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Informative Speech On How To Make (Kool-Aid)

That's Summary: The Great Migration I can't stop reading. Of course they never will become calmly content with any Informative Speech On How To Make (Kool-Aid) given, as their chosen state is to dispute. Perhaps a shift your perspective will allow you to see the truth. The Supreme Court Informative Speech On How To Make (Kool-Aid) Griswold v. It is not inciting but insightful.

Informative Speech on How to make Kool-Aid

A closed meeting of members of a political party or faction. Also the term for a group of people within an establishment with a common political leaning. In Australia the term is used to describe the parliamentary members of the ALP. A controversy often a court case arousing high public interest because of policy issues at stake. Popular British 19th century working class movement advocating electoral reform. Despite at one stage having three million signatures on a petition to Parliament, the movement eventually disbanded without witnessing any reforms.

Aka serial migration. Term to describe a situation in some countries where the granting of permanent residence to one foreign applicant on whatever grounds jus soli, humanitarian, skilled or lottery will give that new resident rights to bring in their spouse or other family members, which in turn will grant further foreigners rights to enter because of their connections to the previous link, thus creating a seemingly perpetual chain. Chatham House Rules. The concept in democracies where abuse of power in branches of government can be controlled by various institutions and processes.

A democratic vehicle for legislative or constitutional enactment which bypasses the legislature. As exists in Switzerland and some states of the USA, if a petition for a certain proposition can raise a specific number of signatures, then the legislature is compelled to put it to the people at a referendum and then to enact it in law if passed. I am a Roman Citizen. The claim by ancient Romans that wherever so they travel in foreign lands they should be afforded full rights and protection, with the understanding that Roman military might would respond to any violations.

Justification used by UK Prime Minister Lord Palmerston in when blockading Athens to ensure a British citizen there was compensated for the property damage inflicted by a violent Greek mob. A concept in American constitutional law to describe a situation where fundamental constitutional principles can be overlooked in exigent circumstances. A place of work where the union has arranged that the employer will only employ those who are its members. A motion in legislative systems to bring a filibuster to an end and thus allow a vote on the bill at hand.

A popular candidate at an election having the ability to draw votes, not just for himself, but also for his fellow party candidates. As compared to the free market, an economy which is mostly under the command of the government. The law of the land which comes from neither the statute books nor the constitution but from court law reports. Originally that body of law which was common to all parts of England not customary or local law and developed over centuries from the English courts to be adopted and further developed in countries using that system. As compared to democratically maintained law, common law is judge maintained and modified law and is valid unless it conflicts with statute law. The action or process of treating a person as a mere commodity rather than someone possessing civil rights such as autonomy.

The ability of a party to produce a particular good or service at a lower marginal or opportunity cost than another. If country A can produce both apples and oranges cheaper than country B, with apples significantly cheaper, it is more efficient for it to concentrate on growing and exporting only apples while importing oranges, even though the oranges imported would not be as cheap as those if home grown. The requirement by law in a small number of democracies that citizens vote. Of those, approximately only a half enforce the law. Over the last two decades more countries have abolished the practice than introduced it.

Wikipedia quotes a total of three studies of its effects, or probable effects, upon elections Switzerland, Australia and the US , all of which claim C. British-American poet and historian of the Soviet Union and other aspects of 20 th century totalitarianism. Also known for his three laws of politics. A form of federalism where the individual regions that make up the sovereign state exercise a larger degree of autonomy. Often the right to secede and the sole right to raise taxes, the funding of the central government coming from the regions. The set of basic rules by which a country or state is governed. Sometimes includes a Bill of Rights. The ultimate set of laws to which all other laws made by contemporary governments are subservient to.

The strength and integrity of a constitution is often reflected by the difficulty it is to be changed. The process to alter a constitution. In the US it is ratification by either two-thirds of both the Senate and H. In Australia, it is a proposal ratified by the Governor General and at least one house of parliament, and then approved in a referendum by a 'double majority': a national majority of voters in the States and Territories; and a majority of voters in a majority of the States. A measurement of inflation by comparing, at regular intervals, the price taking weighting into account of a set of basic consumer goods and services purchased by households.

A tax on the spending of income rather than the earning of it, so as to include people who might otherwise evade income tax such as those in the black economy or successful with tax avoidance schemes. A simplified version of instant-run off, preferential voting as once practiced in Alabama US in the s and Queensland for 50 years until In single member electorates where no candidate wins a majority of primary votes, all but the top two candidates are eliminated, and their preferences go to the remaining candidates to decide which has the majority. Originally used to identify a geographical area sealed off to isolate infectious diseases, but now also used to identify the isolation of extremist political parties by other parties not dealing with them in regards to coalitions, voting preferences or any other communications or benefits.

Corn Laws. British import tariffs on grains rye, malt and wheat in the early nineteenth century, so as to maintain the high price of local produce which benefited the farm owners, who themselves maintained significant political influence. An academic theory claiming racism has not been diminished in the United States, but is maintained through societal structures and cultural assumptions, leading to Blacks rating lower on the economic scale and higher within the criminal justice system. A free market economic system abused to the degree where some business people have become successful due to their relationships with government.

