➊ The Importance Of Discrimination In Non-Coed Sports

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The Importance Of Discrimination In Non-Coed Sports

The US is encouraging and enabling our behavior and that of the Arabs. The Importance Of Discrimination In Non-Coed Sports way I see it, however, is that these programs GirlVentures included are remedial and address an inequality. Graduates The Importance Of Discrimination In Non-Coed Sports HBCs report higher lifetime earnings than The Importance Of Discrimination In Non-Coed Sports counterparts who The Importance Of Discrimination In Non-Coed Sports from regular four year colleges. Following Shaath's appearance The Importance Of Discrimination In Non-Coed Sports IBA TV, IBA Radio was quick to report that Shaath had reversed The Importance Of Discrimination In Non-Coed Sports position on The Importance Of Discrimination In Non-Coed Sports "right of return" during the next The Importance Of Discrimination In Non-Coed Sports that he delivered in Damascus in which Shaath reportedly said that the "right of return" was "open for negotiation. The lives that are The Importance Of Discrimination In Non-Coed Sports and the families destroyed are not pretend they are real and oliver stone vietnam be made whole again. In observing their interactions with women, daphne du maurier - the birds tend to have a firmer grasp on their thoughts and how best to articulate them. The world she want for girls for me is a world through which Fear Of Existence In Platos Apology have the same opportunities as boys: access to school, health care, and taking The Importance Of Discrimination In Non-Coed Sports in decision- making process. Friendship: How to Make and Keep Friends. Galit Yekutieli woke Sports Team Observation early this The Importance Of Discrimination In Non-Coed Sports.

Discrimination in Sport

Journal of Teaching in Physical Education, 13, Team, Spark. From kindergarten to eighth grade, schools are to provide physical education as a part of their course of study. Works Cited Collier, D. Undergraduate physical education teacher preperation:. What practitioners tell us. Education and Treatment of Children, 35 4 , Tucker, C. Relational-Cultural theory for middle school counselors. Professional School Counseling, 14 5 , Wigfield, A. Gunderson, E. Jovanovich, J. Teachers can acquire a skill in teaching a certain gender, instead of trying to meet the needs of a co-educational school. It is also shown that girls in a single-sex school receive more attention from teachers and teachers are.

It absolutely was started so that the student with exceptional educational needs can benefit from their special education program or access education within th Accessed April 30, Home Page Title IX. Title IX Better Essays. Shulman, August 15, The Israeli Ministry of Religion pays the operating expense of houses of worship and of public schools, including Arab schools. Arab schools are separate ostensibly because they have a different language and, I think, they instruct in their separate culture. The government pays only partial costs for private religious Jewish and Christian schools. When religious political parties ask for enough to pace surging demand for Jewish schools, the secularist parties, whose children's schools are paid for in full, complain that the religious parties are asking more than their proportionate share.

They try to deny the funds, relying upon a cultivated prejudice against the religious. That denial may be a personal mistake. The secularist schools are failing both as places of education and as places of safety. The religious schools are succeeding so well in both that many secularist parents are willing for their children to be exposed to the religion, in order to get an education free of violence. Funding for mosques, shariah courts, and imams are not cut off even when they incite Israeli Arabs against the Jews. Why does Israel promote those who would overthrow it?

Israel takes great pride in being a democracy that serves all its citizens, including those who seek its destruction. This is part of its bootlicking mentality. It can demonstrate it in front of the non-Jewish world, "Look how wonderful we are! Look how well we treat even our Arabs who hate us. Don't you want to accept such good, moral, humane people like us?

It is stupid, because it bolsters a campaign whose goal is totally inhumane - conquest, humiliation, dispossession, and genocide. Nor is world humanitarian. It pretends to be, so that under cover of humanitarianism, it can demand that Israel give the Arabs advantages in its war on Israel. Why this prejudice against Jewish religious schools? Whereas American Jewish secularists are indifferent to religion, Israeli secularists are hostile towards it and slander it. Any real grievance is overshadowed by pretended ones. Since the Israeli media and colleges are controlled largely by leftist secularists, the public has been indoctrinated to consider religious people their enemy. The rapid population growth of the religious portends the waning of the leftist elite's power, turning the religious sector into the leftist's looming bogeyman.

