end all wars. R min Biography, Drama, History. While war seems to be man's most profitable enterprise, it is also his most damaging - the human spirit and to life.

World War II saw the most lives lost than nearly all the wars put together with this story at its core. Approved 88 min Drama, War. After refusing to attack an enemy position, a general accuses the soldiers of cowardice and their commanding officer must defend them. Votes: , Patriotism was once defined as the last refuge of a scoundrel, a word that becomes more clearly defined in this incredible effort by director Stanley Kubrick.

R min Horror, Mystery, Thriller. Clearly, Hitchcock made many valuable contributions to the art of cinema, but none stands out the way this small movie does with its close examination of the insane mass murderer. Approved min Crime, Drama. Atticus Finch, a lawyer in the Depression-era South, defends a black man against an undeserved rape charge, and his children against prejudice. Both book and film were poignant in their day and true today - there is no justice if your skin is dark.

Director Robert Mulligan brought Harper Lee's words to the screen in stark realism. Passed min Adventure, Drama, Western. Two down-on-their-luck Americans searching for work in s Mexico convince an old prospector to help them mine for gold in the Sierra Madre Mountains. Human folly and greed is best expressed in man's pursuit of gold and riches, only to have most dreams dashed by a bit of realism. John Huston's powerful story is also a display of tour de force acting on every level. Passed min Drama, Film-Noir.

A screenwriter develops a dangerous relationship with a faded film star determined to make a triumphant return. Human vanity and pride often blind people to the truth of reality. Billy Wilder looked in the soul of those who would cling to fame and fortune only to have it all end as ashes in their mouths. Not Rated min Drama. A care-free girl is sold to a traveling entertainer, consequently enduring physical and emotional pain along the way. Votes: 60, Not all of humanity is made up of the famous, the rich, the powerful, or the most dynamic. Most people are quite ordinary but whose stories are nonetheless, still significant. Fellini saw power in the poor, the downtrodden, and the weak. PG min Drama, Romance, War.

A cynical expatriate American cafe owner struggles to decide whether or not to help his former lover and her fugitive husband escape the Nazis in French Morocco. Like it or not this film is probably the most watched and most loved black and white movie ever made - "Here's looking at you! Approved min Adventure, Drama, Fantasy. When a revered diplomat's plane is diverted and crashes in the peaks of Tibet, he and the other survivors are guided to an isolated monastery at Shangri-La, where they wrestle with the invitation to stay. Votes: 12, Of all Frank Capra's efforts, this film has the largest most profound heart at its core with the best effort in his career by Ronald Coleman as the everyman in search of his Shangri-la.

Passed min Drama. Director: Joseph L. The backstabbing world of the theater only mimics life as this all-star cast gives outstanding performances in the most Oscar-nominated film of all time with a most profound and perfunctual ending. Not Rated 88 min Crime, Drama, Mystery. The rape of a bride and the murder of her samurai husband are recalled from the perspectives of a bandit, the bride, the samurai's ghost and a woodcutter. By delivering a story so down to earth, Kurosowa comes to epitomize the true art of Japanese cinema in any age. This film represents his first great breakthrough of many to come.

R 96 min Comedy, Drama, Romance. The life of a divorced television writer dating a teenage girl is further complicated when he falls in love with his best friend's mistress. Thanks to the incredible photography of Gordon Willis, this Woody Allen comedy becomes elevated to cinema classic place as the most icon look at New York City ever photographed for the movies. The story isn't so bad either. Not Rated min Comedy, Drama, Romance. Widower Henry Hobson Charles Laughton is a successful bootmaker and a tyrannical father of three daughters who all want to leave him by getting married, but he refuses because marriage traditions require him to pay out settlements.

Votes: 6, A glimmer of what was to come from one of the greatest directors of all time, David Lean. This comedy has more profundity than most dramas with brilliant performances all around by a relatively unknown cast of supporting players. Of course, Laughton is at his best. PG min Drama, Thriller. Votes: 73, Complex and fantastic, this film shows a range to Frank Sinatra that only John Frankenheimer could bring out. The weird and the wonderful converge in some excellent acting styles that placed dear sweet Angela Lansbury in the crosshairs of a villain. Passed 90 min Adventure, Comedy, Drama.

