① The Importance Of Sororities In Greek Life

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The Importance Of Sororities In Greek Life

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Ask An American: University Sororities \u0026 Fraternities

Slowly, Greek organizations began to admit members more reflective of the college-attending population. The war in Vietnam and the cultural changes that followed had a negative effect on fraternities. Their traditional and historic loyalty to the college was in direct contrast to social movements of the time. As in the past, fraternity and sorority membership rebounded. During the period between and students joined at a greater rate than at any time in the system's history. These letters represent a motto, known only to the members, that briefly states the aims and purposes of the organization. The affiliated branches of the Greek organizations at other colleges are called chapters; they are organized by states or regions and often are designated by a Greek letter, such as Zeta Chapter of Sigma Pi.

These chapters are organized under the banner of the national or international organization and are governed through an assembly of delegates and managed through a central office. Incipient chapters are called colonies until they reach full chapter status on new campuses. Almost all Greek organizations publish a journal and maintain close contact with alumni. Many have their own educational foundations. Fraternity and sorority leaders prefer to use the term general fraternity when describing what are commonly called "social" fraternities. General fraternities and sororities can best described by the umbrella group or coordinating association to which they belong.

There still remain many local fraternities and sororities on college campuses that boast of long traditions and have never affiliated nationally. Professional, recognition, and honor societies that use Greek names are organized separately and can include general fraternity members. It is estimated that more than 10 percent of all college students are members of a Greek-letter society. After hitting a record of more than , undergraduates in , fraternity membership in the year in sixty-six national fraternities was estimated at , and is slowly increasing.

In the early twenty-first century, there are more than 5, chapters on campuses throughout the United States and Canada. National data suggests that women's sororities are healthy, with membership in the twenty-six national sororities exceeding , and the size of the average chapter on the increase. There are 2, chapters on more than college and university campuses. Membership in local fraternities and sororities adds significantly to this total, and there are more than 10 million alumni members of Greek-letter societies. Men's general college fraternities are mutually exclusive, self-perpetuating groups, which provide organized social life for their members in colleges and universities as a contributing aspect of their educational experience. They draw their members from the undergraduate student body.

Women's general college sororities are primary groups of women at colleges and universities, which, in addition to their individual purposes, are committed to cooperation with college administrators to maintain high social and academic standards and do not limit their membership to any one academic field. Both fraternities and sororities provide unusually rich out-of-class learning and personal development opportunities for undergraduates. Fraternities and sororities offer an organized and varied schedule of activities, including intramural sports, community service projects, dances, formals, and parties. The NIC and NPC make convincing arguments that Greek organizations benefit the sponsoring campus, stipulating that students who affiliate with a fraternity are more likely to remain in school and that alumni affiliated with a fraternity make significantly higher donations to the school.

There is strong research to back up these claims. Affiliating with a fraternity or sorority enhances the development of mature interpersonal relationships, facilitates the development of leadership skills, teaches teamwork, fosters interchange of ideas, promotes values clarification, and can facilitate the development of sense of autonomy and personal identity. On isolated campuses, Greek organizations may provide the only social life. Underlying the whole experience is the ritual that is exclusive to each fraternity or sorority. While often incorrectly associated with illegal and immoral hazing activities, a fraternity or sorority ritual is the solemn and historic rationale for an organization's existence.

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Brittany Morgan, National Writer's Society 2. Kristen Haddox , Penn State University 4. Welcome back. There are currently more than nine million alumni of fraternities and sororities working out there in the real world. Joining one of these organizations makes you the member of an exclusive club. This membership affords you an instant connection with any other members of that club. As you advance in your college education and your career, these connections can become increasingly valuable for landing interviews, listing references, or getting letters of recommendation.

Imagine showing up for your first day on a new job in your nicest shirt, every hair in place, and your fingernails nicely manicured. Hazing is technically forbidden, but the reality is that it still happens and is fairly widespread. At least one hazing death has occurred on a North American campus every year since As noted above, this is the leading cause of costly insurance. You should also bear in mind that not all new member hazing is brutal.

Some of it may just be annoying or mildly demeaning. Most commonly, pledges are asked to do trivial, pointless tasks, many that may be publicly humiliating. Pledges are often required to prove their worth and learn their place in the pecking order of a fraternity or sorority. The real test is whether the activity is harmful to you or others. Second, would I allow someone I care about to do the same thing? Perhaps one of the better kept secrets about Greek life is all the good that fraternities and sororities do. Many work hard to instill a culture of service and philanthropy.

Involvement in philanthropic activities varies from one organization to the next, and even from one chapter to the next. Still, most chapters do provide pathways to involvement in some sort of community service project or philanthropic endeavor. Many chapters even have leadership positions dedicated to this aspect of Greek life. Members in charge of service initiatives will delegate responsibilities, log the hours contributed by each member, and coordinate service events and fundraisers.

Every national organization has an award which recognizes the service contributions of its most outstanding chapter. Without exception, the chapters that win these awards are always aggressively involved in philanthropy and community service. Some chapters raise tens of thousands of dollars every year for their charity of choice while instilling a lasting appreciation for the value of philanthropy and community service among members.

Alcohol and illegal drugs are a common hazard for Greek organizations. The vast majority of hazing-related deaths have resulted from forced binge drinking. But the risks of excessive alcohol consumption are not limited to new members, nor do they stop once pledging is over. Fraternities and sororities are social organizations and all social circles have cultures and sub-cultures. Far too often, Greek life harbors a culture of alcohol and drug abuse.

The purpose of the newsletter chosen is to update the Fraternity and Sorority Life community on The Importance Of Sororities In Greek Life upcoming week and past achievements. The chapter The Importance Of Sororities In Greek Life had great influence upon fraternity chapters. They The Importance Of Sororities In Greek Life the Columbian Exposition Committee on Pan-Hellenism The Importance Of Sororities In Greek Life Chicago World's Fair was officially called the World's Columbian Exposition and held a number of meetings on how to put together Women In The Merchant Of Venice joint exhibit.

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