Here is an example of the popular campaign against the religious. The religious is the least violent sector in Israel, but is portrayed as the most violent. The infrequent and minor violence by religious youth over Sabbath violations are inflamed by the police and exaggerated by the media. What Israelis like to call their "vibrant" media is like American 19th century yellow journalism and somewhat like the contemporary European media in its anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism. Israel has about 18, non-P. That means that other Israelis are about a hundred times as violent as the ultra-Orthodox, who are portrayed as violent.

Next to fear of loss of power and fear of religious violence is fear of economic collapse. They base this fear on the general ultra-Orthodox practice of vocations that do not require a secular education and their general abstinence from college. The public anticipates ignorant administration of the country. Leftwingers Peres and Rabin did not go to college. Peres is ignorant of history and Judaism. This fear of the religious is fantasized without knowledge. Why do the ultra-Orthodox avoid the university and the army? Both institutions are run without sexual modesty; the government has a record of trying to break down Jews' religious adherence; there are other temptations that young people might find hard to resist; colleges have subjects that the religious find unnecessary or distasteful.

Reference here is to the same kind of decadence and useless consumerism that old-fashioned Western secularists and many Christians complain about in the US. We have been discussing this from the viewpoint of the Ultra-Orthodox, when we use the term "religious. The Orthodox, the ones who support the National Religious Party, integrate with the State's institutions. They have some of the finest fighting units in the Army. It is true that afterwards, as they prepare for marriage, many return. The Ultra-Orthodox do not want their children subjected to the temptation of irresponsibility and hedonism, although they learn technical skills to earn a living.

Suppose the ultra-Orthodox did come to rule the country. Would they still avoid going to college? They probably would institute some more non-coed schools and curricula they don't find offensive and that are professional. Their own Talmudic education which deals more directly with life develops analysis, creativity, and logic. It's like attending law school for 10 hours a day for eight years from the age of Jewish law and Jewish education ought to be considered at least the equivalent of a college education.

A proposal to equate a rabbinical degree to a B. That means that a chief rabbi would not officially qualify for a somewhat ordinary government post. Finally, the ultra-Orthodox have been called fundamentalist, and, therefore, in a trick of linguistic equivalency, compared to Khomeini fundamentalism. Secularists assume that the ultra-Orthodox Jews would, just as in Iran, oppress the country and ruin its economy. Some secularists would rather share power with the Arabs and the gentiles.

These temporary allies of the secularists would oppress the country. They would turn on the secularists, something that the ultra-Orthodox would not do. The ultra-Orthodox teach love of one's fellow Jew, whereas the Arabs teach hatred of Jews. The secularists should emulate the ultra-Orthodox in that regard. The religious Jews do not have the same temperament as Khomeini. Judaism is a much gentler religion. What the religious would do with power, though, is not known. They have made no plans for it, immersed are they are now in a struggle to get by in the economy that the secularists hobble and the society that frowns on them.

Probably business would close down on the Sabbath. Official public dress would have to be modest: the body would be covered to the knee, elbow, and neck. Judaism avoids the prurient fashions of the Christian world and the black covers-all of much of the Muslim world. Pork and pornography would be banned. There is not likely to be concern over what people do within their homes. Nor are the ultra-Orthodox anti-Zionist, as is feared. Zionism is traditional. The waves of immigration during the centuries of total Jewish observance of Judaism attest to that. What the ultra-Orthodox "want is to serve G-d on their ancestral lands and inheritance which was promised to them, and which contain the holy places.

I think that secular Israelis are not normal. They hate their religious origins. The Left takes up the enemy cause in large part. It sells out to the hostile West, and appeases the West and the Arabs. Who are those lost souls to hate those who maintain their own traditions with reverence and non-violently! If secular Israelis want to be normal, they'd find a way to accommodate their own religious in the Army and in fields that need their cultivated intelligence. Shulman writes" "A correspondent suggested most of these ideas, which stimulated more ideas from me. I hope nobody takes offense at my tendency to let out remarks more boldly than I took them in.