An act rarely forgiven in Commonwealth countries but common in the USA. A type of block voting but where the voter can choose, from the list of for example ten candidates running for four seats, his preferred four, or just two or even one. In such decisions, the selected candidates would get one quarter of a vote each, or half a vote, or where only one candidate received the vote, the whole vote. An unexpected, somewhat unknown candidate with little public exposure who has potential to win an election against established candidates. Term originated by British politician and author, Benjamin Disraeli. State within a state. A situation in a country when a government agency, such as a branch of the armed forces, an intelligence agency, police, or a bureaucratic department, acts conspiratorially or overtly independently of civilian democratic leadership.

Aka enabling legislation. Whereas all parliamentary legislation is final and cannot be challenged in court apart from constitutional inconsistencies delegated legislation can be challenged in court if it is shown to violate the purpose of the original act. A manipulative leader who gains popularity by appealing to prejudice and basic instincts. The concept of moral obligation and binding duty. As compared to consequentialism, where an act is judged by its consequences the ends justify the means , D. A relaxing or easing of tensions between powers. Transfer of powers from the national or central government to state or local government. A procedure in non-STV pro-rep elections to evenly distribute seats where insufficient parties have won the normal quota of votes to claim the full number of seats available.

Aka participatory democracy. Government by the people in fact rather than merely in principle. The citizenry themselves voting on all issues affecting them. Practised in ancient Greece and to some degree in some cantons of Switzerland and the New England states of America. Considered by most to be a highly impractical form of government. Direct government control of a country's economic and social institutions.

Information that is false or misleading deliberately disseminated for strategic gain. Aka black propaganda. Like how only dogs can hear the dog whistle, only the target political audience can comprehend the real meaning of the innocuous words spoken by the politician. Otherwise known as the unthinking vote. An Australian federal election with two exceptions to the normal general election.

Rather than the usual 40 Senate seats being up for election a so called half-Senate election , the full complement of 76 seats are vacated and thus the state quota to win a seat drops from Secondly, both houses of Parliament are dissolved at the time of the election, rather than normal situation where the Senate only dissolves at the end of its set term, which can mean that it can be as much as eleven months after a normal election before the new Senators take their seats. The government can only call a DD election in specific situations as laid out by the Constitution. Using language to distort or even reverse the meaning of unpalatable information that has to be given. Dorothy Dix was an American newspaper advice columnist who prefered questions she made up herself.

To find out and publish on the internet private or identifying information about a public figure or organisation, such as their address. To follow and support a no-chance-of-winning campaign or cause because of peer pressure. Alternatively, to ardently and fanatically dedicate oneself to an idea or purpose whatever the cost. A reference to the tragic mass suicide in Jonestown, Guyana where cult followers of Rev. Jim Jones drank grape flavoured, but poison laced, Kool-Aid. In pro-rep electoral systems the realistic quota to win a seat versus the theoretical quota. If there are three seats to be won in an election then in theory a quota of Theory attributed to French political scientist Maurice Duverger, which asserts a nexus in the number of political parties in a democratic state with the electoral system used.

Alternative to utopia. Nightmare vision of society beyond that of even a failed, dysfunctional state, where the system is actually planned by those in power, creating, most often, a totalitarian society. In practice the name often given by governments to voters in normal elections, or to those who have been appointed to a certain level so as to vote their choice to a higher office. Technically, a voter who is successful in helping to get his preferred candidate elected. Term possibly used to disguise the fact that approximately half of all voters in SMV systems end up electing nobody. Geographical areas used as a criterion for political representation. Electorates can also be multiple member and sometimes the term can refer to the voting public in general.

The two fictional races of the future from H. Wells novel, The Time Machine. A person who exercises power or influence in certain areas despite any appropriate rank. The power of the government to claim private property. Aka the Age of Reason. Originating in the UK but developing fully in continental countries such as France with thinkers such as Spinoza, Voltaire and Rousseau. The pre-requisite to voting. Australian citizens of at least 18 yrs are allowed and compelled to enrol. In the USA those who choose to vote must repeatedly enrol for every election. A friendly understanding between nations. A suggested electoral system where votes are somehow weighted according to the degree of knowledge of the voter. In Ireland university graduates get to elect six university seats as well as exercising a normal vote shared by all other citizens.

That part of government which executes the law of the land, as compared to the legislature which creates and maintains the law. Relevant evidence disallowed in a criminal prosecution despite no claims against its authenticity. In optional preferential voting systems, a vote that was not fully completed and, in being counted, has reached its last candidate, still not made up a quota, and thus becomes worthless. The power to do something or hold an office by virtue of the fact that one holds an earlier office.

That which teaches us to govern ourselves. Temporary interruption during a parliamentary session. A method of secret voting, normally in a written form. Country house retreat of the American president. The alleged justification for acts of war. Country house retreat of the British Prime Minister. Not sure why anyone would go to such lengths to tear someone down who is offering nothing but a perspective based on love.

