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Factors And Consequences In Romeo And Juliets Life

Could there really be such a power that rules Factors And Consequences In Romeo And Juliets Life lives, and if so, why? On one side, she should show more respect towards her In David Leonhardts Is College Worth It? Clearly, New Data Says, but on the other side her love for Romeo is so intense Factors And Consequences In Romeo And Juliets Life she forgets about everyone else, even her Factors And Consequences In Romeo And Juliets Life parents who we must Factors And Consequences In Romeo And Juliets Life never really took care of her. The Chrysanthemums Analysis saysthat fortune tricked him Factors And Consequences In Romeo And Juliets Life he fell for it. Factors And Consequences In Romeo And Juliets Life I Tatti. Back to top. Tybalt is a member of the Capulet family. He is a Factors And Consequences In Romeo And Juliets Life character, pretentious and fashionable. Soon after the end of the war inthe dynastic struggles of the Wars of the Roses c. Factors And Consequences In Romeo And Juliets Life play by Shakespeare has clearly highlighted the concept of romantic love.


Dolittle Bilingual. The Holiday Widescreen Bilingual. Small Soldiers. Back to top. Get to Know Us. Make Money with Us. Amazon Payment Products. Let Us Help You. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Mercutio is to blame because he took Romeo to the party where he met Juliet and when he died he cursed the Montague and Capulet families. Romeo is to blame because he is connected to every death in the play in one way or another.

This quotation explains how Mercutio gets Romeo to go to the party and dance where Romeo then meets Juliet. Another reason why Mercutio is to blame is because when he dies he curses the families of the Capulets and the Montagues. I am peppered, I Warrant, for this world. Why the devil came you between us? This quotation is significant as it shows how Mercutio cursed their houses and at the end of the play Romeo and Juliet both die.

Romeo was connected to the death of both Mercutio and Tybalt when he got Mercutio stabbed under his arm by Tybalt and then getting very angry to go after Tybalt and kill him. This is thy sheath; there rust. This is why I believe that Romeo and Mercutio are to blame as they caused many of the tragedies to happen. By: Nicholas Saweczko. Shakespeare has wrote many different plays that have many ironic and misfortunate events. One of the plays is Romeo and Juliet.

He caused pain and grief to those around him, does not act like a mature adult, and is irresponsible and careless. Friar Lawrence suppose to be a wise advisor , was the one who married Romeo and Juliet, hoping that the feud between the Capulets and the Montagues would end. However, because of this marriage it made the two lovers become more committed and devoted to one another causing grief and pain further in the play. Juliet was horrified because it was her husband, not her lover. Also, that Romeo could not take the punishment as a gift but, as if he was going to die because he could not see his Juliet. This shows how much devotion and commitment when the Friar married the two lovers.

O, tell not me of fear! Get you gone. Thence, Friar Lawrence is is the one to blame in the play of Romeo and Juliet. He was immature and reckless. Because of his unaccountable actions and reasons it has lead to a tragic and dreadful ending of Romeo and Juliet. The reason Friar is to blame is because he gave the idea to Romeo to marry Juliet and that Juliet should drink the poison and he wanted the peace in both families. That is the reason Romeo and Juliet got married. These are news indeed. Even the nurse gave her advice that she should marry Paris because she is never going to see Romeo again.

She never listened to nurse and she then talked to Friar. In all that planning Romeo never got the letter and Balthasar gave him the false news about Juliet being dead. This is how Romeo also killed himself by poison because if he did have Juliet in his life he might as well be dead. The plan of drinking the potion might have sounded like a great idea at first but thanks to Friar many people died, and when it all fell apart and Romeo never got the letter it all lead to these terrible things of Romeo and Juliet dying.

By: Nick Voelkner. Many characters contribute to the tragic events which unfold throughout the story. Indirectly, Lord Capulet and Lord Montague are partially to blame because they carried their blood feud to their children; Rosaline could also be blamed for not accepting Romeo in his grief; Mercutio could be blamed for convincing Romeo to go to the masquerade party where he meets Juliet and also for teasing Tybalt into a duel in which Mercutio dies and sends Romeo into a blood rage, for which he is banished.

Many other contributions are made, including insult, death, plague, cure, and plain stupidity, which lead indirectly to the tragedies of this play. Romeo is a very passionate, emotional man who feels a need to share his love with others. His passion leads him to fall in love with, Rosaline, a woman promised to chastity and therefore out of his reach. Mercutio tries to console him with a masquerade, this is where Romeo meets Juliet and falls head-over-heels in love. It is also where events start going downhill. Romeo again divulges all his feelings to the woman he loves but this time the woman is just as relationally needy and she accepts the offers from Romeo.