The road map, like Oslo before it, does immense damage to Israel's interests. Like Oslo, the road map was thought up and adopted by Israeli politicians, who have a gift for shooting their own country in the foot. Such policies don't reflect the sentiments of most Israelis. They can be adopted because small, unelected but immensely powerful elites, in the courts, the state bureaucracy, the government-controlled electronic media, and academia, have inordinate power to decide who gets appointed to public office, what the rules of the political game are, and what constitutes legitimate public policy. Many of them are hostile to the idea of a Jewish state and think Israel is in the wrong in its conflict with the Palestinians.

Many so-called right-wing politicians are afraid of their power, with good reason, and go along to get along. Unfortunately, Israeli public life is not a level playing field, and that's one reason why Israeli policy looks so different from what most Israelis would prefer. Israel would work better as a Jewish state if it worked better as a democracy - that is, if the will of the majority, expressed through the ballot box, had more influence over policy and these unelected elites had less. This problem needs to be exposed and understood. This is a sensitive topic because it involves criticising Israeli domestic institutions.

Yet to ignore it is to pretend a central part of the problem doesn't exist - as if Oslo, the Road Map, and similar phenomena landed from Mars and didn't originate in Israeli elites with a lot of power who use it in the service of some very odd notions. The more people, in Israel and outside it, are aware of the problem, the greater the chance to do something about it. The Israel Policy Institute attempts to address these issues, in part by gathering and distributing information about how official power in Israel is used by some elites to harm Israeli interests. The Center is dedicated to strengthening Israel's character as a Jewish democracy, and opposing violations of the civil rights of Israelis occasioned by their advocacy of Jewish values and interests or by their membership in communities usually associated with Jewish values.

Prime Minister Sharon has begun doing exactly that! At some point, Israel will be forced to freeze any and all old settlements. What requirements were placed on the PA in Phase I? The verbiage in the Road Map plan is precise. Abbas must begin "sustained, targeted, and effective operations aimed at Abbas is afraid the wrath of Islamic Jihan, Hamas and the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade will be turned inward, and will result in civil war. What are the major terrorist groups up to these "truceful" days? The truck was allowed to continue on its way.

Ya'alon also reports that cars loaded with Islamic Jihad terrorists were also allowed to pass the roadblock. The terrorist group al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade is replenishing its coffers with funds from Iran. Hezbollah is busy improving the Palestinians' fighting tactics including "well-planned ambushes and sniper attacks," reports the Baltimore Sun. Iran has also supplied arms and training to Palestinian militants. The Gaza strip head of Islamic Jihad admits using the guise of the ceasefire to re-arm his militant group.

It raises fears of an outbreak of bloody terrorist activities when the truce ends next month. Mohammed al-Hindi said, "It is natural that we strengthen ourselves during hudna truce. Members of Arafat's Fatah movement have claimed responsibility. Just minutes after that attack, year-old Erez Hershkovitz was killed in the suicide bombing in Ariel. Hamas claimed responsibility for the attack. He is an award-winning journalist and author of the current bestseller: "Beyond Iraq: The Next Move," in which he argues that the U. Ayyat al-Akhras - a 17 year-old girl - was the youngest child suicide bomber, murdering 2 Israelis in a Jerusalem supermarket on March 29, The PA has named a children's summer camp in her name.

This is the second summer in a row in which a camp was named for Akhras. It continues the PA policy of naming summer camps, sporting events and schools, after prominent terrorists. This naming of a children's summer camp for a teenage terrorist is particularity problematic as it is quite natural for children to see another child being honored as a role model. The following appeared in yesterday's PA daily.

