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The Reichstag fire was the convenient pretext. You did not even need to be charged, let alone convicted in a court, to be held in a concentration camp. Even unjust laws were not necessarily available in the Third Reich. You could be put in a camp simply because it was an emergency regime. Treating a Leni Riefenstahl film a sophisticated propaganda confection as a reflection of reality is naive if not simply an expression of neo-Nazism. We have to stop this in its tracks and we are losing the battle.

These New World Order scumbags and the media need to be mocked and ridiculed. They use it against the population with word like conspiracy theorist, racist, knuckle dragger, anti vaxer and so on. If just a Critical Mass of People will stick together this is doable. CCP is the only power they have. Slowly but surely the power is being taken away from them. It will get worse before it gets better but they know their time is up. Take it to the bank. There are too many morons out there who still believe they have been and are in a pandemic. Nothing can be done without a plan. All it needs is support. You cannot create a completely fraudulent test and claim that everyone who tests positive using that test had a disease. The only thing that killed people were government DNR policies and iatrogenic murder.

It is perfectly appropriate to say that a virus does not exist, but simultaneously to suggest that anybody developing symptoms from whatever cause can be helped by the well-known suppressed medications. So I hope you get it now. This reveal-all population culling video from a interview with a doctor forecast the Covid scamdemic we are under today. A stunning interview with high profile Doctor Rima Labow filmed in could have been made yesterday. Send this video to your member of parliament and tell him or her to shut down the Covid scam immediately.

The last time TPTB attempted to declare a worldwide pandemic and rush in emergency laws which look very similar to what was brought in in was in Wolfgang Wodard and a European Parliamentary hearing it would have reached the entire globe, instead of being called in a handful of SE Asian countries and then mysteriously vanishing after said hearing. Neil Ferguson of Imperial College London provided the modelling data to show how many people would die. It was shown to be total bullshit.

Sound familiar? The so called parliaments can readily be seen to be for-profit organizations, and they are not there to defend your interests, but simply to return a profit to shareholders. So writing to these people is not going to solve anything. They have placed themselves outside the law, and so they must all now be considered outlaw, and exposed to the vengeance of the people, against whom they are colluding and plotting to betray. Ron Johnson held a press conference watch below Monday with a handful of people who experienced adverse reactions from the COVID vaccine. Candace Hayden was one of six people who came to share their stories during a press conference in Milwaukee.

From shooting pain in their bodies to being unable to move, attendees recalled the dreadful moments of what their life has since turned into after getting their vaccinations. Why would they do that? Scroll down for the video. Given that Ron Johnson is a Senator of Wisconsin, why are all the claimants from other states? Why not include any individuals from Wisconsin who are purportedly harmed? Why do the individuals and families represented at the conference appear to be reading directly from prepared statements? Were they written by or for them? The mother Stephanie de Garay of the purportedly harmed child from Ohio Maddie de Garay spent many years as an electrical engineer employed by Milwaukee-based Rockwell Automation see here and here?

For added context, Rockwell Automation contributes heavily to digital transformation in the pharmaceutical and biotech spheres, and is a key player in the field of nanoscale graphene-based water sensors and nanoscale wireless photoelectric sensors. Notably, Milwaukee, WI is a central hub for collaborative innovation and technology involving graphene-based nanomaterials. This subtle irony is not lost on me. It is not a virus that is causing these problems, but a deliberately-introduced chemical in the shots.

Tim Truth on social media has publicized the presence of graphene in the shots, as seen under electron microscopy. Tim, this is a fascinating article on the spike protein and llamas! Completely agree. Check out whether the mother has started a GoFundMe page for her daughter — these people love money more than anything else. The mother was on Tucker Carlson tonight and repeated she was very pro vaccine even though her daughter was gravely injured by the shots.