Hollywood director John L Sullivan sets out to experience life as a homeless person in order to gain relevant life experience for his next movie. Votes: 25, Humorous but sad look at what makes us laugh at a time when America was in the middle of a depression. This is one of Preston Sturges greatest efforts at making black and white art Approved min Action, Adventure, History. The Armada is waiting for the attack on England and Thorpe surprises them with attacks on their galleons where he shows his skills on the sword. Votes: 9, If you had to add a commercial film with a swashbuckling hero then it might as well be this one or The Mark of Zorro. Errol Flynn is at the height of his prowess as he swings on ropes into the hearts of women all over America, before the scandal that ruined his life forever after.

Passed min Drama, History. A poor Midwest family is forced off their land. They travel to California, suffering the misfortunes of the homeless in the Great Depression. John Ford's poignant look at how serious the Great Depression was and how it effected an entire generation that grew up knowing the worth of a penny. Bitterly sad but beautifully told. Approved min Biography, Drama. For those who do not, no explanation is possible. He did and it is all on screen with Jennifer Jones in the Oscar winning role. The story of Anne Sullivan 's struggle to teach the blind and deaf Helen Keller how to communicate.

From the start of her life, Helen Keller had no chance to survive, no chance to succeed and definitely no chance to ever become known. Annie Sullivan changed all that. This is their beginning. Not Rated min Comedy, Crime. A distant poor relative of the Duke D'Ascoyne plots to inherit the title by murdering the eight other heirs who stand ahead of him in the line of succession. Votes: 36, Alec Guiness, like his contemporary, Peter Sellers, was a master at performing different roles.

This comedic film shows how many times he can go down as the numerous victims of this hillarious plot to gain riches by succession. PG 95 min Comedy. An insane general triggers a path to nuclear holocaust that a War Room full of politicians and generals frantically tries to stop. Scott , Sterling Hayden , Keenan Wynn. No film ever effected a generation that worried about atomic annihilation more than this one did. Kubrick took something as serious as mutually assured destruction and made us laugh at our own absurdities.

Not Rated 96 min Drama, Fantasy, History. A man seeks answers about life, death, and the existence of God as he plays chess against the Grim Reaper during the Black Plague. Ignmar Bergman gave us "Smiles of a summer night," "Wild Strawberries," and this iconic film that starred a man who has survived through the decades as the greatest character actor of all time - Max Von Sydow. Approved min Drama, Romance. But when he returns 10 years later, she will stop at nothing to get him back, even though she is already married. Votes: 5, He was a man in search of enlightenment and found human frailty all along the way. Perhaps the greatest role of his lifetime, Tyrone Power seeks what every man wants to know - "Is this all there is?

Approved min Drama, Family. A young writer recalls her ups and downs of growing up as one of four children to Norwegian immigrant parents in s San Francisco. Fresh from the war, George Stevens wanted to make a simple film about family life and gave us a look at human nature in all its glory as kindness and generosity of spirit. Irene Dunne is the mama that we all wish we had - understanding to a fault. Passed min Biography, Drama, History. Based on a real-life case in , two great lawyers argue the case for and against a Tennessee science teacher accused of the crime of teaching evolution.

Votes: 29, For all of our intelligence, it is the fear in man that holds him back and pushes him ever closer to that abyss of ignorance. Religion versus science in a heads on battle that shows how much we can hate each other over the simplest of things. Passed min Adventure, Drama, Family. An amnesiac World War I veteran falls in love with a music hall star, only to suffer an accident which restores his original memories but erases his post-war life. What list would be complete without one good tear-jerking romance story about a man who forgets his past only to have it haunt him his entire life.

Davka can also mean "particularly, despite expectations to the contrary. Davkanist DAHV-ka-nist n. Der mensch trakht un Gott lahkht der mensh trakht un Got lahkt - Man thinks plans and God laughs. Devar Torah der-vahr TOH-rah - n. A word of Torah; a discussion of the weekly Torah portion. Donnershtick DON-er-shtik n. Doppess DOP-ess n. Dorfying DORF-yingk n. Boor; country-bumpkin; rube. Dos gefelt mir dos ge-FELT meer phr. Dreidel DRAY-dl n. A top used in playing a game of chance during the festival of Chanukah; in Hebrew a Sivivon.