It was organized by the Shabaiba [youth organization] of the Fatah in East Gaza There is something odious about the Road Map - it is rotten from its source. Stop and consider for a moment - who are its authors? Russia, who throughout Israel's existence has supplied Israel's enemies with the most lethal weapons? Russia, who has a long history of pogroms and persecution of Jews? The U. The members of the European Union whose virulent anti-Semitism made the Holocaust possible? It is unconscionable that Israel, a sovereign, independent state, should be pressured to accept policies affecting her very survival from these nations.

To be sure, there is also the U. Yes, the United States has traditionally been a friend of Israel, but politics make strange bedfellows, and it is obvious that our president is trying to curry favor with the Arabs who feel violated by the Iraqi war. Furthermore, he has to pay his dues to Tony Blair, who made support for the Road Map one of the conditions for British participation in the invasion of Iraq. Based on these facts alone, the Road Map should be rejected out of hand by Israel.

Prime Minister Sharon should remind President Bush whose belief in the Bible is no secret , that even the best of plans, when they emanate from a malevolent source, are unacceptable. Such was the case with Laban. G-d warned him: "Stay away, do not speak with Jacob good or bad" Genesis The teaching is clear - if a plan comes from an evil source, then even when it appears to be good, it is bad. Hence the saying of our sages, "Not your sting nor your honey. Since our Israeli government leaders lack faith, vision and Torah, it is we who must storm the heavens with our prayers and tshuva , and it is we who must cry out in protest at the blatant injustice and hypocrisy of which the United States and the nations of the world are guilty.

Consider the hypocrisy of the President of the United States in sending troops to combat terrorism in remote parts of the globe, but when Israel attempts to defend herself from the cold-blooded murderers who are within her borders, who have launched over 18, attacks against her since the year 2,, the White House clamps down and expects her to turn the other cheek. Consider the hypocrisy of our American Administration which has adamantly refused to release the prisoners held at Guantanamo Bay, while at the same time demanding that Israel release terrorists who have cold-bloodedly murdered Israeli men, women and children.

Are they to once again flood the streets of Israel, free to maim and kill? Does Washington really believe that these programmed-to-kill terrorists have become boy scouts during their incarceration? Consider America's INS policy which heavily screens new arrivals to insure that no one of questionable background be admitted, and consider the hypocrisy which demands that Israel allow terrorists to roam freely in her midst and refrain from even erecting a protective fence.

But what is most outrageous are not the demands and the hypocritical policies of the non-Jewish world after all, there nothing new about that , but that which emanates from Israel itself. One cannot help but wonder what there is in the psyches of Israeli government leaders that compels them to compromise the security of the land as soon as they take office. Tom DeLay, the Republican House Majority Leader, expressed it best when he said, "You could have knocked me over when I heard Sharon declare that the time had come to divide the land of Israel with the Palestinians. Tom DeLay's words bring to mind King Solomon's parable of the two mothers who each claim to be the parent of the same infant. Solomon applied a simple test to determine the truth.

The woman who refused to allow the child to be cut in two was the real mother. We can all echo Tom DeLay's shock. How can Sharon allow Eretz Yisrael to be cut, to be divided? It defies the imagination that we, who are a wise nation, should fall into the same folly time and again. Was it only yesterday that through Israel's influence, Washington rolled out the welcome mat for Arafat, the terrorist murderer? It was the Rabin-Peres government that enabled him to exchange his terrorist garb for that of a head of state. It was that same government that supplied him with weapons for his so-called police force - weapons that were quickly turned against us. How long did that peace initiative last?

Where did it lead us? How can we be so foolish as to once again fall into the same trap and open the door for Abu Mazen by endorsing a sovereign state for terrorists in our midst. Has anyone stopped to consider who this Abu Mazin is? Does anyone care to remember that he was Arafat's right hand man? And just recently, he proclaimed that he has no plans to disarm Hamas or Islamic Jihad, for if the cease fire is working, he asked, "Why should I fight my brothers?