Hard to trust anyone these days! Just delete anybody who is supposedly pro-vaxx. If I know that the introduction of vaccines merely piggy backed a societal massive falloff in infectious disease which was occurring naturally at the time because of improved hygiene and nutrition, then so should they. I first encountered this truth in , so they have had plenty of time to get up to speed. Two Pfizer and Moderna jabs could give lifetime protection against Covid, study finds -Comment. Personally, I am somewhat surprised that they provide any immunity at all. My sense is that they are damaging the natural immune system. Moreover, claims about the vaccines effectiveness are highly suspect. They are damaging the immune system. Pharmaspeak defines the word as meaning an antibody response is seen post vaccination, and by no means is this the basis of the immune system- rather, a T cell response is needed.

Antibody responses mean little if anything. Regardless of what you think of it, Feudalism tends to be highly decentralised, while whatever the fuck it is we are going towards is about little else besides centralising as much power as possible. I know that we are indoctrinated, er… taught, that human history before the French Revolution is nothing but misery and tiranny, but come on…. A very small population at the top ruled everyone else. A great read, on point I horrifically imagine. Did Sweden and Florida and Belarus really impose no social distancing whatsoever? Was the Diamond Princess really the ultimate petri-dish? It was not enforced everywhere. And not everyone was equally scared. Where I live nobody could keep away from each other.

No Covid karens screaming if you had no mask. Man is a very social creature, and so the idea of social distancing is an anathema, and if we do it, then we are damaging our social inclinations. So we have to ask whether we prefer to destroy our psychological health in exchange for some alleged increase in lifespan, or whether we prefer to continue as we have always done in the past, ie by quarantining, or socially distancing, only those who are obviously sick, and allowing everybody else to continue unmolested. The only thing misleading about the article is the implication that if Republicans were in control, ending private property would not be on the agenda.

Agenda 21, Agenda and the Great Reset is a giant land grab. A global theft and an organized depopulation event by governments. Not because there is an energy, climate or resource problem. But because people are waking up to the fraud of governments, courts, science, medicine, corporations, militaries, supranational orgs, media, economics, banking, education and police. Nobody has ever stopped them before!

They are more powerful than ever. They cannot be stopped! They manufacture victories for society such as lgbt rights etc but that serves a much bigger purpose such as population control and death of the family unit. We are only meant to percieved them as victories, token hollow victories. Never has never will. Make a difference in and enjoy the miracle of life you currently have. Stop despair trolling, if you please. Lots of unprecedented things are occurring, we are in uncharted waters and your pessimism is not big or clever. Is it? Most who do ask questions tend to come to a similar conclusion, but from a myriad of different angles.

The specific details may differ but that conclusion is broadly that nearly everything we are told by the political class and the mainstream media turns out not to be true. The next step is to try to figure out why and, once again, the historical and contemporary evidence always leads towards a primary conclusion. There are people who wield immense political and economic power, they are capable of collaborating with each other and they always seek to centralise authority and consolidate their power. We are clearly not supposed to think this.

Hence all the propaganda and disinformation to persuade us not to think it. Despite that fact that is where the evidence leads. So what can we learn from this? It seems it is absolutely vital to those who want to centralise their power that we should never understand this need of theirs. This reason this suggests, to anyone who thinks about it, is that they fear us. Ultimately it is a very hopeful position. Great reply Iain. I agree fully with your comment regarding the voting issue. I wonder why we continue to do the same thing repeatedly every four to five years and expect a different result?

Is it not time to dispense with the illusion of a democracy? A Party manifesto is no different from any communist dictatorship. Its just a shorter time period that people consent to allow a Collective- Consortium, Enterprise, Organisation, Corporation Business which can be called Party to dictate your life for the next years. The whole problem is that the concept of free people under a common law has been subverted. It is manipulation by deception that has bluffed the average citizen to consent. It requires a massive change with massive punitive restrictions, limitations and even the threat of death to stop these psychopaths with authoritarian personality disorders to stop their personal desires of control.

This plunder that takes away personal freedom for whatever reason without consent no matter how inconvenient it may be must be stopped. These self righteous arrogant Chiefs of Justice or Judges or Justices need to be retrained that the people come first. Proviso do no harm. It is not those who self perceived importance or have the money or the property the business or the banks who should come first. That comes second. Only one quibble with this answer — please use English, and not American, style in which the former places punctuation after quotation marks — examples from above:. Classic straw-man. Waldorf let me ask you a question have conspiracies existed? And do they exist?