Any spiritual teacher would say that you are the world pushed out. So, you as a debunker of spiritual messages, what does that say about you? My motives are the same about every article — I write about what interests me. Full stop. Our opinions on Esther are different, but so what? Readers will reach their own conclusions. She says you get what you think about or some such variation padded out over decades. First I mean no disrespect to you Phil.. I dont know you but from the words you said and in the way they were said I feel you are mist likely a very smart person.. You seem to be a grounded person who has confidence in what he thinks and feels so you dont modify or change your mindset let alone lifestyle based on anything ESTHER or anyone else says..

HOWEVER more people in this world arent strong or confident due to many real hardships of life including but absolutely not limited to being depressed lonely suffering from mental yet not getting treatment due to the stigma uneducated people have created around mental illness and treatment for such the list goes on.. Bottom line there are alot of real people lost and afraid who are desperate for compassion understanding and guidance.. I would actually question if it is based on love as love is compassion and empathy. Also for any blind believers it can actually be dangerous depending your situation.

Balance in all teachings we need to listen to all with a critical ear especially Abraham a lot of what they teach is NOT for the true upliftment of all which is soooo needed during these days. Thanks for your comment, Lacy. Turns out the tin was 50 cents with 3 cents tax — I had exact amount, not penny more. I used LOA to propel myself out of poverty, back into a good job and house, etc. The car I envisioned I wanted, turned out to be the one I got. Rather, my boyfriend, not knowing my preference bought it for me and I paid hm back. I envisioned wanting a boyfriend with certain body type, eye color, profession, personality…and that was exactly the one who chased and pursed me and whom I am dating now.

I even wanted to have a second home somewhere else, having visited that area — turns out he has a second home there. I envisioned the amount of rent I wanted to pay. Got it. I envisioned how much I wanted to earn — got it! My colleagues were a piece of work. I envisioned how I wanted them to be rather than who they were — and they changed into nicer people. When I got tired of said job and told myself — I wish I could leave this job but I need the income. I got furloughed with unemployment. Be careful what you wish for. You can calibrate your mind to move mountains for you…and then just let the universe work you path.

I listen to her when I am in a funk just to feel better. Listening increases my energy but I also find myself being really emotionally receptive afterward — and with that receptivity, I notice that I am less of a critical thinker. There is something to be said for engaging mind and emotion and having faith…. What happens their freedom of choice when you make them into who you want them to be? What about their law of attraction or is it just all about you?

This includes other people, circumstances and events that you come across. And that this is the only thing that matters. And how you feel influences on an energy level how people and circumstances respond to you. Find something to love in anything and everyone. Do NOT depend upon anything and anyone for your happiness as this is an inside job. I am a professional, college-educated person that is very analytical in thinking. But somehow, their message resonated with me to depths of my being.

Their teachings have changed my life more than I can ever imagine in every aspect from relationships, career, financial status, etc. There are videos of their encounter in YouTube. You are, of course, free to express your own opinion, as so do I. And there is great love in this world for you. Unconditional love was never their pitch in the first decade or so, but what they sold was deftly described in their third book title, Ask and It Is Given.

And Wayne Dyer went off the rails for a while and endorsed all sorts of goofy stuff. His pushing the execrable Gary Renard vied for cheesiest with his work with Esther after Jerry died and Hay House was desperate to help her fulfill the book deal Jerry signed. You have control over what you allow into your reality, and she envisioned those unfriendly people being more loving in her reality. Funny how most people who are disagreeing with you are saying the exact same thing. Nothing is fake about loa and manifestation. Engaging with you is not productive at all. They believe in all of the limiting thoughts keeping them stuck. Every single time without fail. Use your energy more wisely my friend. I have few regrets and a trove of great memories. Even after the past year, we have money in the bank and have lived for thirty years in the very expensive city we dreamed of when we started out.

I know this contradicts your imaginary villain, but with a little luck, it might turn you to objectively considering the information instead of scrambling to find some reason to look the other way. If you give it a try, you might someday get to be as happy as I am. There are many writings on the Law of Attraction, some very old. When I started following her, it helped me understand in a different way.

I do have questions, of course, but overall, I feel better after listening much better than I do after hearing some religious folks spewing their dogma. The principle that we were sent here to feel good and love ourselves is not a bad idea. The notion that your own thoughts can create your reality has been around for quite some time. According to her, she is direct conduit for messengers in direct communication with God and merely interprets blocks of thought dumped into her head into words. In another she claims Abraham took over her fingers to type out books. She also claimed that Abraham seized her head and wrote messages with her nose while Jerry jotted the messages down.

These are radically different things. Abraham, via Esther, has said that all deaths are suicides, including — forcefully — those killed in the World Trade Center disaster. Rather than change his vibration, he went to the hospital. More obvious are the provable lies. She tells an elaborate story about it. In them, Abraham predicted geological disasters and recommended that everyone should buy gas masks to prepare. After those failed the loving Abraham popped up. True believers turn blind to the lies, contradictions, fabulous claims and money grubbing prices. Thanks for your comment. Beliefs and herd mentality are central; the rest is ornaments. I see, hear, read,…? She is also just a person who teaches her stuff.