That's another joke. Haven't we yet learned that the Arabs are always willing to accept a cease fire when it is to their advantage to do so? Even as I write these lines, Israel intelligence reports that Hamas is taking good advantage of the three month cease fire. Israeli patrols have come to a halt, so it's a perfect time to produce rockets by the hundreds. What then is the solution? What should Israel and Sharon do? The answer is simple, and precisely because it is so simple, it continues to elude us. It is written in the Book of Psalms: " If only My people would heed Me, if Israel would walk in My ways, in an instant, I would subdue their foes and against their tormentors turn My hand.

That could be our Road Map, if only we had faith and feared G-d as much as we fear man. Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis is the founder and president of Hineni, an international Jewish outreach organization. She has a weekly cable television program and has lectured world-wide. Should Israel build a fence, the world calls it a wall. Should Israel retaliate against murder, the world demands restraint. Should Israel not retaliate, the murderers perceive our fear. Should Israel build up Yesha, the world says "don't create facts on the ground. When Israel frees murderers, the world says it's not enough, and when we don't free them, we are obstructing the "peace" plan. Doing nothing is also a strategic plan. So is military victory. With love of Israel and with fear for its future.

He lives in Jerusalem. Let me play "pretend I'm the Prime Minister. I would tell the "Palestiniains" and the rest of the world you see that boat? Well the next time a bus, supermarket, disco in Israel gets blown up that boat is going to fire 20 missiles into the heart of Gaza City. Let's see how long they continue to play this terror act after Israel follows through on something like that. In other words you kill twenty Jews, we kill 10 thousand of you. This would stop any critic of Israel flat in their tracks. It's time for Israel to act like a normal country if they are going to be treated like a normal country. I am not a fanatic. I want peace. I realize that some territorial concessions have to be made.

I just feel the time is up. No more toleration of terror, None. But guess what? Israel has let out more prisoners today. Real nice. That sends a real nice message. Egypt is the largest and most powerful Arab country. The reality is that Egypt is as fanatically anti-everything as any of the other degenerate Arab states in the region. That has not, however, hindered the Americans from pumping Billions of their tax payers dollars into Egypt so as to rearm and modernize its military. The Egyptian rulers have been, and are today as well, hostile to any changes that might drag their population out of the squalor of Islamic ignorance and into a more developed state of, let's say, the late middle ages.

Actually entering something as advanced as the early industrial revolution would probably completely unhinge their social structure. Just to put things in perspective Egypt's territorial area is 1,, square km and its population is 74,, July est. This breaks down to; males: Not a small place and they have enough people to do something but all they can focus their energy on is hate and war. That is because the core of Islam is hate and war. Egyptian religious leaders preach jihad. These include the most prominent religious figures appointed by the Egyptian government to the highest religious positions, such as the Mufti of Egypt, Dr. Muhammad Sayyed Tantawi. Other prominent Egyptian Islamic authorities who have come out in support of Jihad against U.

From the Islamist camp, Islamist leaders such as Egyptian-born Sheikh Yousef Al-Qaradhawi, one of the most prominent figures in the Muslim Brotherhood movement, have issued similar rulings. Aryeh Zelasko made aliyah in and live in Beitar Illit, which is south of Jerusalem. I have called the White House many times, because the President is not doing the job I elected him to do. Appointing Daniel Pipes was the right thing, but he has a long way to go before I will thank of him for doing a good job. I can't thank him for doing one right thing when he is doing twenty things wrong. In manufacturing I am allowed five percent error. If I was only correct five percent of the time, I couldn't work.

I expect much more from the President, and that is my comment to the White House. I cannot be thankful when we are financially and politically supporting Arab terror in Israel's territories. I cannot be thankful when we practice anti-Semitism by applying separate standards of prosecution to Jonathan Pollard. I cannot be thankful when we allow the enemy to dictate where we have our embassy in Israel.

I cannot be thankful watching the President allow Colin Powell to plunder and blackmail Israel into an indefensible position. I cannot be thankful when Pres Bush does not act according to life and death historic truths; but rather is willing to sacrifice innocent children, mothers and fathers, to appease our enemies. I cannot be thankful when a shameful body such as the United Nations is headquartered on American soil.