Since when has anyone ever conspired? That would mean they were lying. Snark attack. And the drills Bill Gates—the eugenicist whining in videos about how there are way too many people alive now—has been having for years now. Maybe the man is just a freaking psychic as well as a philanthropist. Build back better. New normal. Long, dark winter. Stay home; save lives. Bureaucracies are full of mistakes we agree. If you believe this you probably view the lottery as a great retirement investment. If you assume that the world is run by dark conspiracies of the powerful, wealthy and ruthless, the assumption is also implicit that they cannot be beaten or even effectively fought, least of all by the sort of people who sit with their PCs and propound the theories.

Typically lonely, without means etc. Although some keyboard warriors are of course legends in their own minds. Re lotteries, I do notice that the one type of business in more than one country that did not seem affected by the lockdown was gambling. Walking past their premises, they did not even seem to enforce social distancing. The world that we made is a model given priority over true presence or relational being. It is already running a pattern of lockdown, distancing and masking from which to attack and reiterate the pattern from grievance given worship. The wake up that I appreciate is from such a mind and world to a recognition from an expanded embrace.

The ego as sketched out in A Course in Miracles, reveals all the characteristic patterns that are assigned to Them, at a level of recognition and release — NOT understanding so as to apply a process of how to get rid of it. Until we are ready we will not and cannot look at what runs beneath our mind and world, which is set in conflict or power struggle such that aligning in mutual alliances or reinforcement or using manipulative masking strategies are simply the modus operandi of the mask in which we become identified and which develops complex multilayered defences against exposure.

Insofar as any thoughts or views undermine our spirit of awareness of integrality in being, they are falsely framed. It is possible to look on what fear has made without judgement, so as to break the spell of fascination as freedom to look past it. The way in which we move past fear is love of truth, which is always a capacity to question any formulation of reality that does not resonate true.

If we use the mind that made fear to break out or fight evils, we engage in self-reinforcing deceits and are the last to know. The purpose of reintegration runs a different way of seeing and being in the world. While I write sketch and share intuitive invitations I recognise I am aligning in a deeper Self acceptance of truth as true instead of fighting illusions as if to vote or force a better version. This aligns me in moments of synchronicity that are truly shared, and that nurture and grow a consciousness that is more consciously aligned in felt presence than strategically engaged in past and future conflict resolutions — which is the only way to keep them unresolved and the separation going.

So as I blogged recently, I see we are being shown, and supported through a Self-revealing that many are heavily defended against by their investment in grievance as a source and right to power — instead of what Marshal Rosenberg called Giraffe speak — as the sharing of the power of communication in which true needs are recognised and met. Our mind wants to know how it will all unfold. The set of mind in definitions that serve prediction and control have cost us awareness of Soul. Watching is true vigilance and prayer is the communion of true desire of the heart in life, so watch and pray is heart and mind together as one.

This is always where the ego will most desperately and deviously seek to interject, because there is nothing here that is all about me, and until we release the habit, it runs as a fear of lack, deprivation, exclusion and humiliation all of which bait reaction by which to forfeit joy for the self-preoccupations that we assign to the demands of the world as we judge it. Regardless whether anything I say comes across, the situation I recognise is not going to stop but is going to drive a deeper questioning of everything we think we know.

Living this journey is a transformational shift of awareness and identity. The Call to joy inspires questioning the joyless to the point of freedom in release to who we truly are. To act in alignment with who you are is not an attempt to become someone else or to impact or change others so much as to join in the already change that is unfolding where you are, because you are where it can find you. Truth is Self-revealing. But questions truly asked make way for answer. Lies multiply to protect against exposure but no matter how many and how complexly spun, they never become truth.

Truth is not absent. We are looking for something else. Such is an ingenious mind set in its own thinking. So put aside the focus in thinking and let truth of itself reveal you to yourself in place of the habits of thinking to already know and thereby already reacted and identified by default. Nobody—or very few—have been willing to ditch their cool toys. See through their lies. Work to produce their own food and goods. Even Schwab admits this tacitly in his essay. And hired the stupid kids in black hoodies to smash things up in cities already under their thumb.