I am not a psychologist by profession but I think logic would dictate that one would have an easier time of winning at a game if they had a more optimistic view of it. In the same way in which a good student would have to have a positive view of their studies and a good sportsperson would need to have a good view of their sport. Good informative read thanks. It is true our emotional state does depend on what we concentrate on but thats just psych No one is worth more than another, contrary to what the mind says.

The mind was created to store memories of love for life and creation, it is an ability, one of the many aspects of man, it does not define as the mind is always in the past or projecting, never actually here NOW. When you store an opinion you light incense to one of the egos Demi-Gods as all thoughts originate in the collective mind which is fed by consciousness. Concepts against love and creation have no power as they are meaningless and nothingness.

This keeps you from your light. You are throwing yourself under the buss each time you have an unholy opinion of something within creation. You are the light and the darkness is obviously still in you. Ignorance is bliss but I respect your right to it. Thanks for taking the time to respond to with such panache. If you imagine that refusing to weed through an endless, rambling junkyard full of run-on sentences, goofy, internally conflicting ideas and self-righteousness amounts to ignorance, then I plead guilty.

I came across today a video on you youtube of positive afirmations that really made me feel good , and I kept searching to hear more about this person. Then a few other videos appeared where some people were asking questions and this person answering…I started to feel wierd, the tone of voice, and the way the questions were answered didnt feel right…it felt as almost it was an argument, i could feel violence in her voice…. Inconsistency and contradiction have long been concerns with her, Carolina. Glad you picked up on it. Stumbled on this blog today — thank you!

While I was skeptical, I thought I would roll with it casually and appreciate whatever messages resonated for me. Looks like I was right. Appreciate these insights. Thank you, Kate. That part of her career was an area Esther later ran from, to the point of disappearing a couple of Abraham books she and Jerry published at the time. She got worse, claiming the World Trade Center Disaster was 3, suicides, the airplane hijackers just part of the plan. I was raised in a Christian home and while I am interested in Spirituality, I am no longer interested in Religion as a concept.

My question is, would you say you are a spiritual person and if so, what resources do you use? I am aware there are multiple teachers out there with their own variations of The Law of Attraction, but of course it can be difficult sifting through it all! Everyone is spiritual, and the question is one of focus. But I also read — or have read — a lot of current science on perception and reality.

All that aside, your intuition is probably your best guide. I got into all this because I was wandering around a Fifth Avenue bookstore about 25 years ago and stumbled on a book about quantum physics that — miraculously — was not over my head. Fascinating read. Ive been listening to her for a few years now — I bought in as I needed the comfort and answers she provided at the time — although I knew I was hearing what I needed to hear. I do, and did disagree with a number of her points — but overlooked them.

I also quit her a few times — now, I think for good. I read all the commnets as well — also interesting. Recently Ive been looking a little into Neville Goddard. What are your thoughts on him? Thanks for your comment, Sandra. I found it fascinating and consistent over time. Go with your intuition and have some fun with it. Eventually, you will become your own inner authority and guide. Found your article hilarious and really did laugh out loud at times.

Thank you ;. I was once in that very pickle. There was a time, roughly 20 years ago, when a lot of inspiring nuggets were tucked into her sessions, but the wheels came off eventually. PS: Way back when, they really were workshops, day long events that included lunches, etc. Then, they realized they could pull in the same dough with fewer deliverables and life got better for them.

I appreciate your perspective about this. I did, but something always felt off about the teachings. While I have no issue with money so many wonderful and helpful things can be done with it to support and uplift others! We are all in this together and every single person has so much to offer! Why would we not openly assist each other?? Yes, as energetic beings, we do have the inherent ability to heal ourselves nearly instantaneously. No, we have not yet collectively evolved to that point. Parents and children come together to help each other learn, grow, and evolve. I do very strongly believe that some degree of contradiction is inevitable as life is, in and of itself, a paradox. The inconsistency which you pointed out does give me pause, however.

Thanks, Aletheia, for adding some interesting content. Esther Hicks was once a door opener for me, and I will be forever grateful. But the wheels came off when money flowed in, whether that was a cause or incidental. I just came across this post, and I would love your feedback on my ideas here. FYI I left a really toxic cult-like community last fall, and so my reservation in giving all of my self to one spiritual teacher is strong…but I believe that is for a very good reason.

I also enjoy listening to Ekhart Tolle and the Dali Llama, and a myriad of other spiritual teachers and works out there. These are all opportunities to learn about and better realize ourselves. I hope you deeply enjoy all your journeys. Not disagreeing with you. I want to know! Never spent a lot of time on Sylvia. She retired around fifteen years ago. She never grabbed my attention. Sorry I have no answer or even a guess about that. Have you noticed Abraham Esther Hicks preaches peace, love and mung beans. So make yourself a priority and you can better influence and lead others by your thoughts and actions.