I cannot be thankful when the President allows Mahmoud Abbas to get away with statements like, "the PA authority has always condemned targeting civilians. These same people drag moderate Muslims into the streets and tear their bodies limb from limb - absolutely preventing any discussion of peace on the Arab street. Tens of thousands have died all over the region during the forty year reign of Arafat's mob - not just in Israel. These people invented modern terrorism, and many of their victims have been Americans. I will not thank a President who cheapens spilled American blood, and becomes the high priest who sacrifices Jewish blood. Anyone can recognize that this is a war.

I thought we were fighting a War On Terror. If we are allies, then why is our government unwilling to let Israel win? Have we become a terror-sponsoring state? Read Psalm Dutch Griffin is a Christian Zionist. He is currently visiting Israel, from which he has sent his friends - which include the editor of Think-Israel - wonderful pictures. Winston, August 14, I said respect - not approval or friendliness. Muslims are mandated to make the world subservient to Islam. For them, that does not mean that they desist from attacking both. It means they will wait for signs of weakness and continually build their military strength until they again attack with some probability of success.

Clearly for the Arab Palestinians, Israel was getting weak and its anti-Terrorist thrust was waning. This, of course, wasn't the first time total victory over Arab attackers was denied to Israel by Arabists in the U. The Bush Administration - driven on by an Arabist State Department, denials notwithstanding, may be one of the greatest threats that Israel has ever faced. That means even countries like Egypt and Syria without oil must be treated with special deference as part of the whole Arab Muslim world - despite their growing armies and their assistance to Terrorists. Since the beginning of the "Hudna" on June 28th until August 14th, 35 Israelis have been killed or wounded in attacks by Arab Palestinian Terrorists.

An additional 4 Israelis have been victims of suspected Arab Palestinian kidnapings. It is unknown if they are alive or dead today, August 14th. Israel did stop 36 planned "major" Terror attacks since June 28th before they could reap their bloody harvest during the first 6 weeks of the purported "Hudna. Each time Israel gives up her costly victories at the behest of the West, respect of the Arabs for Israel descends downward and the Arabs' belief in a coming victory rises.

Respect for the enemy equals deterrence - in the Middle East and elsewhere. Muslims wallow in self-pity and victim-hood when they lose. The Arab world is a macho, testicle-driven society where they'll do anything, including and especially blowing up children and themselves to reclaim self-respect. They are, therefore, morally a lowly primitive people by any standards of civilized society. Their leaders keep their people undereducated, unproductive and dependent upon the West for technology, equipment and even education for those higher classes who can afford to send their children abroad for a university education. Without oil the world would have abandoned them as backward wastelands to be ignored.

The existence of a tiny Jewish nation who is prosperous and whose gross national product of industry without oil exceeds all of their nations combined, and who is the third largest exporter of military equipment in the world, galls their self-esteem and generates great envy. But, their political, religious leaders tell the Arab street that one day they will win one war and recapture their self-respect and honor - and live in the Jews' beautiful homes. Sharon's retreat at the orders of Bush, Powell, and the Arabist U. The lack of response to the latest killings encourages greater attacks. The Sharon government is in a deep pathological state of denial, having committed to a Faustian bargain with the Bush Administration. This, of course, brings more Terror and war closer at an accelerated pace.

Israel will, no doubt, pay a bloody price for showing weakness and loss of respect. Not so strangely, America will also pay a price as another Terrorist State of Palestine west of the Jordan is fathered by Bush - with a higher level of sophisticated International Terrorism, reaching into the heartland of America. As the U. American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan are learning this lesson as guerilla insurgency grows along with almost daily American and British fatalities. Deposing Saddam, rebuilding Iraq's antiquated power plants and re-invigorating their oil industry to benefit their people are some things they want but there is no gratitude - only hate and more killing.