Better dead than live under these sadistic creeps. But guts. What have the CIA been doing these last 75 years? Brendon O Connell is one of the best researchers out there in terms of exposing the background and plans movers and shakers who are orchestrating all this crap. Here is his latest broadcast. His work on Israel, Russia, China, Iran the US, UK and Aus and the network of powerful operators who really pull the strings in this world is truly groundbreaking and second to none.

I challenge anyone to go through all his output on his Brighteon page and not be blown away by the content. It speaks for itself. That said I agree he is wrong about Convid and he is also wrong about 5G, which he foolishly believes does not pose a health risk and has done some very flawed research to come to this conclusion. This lack of quality translates into his commentary on these issues. But his work on geopolitics is the product of decades of research and networking that means that people around the world, many of them Jewish according to him, supply him with the most cutting edge information which he presents to the world as well as stringing it all together to form a very good overall narrative.

In that regard, he is one of the very best and the clip I posted is a decent example of the quality work and research that he does. If Brendon is an operaor — well then he is and that shows how deep the lies run and how good some of the actors are, but I would take a lot of convincing to believe that and I honestly think he just gets things wrong which is inevitable as we are all just humans after all. Thanks for pointing this out. I for one appreciate it because there are so many controlled op slime bags.

Too many. Former professors, Heather Heying, and her husband, Bret Weinstein, discuss. The virus would have had a near per cent transmission rate were it not for six people who attended the party who had already received a jab. They have openly stated there will be different protocols for testing vaxed people which ensure fewer positives. I like Bret and Heather. But they believe that Covid is deadly and that it came from a lab. My lord. They are part of the cryptocracy. Playing a role as victims of cancel culture. This whole dark horse thing what a joke and faux rebel wisdom Rofl UNintellectual dark web nonsense has Freemasonry fingerprints and signs all over it, like graffiti in a public toilet.

One of the Weinsteins worked for Peter Thiel. They are up to their eyeballs in promoting fraud and graft and managing illusions. All of these people are complete frauds and CIA assets. No surprise that Petra is promoting them. What beliefs have I expressed that you think lumps me in with these people? Well, for a start you worked for them. So either you were taken in by the scam or you are just another Freemason dirtying up the truth.

OK, yes, I believe in man-made climate change and the moon landings, this is true. Emotional detachment and a complete lack of investment in any belief you might be led to is of utmost importance. You need to be able to turn on a dime. When I had that penny-drop moment to their propaganda campaign targeted at the disbelievers of their story to ensure our continued belief in death and injury I had a very visceral feeling of being a dumb bull being yanked viciously by the nose ring this way and that … but then I laughed.

Had me totally fooled! At all. I knew as soon as it happened it was a false flag. Some people were trapped by the explosion. They have no problem killing because blood sacrifice is one of their main intentions. Unlike you, I have been awake my whole life and reject all authority. Of any sort. About anything. I just think you are a fraud, Petra. No emotional attachment to any theory. You are projecting. That really is something. His wife is still not allowed to visit so he had to bear this sad news by himself. He is not doing well. My friend dissuaded her from such a plan. Everyone in the family is besides themselves.

In their place I would be marching up to the hospital, calling out the fraud that is being perpetrated upon us and accusing staff of committing a crime. But my friend and her family are not like that. My friend is with me on the virus nonsense but not the rest of her family and my friend would never start accusing people of crime or anything like that. We must subject everything they told us and showed us to scrutiny. If the planes were faked and surely you recognise the simple fact, Researcher, of ton airliners being unable to penetrate , steel frame buildings like a knife through butter and WTC-7 was completely cleared then, a priori, the probability that they cleared the twin towers and faked the deaths as they did the plane deaths is not as remote as it might seem at a superficial glance.

People like you researcher who believe nothing from authorities are, ironically, much more vulnerable to propaganda from them than purely evidence-based thinkers like me because the authorities are very familiar with the profile of the Disbelievers-By-Default and they target you accordingly. People like you Researcher tar all of us, the DBDs such as yourself and purely evidence-based thinkers like me with the same brush. Maybe if you presented them as hypotheses people would even listen more? Have you? No one has responded to my challenge including any of the commenters on OffG who disagree with it. I know from observation of psyop MO that when they hoax us they are scrupulous in never providing anyone who believes their stories with any kind of realistic evidence that the believer can brandish in defence of their belief and that was why I issued my challenge.