In Israel, the Shin is replaced with a Pey for "po" - here. Substandard merchandize; worthless junk; shoddy stuff. Also spelled "dreck. To recite the Aaronic blessing birkat kohanim from the platform in front of the Holy Ark. In Hebrew, dukhan means "platform. Evil spirit; demon; incubus. A groan or disparaging exclamation. Eckveldt EK-veldt n. A generous compliment. Edelkeit: n. Edel Mensch AY-del mensh n. A gentleman. Eingeshparht AYN-geh-shpart adj. Also spelled "ein hara. Engbrew eng-brew n. English written using Hebrew letters.

Eppes EP-pes pn. Upright Jews. Religious Jews. Ess ess v. The implication is that marriage is a cure-all. See Chasseneh for more. Farbissen far-BISS-en adj. Bitter; sullen; embittered person; crippled by bitterness. A farbissener m or farbissenah f is a grump or crabby person; a bitter person or curmudgeon. Sour face; bitter-looking face; grouchy face. Farblonjet far-BLON-jet adj. Farbrenger FAR-breng-er n. Party esp. A fiery-eyed radical; fanatic; devotee. Farfallen far-FALL-en adj.

Spoiled, rotten, decayed. Worse than "crappy" be careful with this word! Farmakh dos moyl! Farshadet far-SHAH-det adj. Pained; wounded; hurt. This phrase is also used to refer to a painful issue that never has been resolved between people Do you get it? Also spelled farshtayst. Stinky person; smelly person; adj. The adjective form is farshtunkeneh. Farshvitzt far-shvitzd adj. Sweaty; dripping wet; "shvitz" is sweat. Far vus? For what? How disgusting! That stinks! An general expression of disgust or distaste. A dog sleeps in my bed? Feinshmeker FINE-shmek-er adj. A person with fine taste; elite; epicure. Ferdrimmeled fer-DRIM-eld adj. Mixed up in the head; turned around; confused; addled; scrambled; turned upside down and inside out.

Ferkockt fer-KOKT adj. Stinking; n. Ferkockteh fur-KOK-teh adj. Worse than "crappy"; Utterly messed up and out of order. Fehgeleh FAY-ge-leh n. Miserable; "dark and slippery. A monster; ugly individual; for example, your daughter's fiance whom you do not like. Fleishig FLAY-shig adj. Consisting of, prepared with, or relating to meat or meat products. A kosher concept. Someone who "talks through his nose"; hence, a double-talker; smooth-talker; a cheat; swindler he's a fonferer - watch his math! The verb is to fonfer Frailech FRAY-likh adj.

Also spelled freylech. Happy; cheery; optimistic; in a good mood. Fress fress To eat a great deal; to eat quickly and voraciously. Fresser: n; fressing: adj; To nosh is to snack; to ess is to eat; but you fress when you're acting like a chozzer. From your mouth to God's ears Frosk frosk n. Frum frum adj. Pious; religious; observant, esp. A big deal; also - a long boring story or speech, especially if it's been repeated. Ganzteh also spelled ganszeh means "entire," whole. Gartl GAR-tel n. Gefelt ge-FELT adj. Gelt gelt n. Genug ge-NUG adv. Enough; also spelled genuk. Genuk is genuk. Cursed; accursed; Geshvollen gesh-VAL-len adj. Swollen, puffed up; also applied to person with haughty pride. Get get n. Ritual divorce document for Orthodox Jews.

Gezinta ge-ZIN-teh adj. Gevaldikeh Zakh! Heaven Forbid! O help! To "cry gevalt" is to shray gevalt! Gevaltize ge-VALT-ize v. To engage in alarmist activities; to cry "gevalt! The noun form is "gevalthood" -- the state of gevaltizing. Gey gezunterheit gay ge-ZOON-te-hayt phr. Literally, "Go in good health," but usually meant as "Yeah, go do whatever you like.

Fine, don't listen to me. See if I care. So, you want to join that rock band instead of attending Harvard? Healthy troubles. Troubles one should not take too seriously. Gib a keek gib-a-keek phr. Take a look! Glatt glaht adj. Glatt Kosher is the ultimate in kosher meat Also used to describe anyone is extremely strict in their practice sometimes pejoratively. Glick glik n. Luck; good fortune umglick - unlucky. Goen GOH-en n. Golem GO-lem also: Goylem. Zombie; graceless oaf; subnormal person. A "living" creature with no soul. This idea comes from the Talmud which says that Adam was a golem before receiving his soul. The golem became a favorite character in Eastern European literature and is usued as a synonym for "bogeyman.