The teachers have made sure we have access to their teachings and I appreciate their offerings. You see what you want to see and ignore the rest, and here again, another commenter is incapable of contesting a single point, just repeats the dogma. Hmm, interesting way to end an entirely opinion-based article. Anyone with an open heart, and more than two brain cells can effortlessly discern the true intention of Abraham Hicks; and that is to spread love, awareness, and compassion through self love. If we love ourselves unconditionally, we will become the best versions of ourselves, and through that simple act, we can be of the highest service to others. Perhaps a shift your perspective will allow you to see the truth.

Gosh, that was boring. Extensively quoting Esther Hicks is far from opinion-based. Instead of thoughtful rebuttal, followers unable to handle rational, factual matters turn it all personal. None of the 15 reasons were solid ones. Maybe all 15 are rolled up into one? You rambled a bit. In fact your ignorance is being portrayed through your suspicions. Nothing religous about that except that ignorance is forgivable.

So your okay now! Dear David, I have never met Esther. I have never spoken to Abraham. I have never attended a seminar or joined a cruise that featured Esther as a speaker. I am told I am a critical thinker. I consider myself cautious. I also try to think before I write. I believe there is an honesty rooted in ethics and we have journalistic integrity that demands objectivity even in our opinions. You were very involved with Jerry and Esther Hicks. You became disillusioned and you are still very angry. You have the free will to make that choice for yourself. Give it a try. Becky says she knows nothing of Abraham and you just shot her down for a rational opinion. I wonder if you could do better. Not really. If you had, you would know that dying is not a negative thing.

Abraham has helped countless people. What have you done? Once again, a failure to address the issues but lots of bluster. Yeah, Esther flung that crap when she explained that all those people who died in the World Trade Center disaster were suicides and joyful. Yep, pregnant moms leaving children behind, one with an infant killed in her lap on a jet, men leaving behind dependents and loved ones… Yes, according to Esther, they were all happy to go. This would be loony bin stuff if not preached as spiritual. Then what would be the point of resisting death as Jerry Hicks did mightily, for example , and why does it make people so sad?

Or what? On the other hand, being it LOA or manifesting similar to many other teachings, manifesting esp. Not sure if I have to be in the Vortex or feeling good, but then I am naturally and overall a happy positive kind-witted girl if I might say so. But I also manifested things even when I felt depressed and quite low in my life. So maybe the overall spirit and zest of life and kindness to people, kids, animals count more than the state of mind? Anyway, if someone like Abraham uplifts me through the hard times as it is obviously better to feel good at least most of the time and try to stay focused on the good things and appreciation. I would not be too bordered with many details which obviously does not make sense and are not valid as you well presented.

I have read that some of the teachers mentioned here came from a cult etc. Some are very Ego-driven. Is there anyone who knows everything how the life really works and all about death etc.? And can prove it??? Channeling or not:. That surely could not be by vibration if we never even heard about that specific illness! And then how comes known things we know we can attract by vibration or simple thought or visualisation or repetition- and that many do! Any spiritual teacher really explain this inconsistency?

Without the saying that all is in the Vortex and it just comes randomly based on positive or negative energy, not the exact wish- which will be kind of useless in creating the reality we want. And I know I have manifested with a simple wish without paying any attention to it afterwards even a thing wishing to come to me in 5years time and it did almost exactly to the day, even though I have long forgotten about it and it involved another person emailing me exactly after 5years. Sorry to write so much and thanks for your article with proven points, which is always very valuable to not to get totally sucked-up into some, in this case I would say, half-scam self-proclaimed channeling spiritual teacher or whatever you want to call it:.

And thank me for myr opinion, as I do you — for yours. But your analysis is just emotion. I am from Russia and will use google translate. Sorry if this sounds clumsy in English. My illness. I was medically diagnosed with lupus. My cousin was diagnosed with bowel cancer. They said that she would die within a month, she has been living a full life for the second year. In the end, they said that they probably made a mistake with the diagnosis.

Think what you want. This makes no sense. What contradiction did you see? You should clarify this point more rationally. Did Jerry or Abraham promise you eternal life? You can disappear at any time. No matter how much you know about it. Abraham is not against medicine. They talk about the path of least resistance. And if medicine is your way, then go. Your personal attitude is not proof of fact, it is just your judgment. This is a judgment. This is how you think about it. You cannot call it a fact. If only a fact of your own perception. But your own perception is your business. You may think so, no problem. This is not rational. Then you unexpectedly spoke about money for the seminars.

But medicine also takes money for its services and does not even always help. Esther here comes up with fairly crackpot theory and impossible explanations to justify implausible circumstances. Rational thoughts are all I need. Have you read the autobiographies of such people? And all your reasons are as follows. You are not giving anything rational, only resentment and emotion. I see no reason to continue reading this, but thanks for your opinion. Perhaps resentful. Hence, the message in the article loses strength or substance. Nonetheless, I get it. In my case, maybe four years on and off. Mainly all youtube material. There is a lot of mumbo-jumbo with this lady, of course.

And, I have a hard time believing that she channels a conglomerate of entities named Abraham. I mean, come on people! Why only her? I am, however, open to the possibility of energy and perhaps, ancient wisdom. Gee, I wish I could do this over the phone. I cannot find anyone to discuss this specific topic of hicks, with anyone! Lol, sorry.. I hope I get my sort of message across.