They could show us realistic injured people and realistic dead bodies — perhaps even take a few REAL dead bodies from a morgue — and then where would I be? In our last exchange you put forward the theory that people must have died because too much of lower Manhattan would have had to be evacuated but this theory really has no legs because no one is disputing the claim that no one died in WTC-7 so if they managed to do the necessary to ensure no one died in WTC-7 why not WTCs 1 and 2?

Also, it is simply theory. Evidence has primacy and all the purported evidence for death and injury is shown to have holes and there are a number of avenues we can follow to see that death and injury were staged:. Are they in on the murder of 3, or so of their fellow citizens? Are they in on the murder too? We choose the hypothesis that fits the evidence with the fewest assumptions and questions raised.

Whenever my beliefs are challenged and shown to be wrong or even possibly wrong I acknowledge it. If we cannot admit error in our thinking where the hell are we? You should never be ashamed to admit you have been wrong. It only proves you are wiser today than yesterday. Rather I park it and hope for enlightenment at a future date which may lead to me changing my hypothesis if necessary. To give an example: someone presented me with figures showing an excess spike in mortality in European figures in April which seemed to coincide with the first wave of COVID.

I responded to the person who presented them as evidence supporting the existence of COVID that I would chew on those figures. But do you think my response had any effect on the person who presented the figures? Of course not! Maintain a mental database of all the available evidence and ensure every single piece supports your hypothesis and favours it over all others. Never ignore or wave away a single piece of evidence. The nature of reality is such that every single piece of evidence MUST support the correct hypothesis and favour it on balance over any other, every single piece.

Accord evidence the absolute respect it deserves and put speculation a much lower second and ensure you know how to distinguish between them. I was really quite moved. The US government required a death count to enable the military action they undertook following those events, and enabled the passing of the Patriot Act and subsequent laws, that paved the way for where we are today. I can hold an opinion about what is true and what is false your theories without caring about which theories hold more merit.

If you would stop focusing on irrelevant, and trivial minutiae and examine the bigger picture, I could take what you have to say more seriously. They anticipated that a small but significant number of people would recognise the falsity of their story and so their propaganda strategy was to arm those people with a half-truth which is as good as a lie — truth controlled demolition , lie they killed and injured the people. Their propaganda strategy was to arm the anticipated disbelievers of their story with a half-truth which is as good as a lie. Of course, trying to persuade people that death and injury were staged is no picnic either but the perps decided that the half-truth strategy was the way to go … and one is obliged to respect their skill in choosing the best propaganda strategy because they are so very, very successful at it.

Can you see the importance of that? Why would you do that? That makes no sense. It was only after four years of study I realised how they controlled my mind. Some people knew from Day One it was an inside job but they still believe in real death and injury. Wait a minute, you are changing your story! You have previously made it VERY clear it was all about how many died.

You literally said that the perps even disclosed the controlled demolition just to divert people from figuring out no one died! No, no revisionism, Sophie. I cannot say no one died, obviously — how can I? The point is that they obviously organised things so that no one would die unless accidentally or by deliberate targeting. Just to say that fakeologist says there was, indeed, an evacuation of Lower Manhattan using about 50 drills.

To me, that is simply enough to say that death and injury were staged. I mean, why not? It seems you think similarly to me. Interesting that two people on the same day say opposite things about my writing. So I got my degree at Macquarie University, Researcher. You know why? It was the only Sydney university that would accept me back in — my HSC results were pretty poor. Any dodgy connections to anything were the last thing on my mind when I went to university. I just wanted somewhere to go and the Rockefeller Foundation assuming there was a connection back then would have meant nothing to me … and even if it did I still would have gone. Would you hold that against me?