Israel learned this lesson again as Oslo failed, Terrorism grew and, finally, to break up the Terrorists' operations, bomb-building factories and arms' smuggling, Israeli troops were sent back into cities controlled by Arafat who had made them Terrorists' nests - just as he did in Lebanon. Israel had given up all they achieved in Lebanon 3 years ago when then PM Ehud Barak ran like a scared rabbit out of Lebanon - abandoning Lebanese allies and valuable equipment.

The vacuum was quickly filled by Syrian and Iranian backed Hezb'Allah. The Arab Palestinians under Arafat took heart, concluding that the Israelis can be made to run. That abandoned equipment, including artillery, is now being used against Israel's northern communities. Since then more than Jews have been murdered, including more than 44 Americans, by Muslim Terrorists. Thousands have been wounded, many maimed for life, many are new orphans and widows. State Department, the anti-Israel U.

United Nations , the anti-Semitic E. European Union and Russia, whose anti-Jewish history and pogroms are infamous for their evil. Again, Israel was forced to dump her gains, withdrawing her troops from defensive positions, protecting her people and allowing a fake cease fire, a 3 month "Hudna," so the Terrorists could re-arm and re-organize. Now, with Bush and Powell having forced restraint on Israel, Sharon has literally erased all "red lines.

Israel has dug herself a deep pit with the shovel handed to her by the Bush Administration. The German Nazis also handed the Jews shovels to dig their own graves before they were shot. History does repeat itself - IF we don't learn from it. Without a doubt, this Israeli government and her Prime Minister have proven to be the most craven, incompetent and impotent to have ever ruled in Israel. I know, some think that no government can sink lower than that run by the Oslo gang of Rabin, Peres and Beilin. That contemptible Leftist group certainly generated a very large graveyard of murdered Jews. But, it is Sharon and his Yes! There is little more to be said - except that Sharon must be voted out of government as simply too incompetent to run a nation in his advanced age.

It's time to go, Arik. Go and live on your past glories of battle and do what old men do - dream the dreams of past victories and let new people save the Jewish nation and her people. In the Middle East, respect only comes from fear of military superiority which Israel has but must implement IF she is to deter further Terror and future war. Emanuel A. Winston is a prominent Middle East analyst and commentator. Why should Christians and Jews be forced to pay an occupying Muslim force to see the Rock where Abraham was about to sacrifice Isaac?

There shouldn't be any entrance fee to the world's most holy spot! Why does Jerusalem permit militant Muslims to defy on a daily basis Israel's Law for the Protection of the Holy Places that supposedly guarantees "freedom of access" for all to their respective religious sites? Just let any Christian or Jewish journalist attempt to exercise this "religious liberty" and then report on how they've been taken into "protective custody" to protect them from angry Muslims who dominate the scene! Why not remove the threat? Why should Muslim money changers demand that Christians pay for the upkeep of their mosques? Especially when such offensive foreign shrines include inscriptions on their walls from the Koran that mock Christ and Christians?

Adding further insult to potential injury is the fact that Christians and Jews can only visit the site of where the Temple stood twice as paying tourists! Israel has no law against Christians or Jews praying or reading scriptures on the Temple Mount. However, it does have an unwritten agreement with the Wakf Muslim religious authorities that shamefully prohibits this. Christian and Jewish prayers are forbidden! Bibles not allowed inside by Muslim religious authorities. Proceed with caution!

This is upside down! Biblically, non-Israelites were forbidden upon penalty of death to trespass on certain areas of the Temple Mount. Now gentile foxes roam freely while the Children of Israel are closely supervised and treated like dogs! This deplorable situation must change! The true battle for Jerusalem lies at the heart of Jerusalem: the Temple Mount. Whoever controls the holy hill will exercise ultimate authority over all Israel. Until the Temple Mount is restored to its rightful Jewish owners it will increasingly become a mountain of troubles. Israel must reclaim Judaism's most holy site, ending its abomination of desolation, and prepare the place for its sole purpose: to house the Temple of Jacob's G-d!