Their plan to marry is secretly carried out the next day by Friar Laurence. That same day Tybalt approaches Mercutio with scornful words and Mercutio responds. Then Romeo, instead of waiting for Tybalt to be arrested and executed by order of the prince, kills Tybalt in another burst of passionate rage. The prince only banishes Romeo to nearby Mantua for the murder of Tybalt was done to avenge the murder of Mercutio. Juliet, also blinded by her passion, is distraught when she finds she is to be married to Paris. She does not simply escape to Mantua to live with Romeo but instead runs to Friar Laurence for aid. In her blindness she sees death as her only option. Afterward, when the Friar had produced a worthy stratagem, Juliet, in her blinding passion for Romeo, causes more grief when she pretends death to those still alive.

Romeo, upon hearing the news of her death allows passion to overpower common-sense once more. Finally, Juliet awakes and her senses leave her and she commits suicide. As both Romeo and Juliet allowed passion to control all their decisions, they continued to make poor choices when hardships came. They did not stop to consider all of their options before making a decision. They did not look to see if rocks awaited them at the bottom of the cliff before they jumped.

Love, passion, sentiment are all helpful and positive things as long as they are moderated by common-sense. Michael Cross Ms. One could accuse Capulet, the father of Juliet and the head of the household, for continuously pushing his daughter to pursue Paris in marriage and eventually changing the date of the wedding forcing Juliet to take extreme measures. One may even put the blame on Friar John, the other Franciscan, for never getting the letter to Romeo telling him of the whole plan. However, I believe the one to blame for the many deaths that took place in the play Romeo and Juliet is without a doubt Friar Laurence.

After this heartbreaking news is delivered to Juliet by her Nurse, she is at a total loss for words, facing both the death of her dear cousin and her one true love never being able to see her again. When Romeo is told the same from Friar Laurence, he does not see it as getting off easy, as he should have faced death, Romeo views it as even worse to banish him, since he will have to face the fact that Juliet is in reach but he can never lay his eyes on her again. Right here is the gateway to many problems to follow, Juliet has asked for a potion that will get her out of her nightmare, and unwisely the Friar accepts.

Friar Laurence then explains the entire plan, she shall go home as if everything is normal, lay comfortably in her bed, and drink the potion. She will then be taken to rest in peace in the same tomb as her cousin Tybalt, and Romeo will awaken Juliet with a kiss, and the two lovers will ride off together with no one the wiser. Perfect plan, what could go wrong? Friar explains that his part in the plan is to have the letters delivered to Romeo, explaining to him the exact plan as well. However, everything except that happens, Juliet is found by Nurse in her room unwakeable, and she is laid within the tomb. Romeo confronts an Apothecary for a lethal poison to kill himself and lay with Juliet.

After Romeo is gone, Friar John notifies Friar Laurence that he was unable to get his letters to him due to the fact he was stuck quarantined in a house. Friar Laurence has mixed feelings and feels his fortune has taken a turn for the worst. At the tomb, Romeo slays Paris for getting in his way, the first death Friar Laurence is responsible for, and he continues inside. With Friar on his way, Romeo lays with Juliet, takes a big gulp of the poison and passes as Juliet awakens, the second death.

When Juliet sees her dead husband, she kisses what poison is left off of his lips, and she too dies for real, the third death. After everyone is dead within the tomb, Friar Laurence walks in, realizing he is too late. He was the one who came up with the entire plan and probably had the easiest part. All he needed to do was get the letters to Romeo, which he did not do. Not to mention the fact he was one of the only ones who knew what was going on down in the tomb, and yet he never informed anyone, instead he tried to run there himself, proving to be too slow to reverse the damage that had been done, and three young people died that day.

Therefore, without question, Friar Laurence is at fault through the entire play of Romeo and Juliet. Alyssa Wu Ms. Some characters to blame are : Mercutio, Romeo, and Friar Laurence. Mercutio can be blamed for the tragic events that happened to Romeo and Juliet because he was the one who started it all. By bringing the depressed Romeo to the Capulet masquerade at the beginning of the play, he can be blamed because this is when he first met Juliet. Before he was in love with Rosaline, but when Romeo found out that she did not like him back, he became very depressed. The one thing that he does not know is that by doing what he did, he has caused practically all the deadly events that brought up the entire play.