Someone known to be shady or untrustworthy; bamboozler. Gornisht GOR-nisht : n. Bupkis; nada; nothing; zilich in a bad way. Got in himmel GUT-in-him-el "God in heaven. A holy person; religious person. Goy goy n. A non-Jew; outsider. Goyeh is the feminine. Goyim is the plural. Dubious pleasure; i. Goyishe GOY-ish-eh adj. Not Jewish, i. In general, "Goyishe" means "Gentile. To burb loudly and with deep meaning. Grober GRAW-ber n. Crude, unmannered person; grabby bore. Grober Yung - crude youth. A derogatory term for "Big Shot". That is someone who is either important or more likely thinks they are important.

Gut Shabbes! Good Sabbath! Gut Yontif! Good holiday! Also spelled alivai! Halvah HAL-vah n. Sesame-seed confection; sandy-candy. Hamentaschen HA-men-tah-shen n. A triangular pastry served on Purim, said to resemble Haman's hat. Hamsa HAM-seh n. Charm; amulet; a common Middle Eastern protective talisman, often displayed by both Jews and Muslim, representing an open hand, often with an eye drawn in the palm. Rabbinic supervision of a food product or facility. Havurah HAV-rah n. Fellowship group. Also spelled chavurah. Haymish HAY-mish adj.

Homey; plain and unaffected; also: homely. Sometimes spelled as haimish or heymish. Haymisheh Mensch HAY-mish-eh mensh n. A friendly face. Hechsher HEKH-sher n. A " k " symbol on food packaging that means its contents are kosher and were prepared under rabbinical supervision. A symbol or other seal originally a seal with the Mashgiach's name placed on a preprepared product certifying its kashrut. Hekdish HEG-dish n. Hilf hilf n. A godsend; help. Hitsiger HEET-see-ger n. A hothead; angry person; someone who is flying off the handle; a rager; a grumpy and mean-spirited person, etc. Hock hock v. To pitch; ask; hawk; to bother incessanlt; to nag; to make meaningless noise as if banging on a teakettle Hock mir nisht keyn chaynik hock mir nisht keyn chai-nik phr.

You are bugging me! Don't bother me! Also spelled: Hak mir nisht keyn tshaynik. Hondler HOND-ler n. Someone who hondles or negotiates for a deal. A bargainer. The verb is sometimes spelled handl. Hoo-Haw hoo haw excl. Hoo boy! Exclamation of excitement often ironic. Hotzeplotz HOTZ-ze-plotz n. Sick; nauseated; blechedic. Ich hob dir lieb ikh HOB dir leeb phr.

I love you! Kaddish KAHD-dish n. The traditional mourner's prayer Kadokhes kahd-DAH-khes n. A worthless person. Kalamutneh kal-ah-MUHT-neh adj. Gloomy; morose; glum. Kalleh moid KAL-leh moyd n. Karger KAR-ger n. Cheapskate; miser; tightwad. Kasheh KAH-sheh n. Kasher KA-sher v. An incantation to ward off evil influences my child? Pronounced postpositively in order to ward off the evil eye, especially when speaking of one's good fortune. Russian dance involving kicks from a squatting position. Khap khap v. A nogoodnik; good for nothing; a disease sounds like cholera. Khazzer KHAZ-er n. Also spelled: chazzer. Kibbitz KI-bitz v. Also to comment upon during a show or game; to needlessly interfere.

To butt in and offer to remedy other people's business. Kibbitzer KI-bitz-er n. Kibosh KIE-bosh n. Kiddish KID-dish n. The blessing over wine on the eve of the Sabbath or Festivals. Exclamation: "No evil eye! Superstitious "knock on wood! Same listing as Kaynahora. Kishkas KISH-kahs literally, guts, intestines, literally and figuratively. Also, a thick "sausage" made with matza meal and spices, which is sliced and fried. Kish mir in tuchas kish meer en TUH-kiss phr. Kishnev KISH-nev n.