I mean, why do people so want to believe according to their inclinations? That is what we must so guard against. Medical malfeasance. Staged wars. And the hoax of governments and organized debt slavery through the monetary system is more significant and insidious than what happened on September Because it keeps people stuck, believing that tyranny is freedom and Red vs Blue is real. The hardest part is figuring out where truth ends and lies begin. They found something on a brain scan and convinced the patient to have surgery. You have not examined the medical records.

Seen the evidence. You have no medical background. There will be no legal repercussions if they murder him. A giant myth is that modern medicine has solutions. They only know how to burn, cut, inject, irradiate and poison. They will not comb the published literature that shows how to heal with less invasive and less costly techniques. I think you need to disabuse yourself of the notion that because people on the same side of the conspiracy fence express different views from you on certain things it makes them plants. All I can say, Researcher, is that every time I switch between the pro and against climate change arguments the pro arguments seem to win.

Perhaps I really have been duped. I learnt from this that in the big psyops at least they always target the disbelievers as well as the believers and they can put huge resources into this effort. I believe false flag is a kind of propaganda term that tends to imply that a crime is committed by A who blames B for the crime but most false flag events are not really this. You are highly suggestible. You fell for climate change. But it failed. You boxed yourself into a ridiculous position with the belief that nobody died and that no crimes were committed.

So your site and your beliefs, I consider deflection. Crimes are committed constantly regardless of the numbers of dead. Conspiracy to commit a crime is a crime. The number of crimes committed in psy-ops is not minimized. Wars creating real death are the result of many of these false flags. When people get too close to the truth they are cancered, suicided or heart attacked. So were the crusades. This manipulation of the population to exterminate and kill large swathes of them goes back further than the cult of Moloch and other beliefs about blood sacrifice that form the heart of the Masonic sects.

Human sacrifice is one of the side benefits of deflating debt, covering fraud, while keeping the public in constant fear and causing them to be more susceptible to brainwashing and hypnosis. Have you ever considered that even those who think they know the truth are being fed false information constantly? You think you are in front of the truth and I think you are so far behind it you have little to offer the truth community or anyone investigating It would be impossible to pull three buildings, bomb another and not have deaths. New York was not evacuated beforehand and some of the targets that were investigating crimes connected to including ongoing cases of graft, theft and fraud committed by those connected to the organizers were in the buildings in NYC and the Pentagon.

There are other psy-ops where nobody died, like mass shooting drills and some bombings but not September Just a single piece of evidence. Surely, you take your own beliefs seriously, Researcher. Your own beliefs are very important to you, no? As I said we both know how treacherous these people are and we know that at all times we must be on guard and apply the utmost rigour and scruple in ensuring that what they tell us and what they show us match. So right at the outset we know this claim is false. Where the hell were these people? Whenever anyone or anything challenges a belief I do due diligence to see if the challenge has merit. Since you are prepared to change your mind research Milankovitch Cycles.

Ice Core Climate Records. I think Petra is a woman. I researched her a while ago. The brother of a friend of mine is recovering in ICU from a brain tumour operation. He was diagnosed last Tuesday and in hospital the very next day for the operation to have the tumour removed. On Monday he ended up with a collapsed lung which seemed to have been caused by aspirating food. It seems he may have been given food a little too early after the operation but very possibly if his wife had been with him she would have helped feed him and the aspiration of food would have been avoided.

He could have died. No limit! When the foundation is a Big Lie, all that follows will be irrationality, madness and inhumanity with no limit to it. That is a big plus of the Event. Not the egoistic version but the cultural one, just like individuals can respecting each other. Will need much more benign nuclear, natural gas and coal power though. Apparently he uses Akismet to reduce spam. Know who your allies really are. You may as well try and argue with the BBC. Are you reading this Louis? Is it time to start considering the possibility the whole Assange story was just distraction theater? It was the gf story that made me start seriously rethinking.

I mean I followed the Assange story real close and this gf thing basically rewrote a whole bunch of previous narrative. Really dubious. He was supposed to be in solitary in the embassy, denied visitors for ages. Not even his lawyers could see him! But, what, they made an exception for the girlfriend? And before that when he did have visitors every visitor was logged and there were people watching — but no one noticed or photographed this woman going in and out, heavily pregnant, with new baby, then heavily pregnant again?