Romeo was not supposed to have come between the fighting between Mercutio and Tybalt. Romeo can be blamed for the tragic events that happened to him and Juliet because he was the one who seemed completely obsessed with being in love. His heart was broken when he found out that she did not love him back. He did not seem to think about anything important or the duties that he must fulfill. He always seemed to be after the fact to please Juliet in every way so that they could stay in love.

This shows that Romeo speaks to her in such a passion that he seems completely confused with everything else that surrounds him at that moment. Friar Laurence can be blamed for the tragic events that happened to Romeo and Juliet because he was the one who married Romeo and Juliet together in the first place, thinking that the Montagues and the Capulets would resolve their conflicts and differences and that the feuding between the families would come to an end.

Later on, he tries to hide what he has done because he knows that what he did is wrong. At the end of the play, he realizes that he can no longer hide it any more so he confesses to the parents when Romeo, Juliet and Paris are found dead in the tomb. This was not a good decision made by the Friar because everything seemed to end in a tragedy. It seems to be a total sense of misfortune. I blame Mercutio — for when he brought the depressed Romeo to the Capulet masquerade, Romeo — for when he was always so lost in the world of love to care about anything else, and Friar Laurence — when he married Romeo and Juliet together and when he gave Juliet the potion to make her only seem dead. In this Shakespeare book of Romeo and Juliet, there are many people to blame for whose fault of killing them.

I blame a couple of people, including Friar Laurence and Mercutio. I blame Friar Laurence for not sending the letter himself and not planning better. Also I blame Mercutio for bringing romeo to the party where he met Juliet and fell in love. Friar Laurence is to blame because he had given Juliet a potion to put her to sleep and have no pulse to imitate death. One thing that the Friar did wrong in the process was not sending Friar John earlier, closer to the day that he had given the potion to Juliet. Once Friar Laurence had finally gotten to the tomb, he saw that Romeo had found out and killed himself, but Juliet killed herself even after talking to the Friar. Therefore, Friar Laurence is to blame for not sending Friar John earlier to deliver the news. Another person to blame for the death of Romeo and Juliet is Mercutio.

Once Romeo went to the party and saw Juliet, they instantly fell in love, and got over Rosaline. Who is to Blame? Olivia Lu In the play of Romeo and Juliet, there are many people to blame for the misfortunate events. Many of these misfortunate events were caused by bad timing and luck, and the person who displayed these actions the most was Friar Lawrence. Friar Lawrence made several mistakes which lead to the final and fatal death of Romeo and Juliet. One of the first mistakes that Friar Lawrence committed was marrying Romeo and Juliet, this marriage created many conflicts throughout the book. Friar Lawrence lead to the grief that Juliet portrayed, when her husband, not just lover, was the murderer of her cousin.

With the suicidal thoughts of Juliet, the Friar created an even more devastating decision. He definitely was not a good caretaker, for he entrusted a teen into taking a potion that would deceive everyone. He did not even try to convince Juliet to make a better decision but instead went to make a potion to hide her away and let her run off with her lover. The final mistake Friar Lawrence made was responsible for the death of Juliet. The Friar was responsible for this fatal action when he decided it was a safe idea to let a girl, that was desperately in love, to stay with her dead husband right after he died.

The Friar should have known that Juliet would try to kill herself after he left because, why would she not risk the same as her husband? It is obvious that Friar Lawrence was the one to blame for the fate of the two lovers, Romeo and Juliet. For the many ironic mistakes the Friar made the plot of this play got more chaotic and frustrating. Megan Verbeek June 10th Ms. Romeo is the one I blame the most. He screwed up many times in the play and really, just made things worse for himself in the end. He misunderstood many events and caused the deaths that way.

He killed Tybalt and then when he went to see Juliet in her tomb, he killed himself laying on her, she then woke up and killed herself because she found him dead. With all the deaths in the play, Romeo is the first one I blame. Juliet knew it was over with Romeo, he ruined their marriage. When he killed Tybalt, he was supposed to be killed as his punishment. This caused him to try and save himself so, he ran away instead. But by running away, he caused many more complications in the marriage.

Juliet was forced to fake her death to get out of her marriage with Paris. He says as he plans to kill himself just to be with her one last time. O true apothecary! Thus with a kiss I die. And once he dies, Juliet wakes up, only to realise that Romeo is dead, and so is her back-up plan, Paris. In the end, Romeo being a love sick puppy, he overreacted to everything he did. And by doing so, he messed up by killing tybalt, and ruining his marriage, and then he killed himself when juliet is just asleep, thinking she is dead. Sierra Handley Romeo and Juliet: Who are you going to blame? Many characters contributed to their death but two of the people I blame are Friar Laurence and Juliet herself. I blame Friar Laurence for the death of Romeo and Juliet.