Thanks, Blue Indigo. No anger spilling out. This was written over ten years ago — and a few years after I eagerly started following — during my early days of writing online, and my style may not have worked as intended. A lot of the material I used came from another skeptic who did a lot of research, but I also know a couple of people who worked closely with them and were willing to share. Anyway, I agree with you that Abraham-Hicks can be attractive. And the YouTube material is edited for advertising. But you might give the Abe Forum Google it. But keep reading. So, if this is actually new, not just reprocessed, they returned to the crude insensitivity of earlier days. I am mourning the loss of the few seconds of my life it took to glance over this utter trash of a blog and scroll to the end.

Find a good hobby next time instead. Perhaps something you are actually good at. Aw, poor Tony! And even so, you still took the trouble to comment and even offer some free advice. What a nice guy! But sadly, you missed the whole point. Esther Hicks is not the law of attraction; she just uses it to make a living. You might have missed that, too, in the rising tide of righteous anger. So, tighten up whatever screw you have loose and try again. If you have an actual disagreement with any point made here, take the trouble to present it. Why are you so concerned with Esther making money with the LoA? Because if one really has a dominant vibration of abundance for all, then one would feel worth appreciating abundance for others.

Like an endless string of others, in your rush to defend Abraham-Hicks, you seem to have missed the point entirely. What is it with you guys, anyway? Nothing herein questions the so-called Law of Attraction. In the future, it you want to comment, please stick to the topic. Try some alternatives. You might discover a more nuanced and less blurry, contradictory view. I wonder why you would want to put down something that is just based on the positive and on love. I am left with a bitter taste after reading this article and the many nasty, hateful comments. You remind me of the big bully that every school kid remembers, that is deeply troubled within. Unfortunately, you reflect our world that is dangerously filled with hate of our fellow man.

Oh, brother… Would one of you A-H defenders just once try to make a case instead of going into all the drama? Listen, if the best you can do is call names and come up with silly rationales, who do you expect to convince? Trust yourself. I just wanted to make my opinion heard. Of course I have doubts. I question everything, as I would hope all people do. But at the end of the day, AH has something good to offer. Interesting though. The problem is when people try too hard to follow the AH advice they inevitably try to control the outcome instead of allowing it to come effortlessly which is the whole teaching of AH. Then they keep attracting what they dont want. They want the prize without wanting to have change their subconscious beliefs.

LOA is actually the science behind the Golden Rule. Not just because church or mum and dad said so. I appreciate your blog and each to their own. We all have our path, what ever thought system we choose to live life by. I never fully believed everything…but I did dig the message and believe there is something to the Law of Attraction, as I started practicing it — it has worked in my life for the past 15 years.

I never paid for anything…I found their book at a free library and then started watching YouTube videos. Why are you concerned about what other people are willing to pay for? Everyone has individual choice and can spend their money on whatever they choose. Whatever makes you think others are required to answer to you? Every person is entitled to believe in what they choose and each and every person can accept money for their services if others are willing to pay. What people choose to spend their money on has nothing to do with anyone else. Reads like a cult mantra. Is it easier to go off in another direction than deal with the reality?

I just found Esther Hicks aka Abraham Hicks on fb and joined some of her fb groups. Not impressed with her followers either. They talk a lot about those things. At first I got confused, thought they actually have all those things, saying words like: I have a brandnew car in my driveway etc. Took me a minute to realize they are all fantasizing. Also her view on animals is really disturbing. She seems to have zero emphathy towards animals. Yes, she really said that! Wow, so we can just leave our pets when we go on vacation and they will be magicaly fine?

What a moron! Please read about and compare the late Sylvia Brown who even took money from her own church. Many similarities, same game. When will people ever learn? Do you enjoy being the victim, who never takes responsibility for the things you have attracted in your own life? Esther Hicks makes me feel really happy just being in her vibration. Reading this article, gosh David you sound so negative and angry. I know who I Will stick with. I hope you find your joy I really do. Nonetheless, this is just another classic deflection, a bit more rare, though, trying to make the article about me and, thereby, avoiding any real comment about the facts and opinions. But let me help you out a little. So, you earned it. I repeat, as I have before.

So, settle down. Use the gift of discernment you were born with, and consider the facts. And stop trying to change the subject. Thank you. Unless you slander someone of get overly profane, both of which will lead to a deletion, feel free to comment at will. Pleased to see others who have experience with Abe Hicks and LoA come to her defense. Each one of these can be put back into context and the willful ignorace of the author spot lighted. Abe Hicks simply helps people apply Law of Attraction which is just hermetic principles aka universal laws aka quantum physics to their life experience.

People apply. Their lives improve. Her purpose served. Trust yourselves, your intuition, your higher being…not that of someone who has evidenced lack of knowledge, experience or critical thought. All is well here. Everything is working out perfectly. Nothing to see here. This comes off as something like reciting church doctrine by a true believer. Oh, and quantum physics? Quantum physics mathematically describes the underlying structure of the universe or tries to anyway. It just is, whether you like it or not. Think it through, and it comes unglued. So many people are attacking while accusing others of doing the same. None of this makes any sense.. Everyone has a right to believe what they believe, so why does it matter? I mean…really. Does it? Look in the mirror, take the lesson, form your own belief, and apply it to your life.