The press respected his privacy? Since when? The weird video appearances at his hearings, I thought that was weird even at the time. I thought he might be dead and they might deep faking him to cover that they let him die. Was it just more theater for the masses to take sides over? Trying to explain anything to them is like conversing with a brick wall. Wikileaks was a State Department Operation from the get go. Chelsea Manning had a sex change.

That was a giant clue. I am blown away at the level of denial. I believe his main problem is suffering hubris and believing he can outwit the power elite. Yeah, right. I always look for the obvious clues first. She lures those who offend her like those who fail to pay their debts to her! We can see that some of the photos at least of Stella Moris and Julian together are photoshopped. And yet the older child of the two they allegedly have together very much resembles Julian. In this photo, his left shoulder is too high. Surely, the information that Chelsea is an infiltrator can only help but no … no one wants to know. These people are not normal. They are all damaged. Regardless of how many pictures they doctor, Assange is not in jail and he was not in the Embassy that entire time.

He is not a political prisoner. A con. And his parents are very much in on it. The hubris and arrogance on display is just a narcissist thinking he can fool the world with his fake leaks organization and staged dramas. Nothing of any importance. The truth is that there are no borders, there are no countries. They are all fictional constructs within a system of fraud through authoritarian rule and the monetary and economic system that has existed for thousands of years, creating debt slavery and human bondage. Try to see the bigger picture.

Kathy is perfectly normal. I believe the reason John and others will not listen to me is simply because the truth is too confronting. Look at Chelsea! She looks in wonderful shape. She was certainly never locked up. Probably says more about me than about Assange. COVID 19 was and is a pseudopandemic. There is no exaggeration there is only a big fat lie. This is a social exercise. It is really much easier to get people to believe a Big Lie than smaller lies, paradoxically enough. The purpose of propaganda is not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponds to reality the better.

When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is in some small way to become evil oneself. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I no longer want to be around the insane members of the Covid cult. I refuse to humor or even speak to one.

They can keep covering their ugly faces and antisocially distanced. Not talking about the shots but their full embrace of the lockdown and the lies for 16 months. I despise them heartily. Real humans suffer emotional pain. No more human than insects. They prefer this nightmare. I could smell it a mile away. All the same buzz words and catch phrases everywhere. Even the speakers at the big box stores! But none of my family caught on. Is the CDC altering the figures? Opinion Lifesitenews. The article states the horror and deceit in such a matter of fact way. But the book seems to have been pulled from amazon for now. Looking at the state of the government, the media and the so-called education institutions and the behaviour of the denizens of said spheres, I can well imagine a well-thumbed copy on every desk.

Probably with hand written notes in the margins. Whether he would have issued warnings or got with the programme is uncertain. His behaviour when he was alive suggests that confronted with something like Covid he might have gone off in either direction. More than one Winston Smith though. Orwell got it wrong that the Lie could be that convincing. Even the USSR had people laughing at the propaganda occasionally. Predictive programming. A horrifying and dispiriting version of a Crucifixion Reset — with no Resurrection and only fake and controlled opposition.

Our fixation and fascination in horror works a polarised flip of a natural fixation in love. Shock and trauma does that, if you keep focussed in it loop — as if truth can be substituted for by self-illusion given priority under invested attachment. The basis of all drama or narrative identity runs on core mythological archetypes. I read that he died a years or so after it publishing in a deeply depressed state. But there is this. You enter a relationship with him through his writing and the purpose that you hold is the determiner of your outcome. Prediction and control is the basis from which an ego-centric opposition to wholeness arises. Can it ever be a truly opposing force to a Reality that includes it?

What we give out is what we get back, Predicted and controlled. Is there another way to see this? Would you want to see differently? The devices revealed by which the mind is set in tyranny are relevant, but the recognition of release in in our own field of responsibility, not as a drive to make identity on such insights so as to use them to believe we now understand. Do we want to stand under blind or dissociated evils in hate?