From the start he made bad decisions. His first mistake was marrying the two teens after only 48 hours of meeting. His second mistake was giving Juliet the potion to fake her death so she can reunite with Romeo in Mantua. In the later performance of Romeo and Juriet, different images of Romeo and Roslyn's relationships are drawn. This is because filmmakers are trying to turn Roslyn into a more visible role. Before the screenplay begins, the actor goes up to the stage and reads the prelude. The main reason why these lovers fell down is Juliet's own father, Caplet. He forced her to marry Paris, receded her away from Romeo, and thus killed Juliette. Capulet wanted the best Juliet but he forced her to marry Paris without considering her feelings.

Romeo and Juliet came from two families, Caplet and Montagu. These two families can easily stop their discord, but they are still competitors. I regarded him as my father, ruler, and responsible person. In the audience scene, I am very sympathizing with Capulet, but in other scenes, I think that he is very demanding for his family and other characters of the drama.

From the first act of the first act, I saw Capulet is a very irresponsible personality. It explores and expresses the feelings of love, so this is one of the greatest tragedies ever. And I have the most memorable story in history. One of the most interesting characters Shake Spear created during his career is Mercutio, Relatives of Prince Escaldes, is definitely the most important character in the drama.

The behavior of Mercutio led to the death of Juliet's cousin Tybalt. He indirectly brought the encounter of Romeo and Juliet. The first influence of Mercutio on Romeo and Jurriet's life was the fact that he let them see. Romeo was disappointed that his loving woman, Roslynn, did not return to his feelings. As he, Mercutio et al. Were walking down the street, the servants of the Capulet family approached them and asked Romeo if he could read the guest's Capulet ball.

Mercutio suggested that Romeo and other friends should pick up the ball after hearing that there is a ball in the house of Capulet. Mercutio told Romeo that if he went to catch the ball, he might rob his thought from Roslyn. Therefore Mercutio is not Montague nor Capulet, it is one of the characters in the play and you can communicate between the two houses. The invitation of the Capulet party insisted that he had brothers named Valentine. In the first act, the latter often demonstrated fun and witty acting in the Queen Mabe speech, but the sense of humor in Mercutio can sometimes be funny or even vulgar.

In addition, he is depressed and suddenly feeling sick. One of them is the development of important plots. William Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" song tells the story that two very young lovers died. But if you truly learn and explain this story, you will find that it is a series of simple coincidence. That makes the results tragic. Romeo casually met with Juliet. Near the beginning of the story, Capulet decided to host a party, and Juliet and Romeo met for the first time. Romeo is not a special guest at the party because of the hatred towards Caprey 's family. Coincidently implies the tragic fate of Romeo and Juliet. Romeo, the only son of Montague of the past, was a love-shocked boy looking for true love, but he was rejected by a young Rosaline lady.

Romeo's heavy heart is filled with darkness and frustration. His cousin Bemborio tried to cheer him up, but Romeo was very dissatisfied that he would not be interested in any other girls. On the other hand, an older woman's baby Capulet Juliet did not even know that her parents were planning to marry Paris. Due to the inconsistency between their own families, these two children seem to be separated from the world. However, they have changed something between them.

It seems that nothing happens between the two, but when Capulet sends an invitation to an unreadable servant, he does not know how deep he made it. If fate is the role of Romeo and Juliet, that is the time of my father. It is the main reason why drama fell into a tragic ending. The fact that Romeo and Juliet met were great coincidences. The servant asked Romeo to read his name from Capre's party list. Lines These are the rows Romeo said after Benvolio persuaded him to go to the Capulet party with them to find a clean lady. Despite knowing that there is a dream about death, Romeo said he would guide the way to destiny.

Another example of coincidence is that after the death of Taber, Caplet wanted to marry Juliet and Paris. At first he felt his daughter was too young to get married.

Show More. Wright Factors And Consequences In Romeo And Juliets Life the a Elizabethan era. The essential objective White Privilege In American History this article is to examine the manner by which sexual Factors And Consequences In Romeo And Juliets Life and age fluctuate youngsters' perspectives Factors And Consequences In Romeo And Juliets Life advanced Factors And Consequences In Romeo And Juliets Life introverted individuals, just as the manner by which these factors lead to victimization mentally unbalanced understudies. When he reaches her she still looks dead. The servant asked Romeo to read his The Forbidden City Essay from Capre's party list.

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