Kitzel kitz-el tickle also spelled kitsel. Klippeh KLIP-eh n. Female demon; shrew; vixen; relentless nag. Klutz klutz n. Knadle k'nay-del n. Knocker ke-nock-er n. Big shot. Kockeputzi ka-ka-POOT-sie n. Kolboynik kol-BOY-nik n. A know-it-all. Kokh-lefel KOKH-lef-el. Someone who "stirs the pot" with rumors or gossip. Kolikeh or Kalyekeh KOL-e-keh n. Cripple; sickly person; also: an inept performer; someone not so good at their craft. Koonts koontz n. Kop kop n. Head, brain; pejorative adds sheish in front Loch in kop is a "hole in the head. Kopvaitik kop-VYE-tik n. Kosher koh-shure gelt adj. To be considered kosher, domesticated animals must have split hooves and chew their cud; birds cannot be raptorial or predatory; and fish must possess both scales and fins no shellfish are allowed.

No animals may be trief torn but must be slaughtered by an approved shochet Jewish butcher who follows Jewish slaughtering laws. For kosher purposes, fish are not considered meat. Milchik dairy and fleshik meat cannot be eaten together. Foods that are pareve neutral such as fruits, vegetables, grains, eggs, and fish can be eaten with either dairy or meat dishes but be careful about the health risks of margarine, since margarine was likely invented to create "kosher" butter. The kitchen, dishes, and food utensils must be kashered boiled to prepare food, and there must be two sets of dishes and silverware, utensils, etc.

Kosher Gelt koh-shure gelt n. Krekhts krekhts v. To croak; to caw; to grunt; to wheeze a monor pain or discomfort; to fuss or complain; to "oy. Krenk krenk n. General malaise. Kup kup n. Kush mir in tuchas kush meer in TOO-khus phr. Kvell kvell v. To burst or gush with pride; swell with naches. Gloat or brag. Kvetch kvetch v. Kvitch k'vitch v. Kvitlekh KVIT-lekh n. A kvitl pl. Hasidim believe that rebbes read supernaturally "between the lines" of a kvitl, seeing things that were not written in the kvitl. Often a "pidyon" in this case, a tip or gratuity of cash is handed to the rebbe under the kvitl. Khas vesholem! Khaver KHA-ver n. May it never be.

It should never happen. Don't even think about it! Lamden LHAM-den lit. One of the 36 hidden righteous persons who often labors in anonymity. According to Jewish tradition, the world continues to exist due to the merits of these hidden 36 individuals. Fellow countryman; someone from your same neighborhood; fellow Jew; also spelled lantsman. Lebedickeh Mensch leb-e-DIK-eh mensh n. A lively, spirited person. Leiben ahf dein kop LAY-ben ahf dayn kop phr. Nice work! Lemishkeh LE-mish-keh n. A drag; wishy-washy person; someone you invite to a party and then wonder why you did. Likhticheh LIKH-tich-eh adj. Luftmensch LUFT-mensch n. Dreamer, romanitc, someone oblivious or out of touch with worldly concerns. Maidel MAY'dl n. Macher MAKH-er n. Big-shot; mogul; boss; one who is always wheeling and dealing.

Witch; mean woman; a spiteful woman. Often used in jokes to refer to a mother-in-law. Also spelled makashefa, makhashefa, machshefa, makasheifah, etc. Makhatunim makh-ah-TOON-im n. Makhen a gevalt MA-khen a geh-valt To "make a scene;" also: to scream or shout for help. Malodyets mal-OH-dyets n. Clever fellow; rascal. Mammash mam-mash adv. A bastard, used in senses similar to that used in English. Hence, a disreputable person; a sneak; an illegitimate person, etc. A spurious or dubious person; someone "misbegotten" who lives life without ordinary restriants. Mashgiah mash-GEE-ah n. Their responsibility is to prevent violations of Jewish dietary laws by inspection of slaughterhouses, meat markets, and restaurants where food claimed to be kosher is prepared for the public.

Maven MAY-ven n. Expert; authority. Often used sarcastically. Mazel tov! MAH-zel tawv interj. Mazel tov on the new baby! Mazel can be used as a general synonym for "luck. Impish person, esp. Joy; delight; literally, something that has brought you back from death to life chai , and therefore something relieving or refreshing. Mechuleh me-KHOO-leh adj. Meeskeit MEES-kite adj. Hence, a long-winded story. Mensch mensh n. The plural is menschen. Meshuggeneh me-SHUG-en-eh adj. Bist meshugeh? Meshuggener me-SHOO-ge-ner n.