Do we treasure and protect grievance? These are the same. The intent to insist something NOT happen calls it into our field, but packaged in our defences and solutions. It is the hated and feared thing itself. Orwell caged his head in a world of starving rats. At what level is the world real? And at what level is it symbol? What a damn clever little bugger! One night i nearly got caught having a smoke while at work in a large supermarkets bakery… and smoking in the bakery was a sackable offence…It happened thus:. Furious that i was gonna be spied on while working i got a ladder and large black garbage bag which, with an end stuffed into a hole in the ceiling, blocked the spy cameras view. The baker on my off-days, also a smoker, got caught on film, got called to The Office, and denied that he smoked in the bakery… A Blatant Lie!

In the s there was a handbook which contained details on how to attach a can of spray paint to one end of a brookstick, and a simple mechanism to press at the other end of the stick to enable you to squirt paint into any spy-cameras lens… and there werent that many of those spycameras around in Those Days…and there were no 5G antennas in Those Days either…. Buy another car,fly first class to Paris, maybe buy another house…. Those are people who care nought for other individuals.

Its a pscychotic disease and we elect these people because no intelligent person would wander into politics, so we should not be surprised by outcomes. I find this is the only possible rationale to explain the modus operandis of the people daily involved in this pseudopandemic. I find no solution to this problems because, being a student of history, it has happened over and over again. That small section of human beings who know nothing but destruction. I have an open mind on other reasons why. I genuinely believe this will probably happen. The surplus money is invested. This is a great interview going into detail on how the rich invest in trust funds to pave the way for multi generational future wealth.

Jun 29, Iain Davis Covid 19 was and is a pseudopandemic. Pseudopandemic is the new book by Iain Davis. It is available, both in kindle and paperback, from Amazon and other sellers. Or you can subscribe to In This Together for a free copy. Filed under: coronavirus , featured , latest. They can vary and be a part of a mixed-method strategy. Besides the apparent contrast, this division is fluctuating. Some sociological research questions can be at the junction of two perspectives. To a great extent, they complement each other. Below you can find interesting sociology topics from or related to the macrosociological perspective.

The examples include fundamental questions about social institutions, social systems, and global processes. Try to understand society as a whole, greater than just a set of individuals. Researches about social institutions examine complicated forms of social order that focus on meeting social needs. Such patterns are government, religion, education, family, etc. Focus in this area is usually on the ways institutions work, interact with other social forms, and change. This area studies major shifts in society, such as transformations in behavior, social institutions, social structure, etc.

Researchers in this field study how and why specific mechanisms appear and make significant changes. Political sociology focuses on different sources of power and authority. Among these sources are wealth, class, race, etc. Individuals and groups being differentiated by any of these characteristics impact decision-making processes both in small organizations and the whole states. Therefore, sociologists analyze how these decisions affect people, groups, and societies in terms of their legal rights and resources. Here are the topics from the microsociological perspective. The primary focus of these sociology paper topics is social life, individual behavior, and local processes. Researchers investigate how societies construct race and ethnicity notions, how people identify themselves with one or another.

Study focus also includes whether and how racial and ethnic characteristics correlate with other social features. Among the most popular topics are immigration policies, discrimination, and inter-group relations. Sociological research emphasizes the social and cultural fundaments of gender. Besides, great attention is on the ubiquity of gender and its impact on both the private and public spheres. This sociological area studies culture in its various forms: art, knowledge, language, beliefs, collective behavior, production, consumption, diffusion, etc. Sociologists examine cultural meaning by analyzing individual and group communication.

While examining cultural meanings, researchers focus on social practices, ideologies, tastes, and norms. Culture also produces collective representations and inequalities. Sociology of religion studies religious commitment and relations between religious organizations and people. Among other research questions are individual and group meanings of belonging to a particular religion or independent of it. Not trying to evaluate any religious beliefs, sociologists investigate relationships of faith with other social institutions, like the economy, politics, family, etc.

Distribution of goods wealth, knowledge, power, status, etc. Researchers question the causes and effects of inequality, how inequality can be shaped by geographical and cultural contexts, the intersection of several inequalities, etc. Sociology of health concentrates on health as a characteristic resulting from the lifestyle and individual psychology. Researchers study how health is shaped by social systems and culture. Sociology of education focuses on teaching and learning processes and the formal institutions where these processes take place.

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