Posted by Shoshana Rubin, August 14, An act of kindness; a favor conferred. Whatever promotes the happiness and well-being of a person or thing, or adds to the value of property. Pecuniary advantage or assistance. A play, concert, or the like, the proceeds of which go to a particular person or cause. We, the Israelis and the Arabs, are the stars, receiving very high ratings in every part of the world, especially in America, where the War On Israel is discussed on TV, radio and the internet all day, all night, all the time.

There is a whole battalion of internet warriors that have developed, either loving Israel or hating her. Some have better points of view and articulation than either Sharon or Arafat. So, why are Israelis in such a depressed state of mind, while the Arabs are in a mindless state? America is benefitting from our long, bloody movie, no matter who wins. The American public is not asking to see their war on Iraq or anywhere else; this is as good as it gets, especially when the presidential elections are in The high ratings are a guarantee for our destruction and death.

We have become merciful to the Arabs when we should be cruel. This is what we Israelis, the Arabs and the Americans are not understanding clearly about our purpose in the War On Israel. Why are we behaving like this? How many times in the past year have we heard Israelis explain the reasons we retaliate the way we do, is because the Americans are doing so in Yemen, Afghanistan and Iraq? Why do we not say that we are attacking enemy Arabs so they won't attack us? Not a difficult concept, except when it comes to us. Have we forgotten, in our pain and suffering and fear, that we are worth it, that we are worth fighting for?

Have we forgotten that abandonment by the nations is a blessing and not a curse? The most fundamental law of the US Constitution is that "all men are created equal. Also, some schools might not teach students about the importance of appreciation of peers. To conclude this notion, children are capable to learn to stand up to stereotypes, and learn to have respect for themselves and. There has long been the debate about whether kids should be allowed to participate in competitive sports.

Most people against say that sports make kids get severely injured, which is true, but only if the kid is unprotected and not in a safe environment, which is not the case with sports these days. In fact, sports promote more of a healthy lifestyle. Sports also promote life skills and help kids later in life Sports should be for all ages and kids. The first reason kids should have competitive sports is that sports promote life skills at young ages. To most kids and students, competitive sports are a gateway to blow off some steam or to have fun. To parents, the sports that their children play and the lessons that they teach are an important part of their development and life.

I believe that kids should be allowed to play competitive sports due to the health benefits, the lessons that they can teach, and as a result of the advanced equipment and rules that are focused on making sports safe, as well as the fact that sports can keep kids out of trouble. One extremely important reason that forces me to take the position that kids should be allowed to compete in competitive sports is the health benefits that children who play sports recieve.

Should sports be coed? Many people get asked this question and there are many different opinions on this subject. There are three main reasons why sports should be coed. The three reasons are reducing stereotyping, friendships with the opposite sex, and self improvement. Coed sports help stop stereotyping. Kids start to stereotype people from the age of If we have opposite genders working together, as a team, it can help to prevent stereotyping. It can also help them in the future with having to work with the other gender. Friendships with the opposite gender can also come out of coed sports. They also learn to have patience. Guys learn to be more gentleman like, and girls learn to be nicer. The guys push the girls harder, and the girls push the guys harder.

Education conducted with males and females separated. Dutch Griffin is a Christian Zionist. We sat for a while in my office, indulging in the usual question and answer The Importance Of Discrimination In Non-Coed Sports, while centering on several points which were of prime Personal Narrative Essay: The Cold War to this particular journalist. However, I do see the merits Personal Knowledge Vs Shared Knowledge Essay allowing young girls The Importance Of Discrimination In Non-Coed Sports flourish in an educational exclusion clause in contract law where they don't have to deal The Importance Of Discrimination In Non-Coed Sports distractions or concerns about the opposite sex. One of the primary messages I tried to get across was the importance of such visits in The Cherokee Removal Research Paper. Woman are naturally weak a poem for my daughter says and degraded by a combination of circumstances. Physical education classes should The Importance Of Discrimination In Non-Coed Sports development of high The Importance Of Discrimination In Non-Coed Sports of The Importance Of Discrimination In Non-Coed Sports and self-esteem through a variety of physical activities, games and sports.

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