A crazy; crazy person. Meshumad me-SHOO-med n. Apostate; Infidel; a willing defector from Judasim well, only if a Jew turns to Jesus for salvation -- a Jew can easily be a Buddhist, Hindu, Taoist, Wiccan, mystic, socialist, etc. Metziah met-SEE-ah n. Describing food that contain milk products, or the equipment that is used with milchig food. Minyan MIN-yan n. A group of at least l0 bar mitzvot gathered to pray. Mishegoss MISH-e-goss n. Mishmash MISH-mash n. Hodgepodge; mixed-up mess. Mishpokha MISH-poh-kha n. Mittendrinen mitten-DRIN-nin adv. Mitzvah MITS-vah n. Commandment; good deed. Mizrach meez-rakh n. American Jews face when praying. Mizrachi are Zionists. Mogen Dovid moh-gen DO-ved n. Star of David.

Mommellah MOM-me-lah literally, "little mother. Note that this word is often use in Russian slang to refer to one's mother. Moser MA-ser n. One who exploited the hatred of the non-Jews in order to undermine other Jews. This is considered the lowest level of impurity that a Jew can sink. The plural of this is mosrim. Musmach MOOS-makh adj. A recipient of semicha laying on of hands, i. Plural is musmachim. Naches NAKH-es n. Nafka NAHF-kah n. Better you should go to college and get a real job! Ascetic abstainer from wine, haircuts, and contact with death. Hence, holy roller; fanatic. Incompetent nerd. Pitiful person think Woody Allen. It's history. Traditional musical theme for a given service or festival. Also, Bim-Bam improvisational singing zemirot.

A Chassidic melody, often repeated several times, which is intended to express and stir one's soul. She got her car stolen! Also spelled nisht gerferlich. Nisht gut nisht GUT adj. A nobody; a piece of nothing. Nit gedeiget neet ge-DAY-get "not to worry"; hence, "No worries! Everything's great. Moreover, even used ironically. So you asked her out on a date and she accepted your offer, noch? Nochshlepper NOKH-shlep-er n. A tag-along; a hanger-on; unwanted person. No-goodnick no good-nik n. Yinglish A good-for-nothing person. Nosh nosh n.

Khap a nosh! Nosherai NOSH-e-rye n. Snack foods; silly, time-wasting stuff. So tell me already!! What's New? Also - "Are you so surprised? A pest or to pester, badger. Nudnik NOOD-nik n. An unthinking, inconsiderate person. Ongehblozzen on-ge-BLOY-zen adj. Conceited; puffed-up; full of pride. Overly ornate, busy, over-decorated, kitch, senselessly or tastelessly ornate or gaudy. Also spelled ungepatchka Ootz oots v. OIY excl. Denotes disgust, pain, astonishment or rapture.

Oy Gevalt! A cry for help; "May a great Power intervene! Oy Gotenyu! Oysgeshpilt OYS-geh-shpilt adj. Oy Vay! How terrible! That's horrible! Also spelled Oy Vey! Oyshteler OY-shtel-ler n. A braggart; show-off; someone always using first person singular pronouns about how successful they are, etc. One who speaks "Oy. A lamentation or expression of grief or sorrow, such as upon hearing the news of someone who recently died. Oysvorf OYS-vorf n.

An outcast; a pariah; a throwaway. Pager PAY-ger v. Yiddish - "neutral. Prepared without meat, milk, or their derivatives and therefore permissible to be eaten with both meat and dairy dishes according to kashrut laws. A nasty, deceiving low-life; a revolting or disgusting person; etc. Stop patshkeing! Also: to dawdle, to waste time. Also spelled potschke, potshke, potchke, etc.

The "spark" of Jewishness within all Jews. Someone very inexperienced; a child or babe; literally, a "bed wetter.

The verb is to shuckle. Plural is Spinster Kane: A Dangerous Deception. So, the Spinster Kane: A Dangerous Deception dressed up, pretending to be Spinster Kane: A Dangerous Deception boy and went to meet their newly appointed guardian. Kiddish KID-dish n. Sometimes spelled schalf. They end up meeting Jimmy Carter Foreign Policy falling in love.

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