The latter comes from being comfortable enough with our own raw humanity that we can sit with things that make us uncomfortable and still be okay. I know this from a lot of first-hand experience. Lots of love!!! Well said, Kat. And if you go to that trouble, why not engage your brain? I sense though that most of these commenters never read far enough to form a genuine opinion, good or bad. To believe any one teaching or teacher holds the answer to this jigsaw puzzle that is life is foolish; All are but a piece of the picture and any who proclaim this piece or they are the whole picture are surely demented. Ester is just another piece retelling a story spoken for countless millennia as do every other religion and teaching, the only difference is in the language of retelling.

They are but sign posts and stepping stones to find your own freedom within. Anyone who stands waiting at a sign post expecting to arrive somewhere else, wants the answer given them, the journey walked for them. This is not the way. Everyone of us is unique that requires a different answer and you must find this for yourself. So what was the point of this article other than typing a really long observation? A lot of it is out of context and offers no evidence or proof of fraud. Sounds like a stretch for a conspiracy. This was boring af. Now, this will either deepen them or firm up your beliefs. Either way, a little fresh air and sunlight is good for anyone, even Esther Hicks.

I was doing research for someone else I never even heard of her. What gave me that realization was you. Dude, no offense, but you need to get a life. You have spent a decade if not longer fixated on this woman and for what? Most people, say their peace, write their books and move on. People are going to have their opinions regardless of what you want them to believe or comment about. You clearly have so much talent I would hate to see it wasted, but even I recognize the defensiveness of your replies. Alas, still unable to comment on the content. Same old, same old, and the streak continues. I wonder if Guinness keeps records on nonsense….

I just field goofy, self-righteous comments like yours and answer. And some insight: Neither you nor any of the other A-H acolytes would ever read this post to the end, which you must do to get to the comments, unless you already had doubts. Panicking into attack mode, without a single argument against even one of the sixteen points, is a constant revelation.

I suspect most commenters are deeply troubled with uncertainty, unable to manage the facts objectively, and scramble into a variety of dodges. Who the hell does research for someone else, then rushes into an attack comment? Research into what? Hi there I thank you for making this comment and it absolutely rings true. She avoids any question she does not know the answer to and yet still calls herself infinite intelligence. However when confronted with a question about the real deal-someone called Bashar she outright said Bashar was way smarter and it really is true-way smarter and way cheaper packed full of amazing wisdom.

That Super String theory would be no issue for Bashar which answers questions like that all the time. Abraham also said that they keep things more general while Bashar goes super specific. Personally I followed the meditation techniques where meditating in the morning and creating a feeling of peace and love and staying in that state and if done right I would become super awake and I did experience amazing stuff including rare communication from my own higher mind and physical interaction by other beings. I now see that state was called the Hyper Gamma brainwave state and it can increase even higher unlocking even more access to source and more specifics.

I have concluded that what Channellers do is access a group of beings which are within the vibrational reach of them to some degree. Meaning the smarter the individual the better the wisdom coming through. To be honest Esther looks as clueless as a person can get. That was the one I had and after finally learning about Earthing and how the EMF and Electric voltage I was able to ground myself in the soil and experience way less of that ringing in the ears leaving only the good kind-the pleasent high pitch tone to remain at least until I went back into my room. I have replaced my graphics drawing tablet research shows its really bad because current flows up our hands and now I use a normal mouse-already i am seeing better improvement.

Bashar has said 5G can mess our immune system up. Abraham says none of these things can affect our connection significantly-this is one of the most dangerous lies so far. Anyway It has come to my attention that yes the sooner we can admit the limits of Abrahams teachings the sooner we can find much better ones like Bashar and who knows who else is out there. I mean to finish this off Abraham has always told us we have our own guidance system and you can bet it fires off for many of us when she says something screwy. When I was a child, I learned how to win at table games by only looking at a different place in my mind.

And I can still do it at this day. My dad who is a sore looser do not even want to talk about the games i won against him. The intentions are different, therefore the results will be different. When your intention is to prove someone wrong, its not the same intention as seeing a win of a game or whatever the truth that person is speaking from. Its two different subjects. Two very different thing to look at. And if you are not looking at the right thing, you cant turn to see where the answer is. If you continue to look at a problem, the more of that problem you will see. You need to look somewhere else in your mind to see the answer. Not out there.

Like math problems. You need to use reason. And also, we all have what it takes to figure it out. If the universe, God, life, Abraham or whatever you want to call it, did not think we could, he would give us the answer himself. That is why he only tells us what we already know or are ready to hear because we know of it. The rest we need to figure it out on our own. And we can only know this through experience because only you, in your mind, can know it. At the time of my posting this comment it shows about comments.

First I will say that I am non-religious for the most part but I do know Biblical and such teachings, much of which is accurate if you actually understand what you are reading. That is the key to most everything. Because of our fusion with our physical bodies we must adhere to the physical laws of our environment. By this I mean that, as to our health, we are directly affected by our environment such as diet the air we breathe and etc.

However, there are certain reptiles, for instance, that CAN regrow limbs and even change sexes if needs be. I only say this as a means to make it very clear to the point I am attempting to make. There are many who have been given a sentence of paralysis who are now walking, mesmerizing their physician. It must be understood that just because you SAY you believe something does not make it so. IF your belief is truly as strong as you say it is, than it will be for you the way you want it to be. Most people just do not want to admit that they are afraid that this teaching may actually be true so they push against it.

Abraham is NOT a person. She has chosen this title for them. It has nothing to do with the energy she is connected with and everything to do with her need and most other human beings need to verbalize and personify information that they are given. Hope this helps. First of all, kindly excuse my not-so-well english in sharing about my opinion based on an experience.

As a not-so religious person yet I prefer not to mention my religion for a good reason , I was shocked by the teaching of A-H, as it is surely having a very huge difference from my belief, about God and life. This somehow lead my marriage to an end. She could never explain or show any proof and or evidence of any reason about every theory she uses, except only thinking that what she learned from A-H is always to be always correct. She failed on the basic understanding of the purpose in life, with all due respect to all beliefs. She even started to share hatred by mentioning that all religions or beliefs just separating people and making enemies to each other. The words used by A-H, like ; vibration, source, etc, could never really be understood nor explained well, instead only keep them as nice words to say.

Somehow, I felt sad with the decision of ending the marriage, but in the other hand, I feel lucky if it was ended earlier, for a good long term reason. What I had found and learnt from that experience, my quick conclusion is, unfortunately to say write , that the teaching of A-H is so much not suitable tend to be dangerous for human being self development, in the meaning of creating and maintaining good connection and relationship with others people. The teaching of A-H mostly affects people on own self importance selfish , self justification and, indirectly, hatred towards others perceptions, beliefs, opinions, ideas, etc.

Surely, the teaching of A-H is extremely not for me, with all my respect to all people around the world. May all peace be upon us all. People take what they want from religious and spiritual teachings. They find something that confirms what they want to believe already and discard the rest. And to your point, logical arguments are out. Thanks, and best wishes for both you and your ex. You still care about her; so, wish her well and move on. While Esther teaches unconditional love, her followers lash out at anyone who has a different opinion!

This is a case that one can find in a psychology textbook. They are convinced that if they follow blindly her teachings, then they will have what they want, such as riches beyond imagination. Now, if you tell them the truth, that is, that being happy is not enough to reach your goals, then you shatter their dreams and they are ready to lash out at you. If there is abundance and infinite resources, then why do they want to hide this truth from us? Because joy is not enough. Esther says that she is the same energy with god, eg Jesus. Can one really imagine god speaking about salivating over burgers, driving the amazing Audi R8, his wonderful SUV, swimming in his lovely zero-edge infinity pool, or how he manipulates reality and always has upgrades to first class on a plane etc….

I was mesmerized too and I understand abers. The reason why I behaved like this, it was because I wanted more things in my life. Even though I was young, I was exhausted from all the studying and working. So, one day, while browsing the internet, Esther pops-up telling that you can have everything just by being happy. Do those people really believe that babies born in Africa and starving are responsible for their vibration? Do they believe that it is just contrast, having a swollen belly due to starvation?

Is this situation going to change when the child gets happy and changes vibration? What about babies and children in the Holocaust? Are people idiotic enough to think that those victims were living by default and received their vibrational match, that they asked it and it was given to them? Another case in point is politics. Since the s people expressed their frustration over the actions of the presidents and Esther advised them to think in a positive way about the presidents. She literally numbed them. Today in the 21st century that we know more about some presidents and what they did for example unnecessary wars , the only thing I can understand is that being blind to reality and happy no matter what, it just offers governments the necessary leeway in making bad decisions.

People should not be afraid to judge and speak negatively, when they understand that horrible things may happen. She, who is so positive, is paradoxically negative about books. The only good books are the ones she wrote. People are easily tempted. If you want to make people follow you, you must make them believe that the truth is your doctrine and what harmonizes with it. All else has little value. There lies the truth! Her inconsistencies are more than obvious when she talks about masks, covid and vaccinations. All those years she keeps preaching the magnificence of the human body, the emotional guidance system and to trust your gut feeling.

The media would devour her, not to mention the lawsuits she would have to face. People should be able to use their minds and choose what to do. It is preposterous to tell them not to think but just to believe that all is well. She also preached for decades, the notion of happy-happy-dead and that a non-resistant being dies one day peacefully while sleeping. So, what happened with Jerry?

Their points of view are as valid as mine or anyone else. Comedy : Working Girl ; minutes; mergers and acquisitions. I was once unit 3 p2 Informative Speech On How To Make (Kool-Aid) very pickle. You remind me of the big bully that every school kid remembers, that is Informative Speech On How To Make (Kool-Aid) troubled within. That holds true for tools as Informative Speech On How To Make (Kool-Aid). Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Or have more recent events Informative Speech On How To Make (Kool-Aid) it out of date?

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