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The Junction Boys Film Analysis

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A very risky sequence, but Vijay did it coolly. My heart was in my mouth when it was being filmed". This stunt was performed in the location Rayagada in Orissa. The audiography was done by M. The film has been widely reported to be a remake of the Telugu film Azad that starred Soundarya as a journalist and Nagarjuna as a villager, incidentally the roles played by Genelia and Vijay, respectively. Raja claimed that it was not a remake but his own story. The film told the tale of a milkman who turns into a vigilante, with a human interest story as a backdrop. The soundtrack was scored by Vijay Antony. The audio rights were bought by Sony Music for a huge amount. Vijay, Hansika Motwani, S.

Chandrasekhar , Vijay Antony, Viveka, and several distributors and theatre owners were present in the function. Velayudham has broken all records and we have sold all our units within a day of its launch. The soundtracks are original, soulful and memorable. We're sure that the compositions will go down in history as some of the best melodies of our times. Pavithra Srinivasan of Rediff gave it 3 out of 5, stating "Vijay Antony plays it safe mostly, with the result that there's nothing new. Devi from Behindwoods gave it 3 out of 5 and said, "Vijay Antony continues to flaunt his success this time around with Velayutham.

The album has a bunch of entertaining soundtrack like, 'Molachu moonu', 'Mayam Seidhayo' and usual mass beat tracks 'Sonna Puriyadhu' and 'Vela Vela'. The album has all kinds of songs and the music director has targeted the mass as well as class listeners". The film was initially supposed to be released on 22 June, coinciding with Vijay's birthday, but was postponed due to a delay in production. Velayudham released on 26 October , during the Diwali festival and had a tough competition with Ra. One and 7aum Arivu. It also saw a release in about theaters in Karnataka and theaters in Kerala. Karnataka Rakshana Vedike KRV , a pro-Kannada outfit, requested all the theatres in the state not to screen any non- Kannada film on the occasion of Kannada Rajyaotsava Day, but some of the cinema halls did not take their plea seriously, which irked the KRV activists to show their anger against the Tamil film.

However, the theatre authorities realised that the situation might reach out of control and hence, they agreed to cancel all the shows of the day. The film was distributed by producer K Manju in Karnataka. As per overseas distributor Ayngaran International, the film released in 17 theatres in UK. Velayudham received positive reviews from critics. Sify gave the film 4 out of 5 and called it a good value for the money " paisa vassol " , stating that the film was a "perfect outing with family, but [is] far too long".

Velayudham took a big opening on Diwali day. Velayudham was a relatively high grosser in Europe and North America, with Taran Adarsh , a Bollywood film critic highlighting that the film was "rocking internationally". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Raja R. Vijay Genelia Hansika. Aascar Film Pvt. Ltd Ayngaran International. Release date. Running time. Bhaskar as Vaidehi's father [6] Sayaji Shinde as Asst. Commissioner Mhd. Feroz Khan, a critic of Velayudham who later starts supporting him [6] Ilavarasu as a poor man [6] T.

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Prior to this, the aircraft was used for two other flights on the day of the accident, operating as Flight and Flight , flying from Bombay to Goa and back. The take-off phase and en route phase proceeded normally. At local time, Flight 's radar plot appeared on Bangalore's radar. Flight was asked by Bangalore Radar to turn right and make a visual approach to Runway The crew disengaged the autopilot and later changed to the Bangalore Tower after being transferred by Bangalore Radar.

While Flight was attempting to land, the pilots flew far below the glideslope, and the landing gear touched down on the grounds of the Karnataka Golf Club, approximately 2, ft from the airport. Most people on the aircraft, including some crew members, thought that the aircraft had touched down on the runway as it was similar to its normal landing. Flight then bounced and shortly later impacted the ground for the second time. The impact caused several people's seat belts to fail, leading people to be thrown from their seats and hit the aircraft's floor.

Flight later struck a ft embankment. Both the engines and landing gear detached from the aircraft. The aircraft then flew over a road and crashed into a grassy, rocky area near the airport. After the crash, a post-impact fire started and the survivors began to escape from the burning wreckage. Several people managed to get out of the plane from an opening in the aircraft's fuselage. The surviving cabin crew opened the emergency door on the airplane and began to evacuate the survivors. Two people succumbed to their injuries after the accident. According to eyewitnesses, no fire service units reached the crash site as there was no radio transmitter RT communication facility between the tower and firefighting vehicles.

A portable radio transmitter was available for communication between the tower and the aerodrome fire station, but was not serviceable on the day of the accident. Flight carried passengers and 7 crew members, consisting of 2 cockpit crew and 5 cabin crew. There were 4 infants aboard the flight. The pilot who controlled the flight was Indian national Captain Cyril Fernandez at 46 years old. He joined Indian Airlines in as a pilot and was promoted to the position of co-pilot.

In , Fernandez obtained a Boeing co-pilot rating, followed by a Captain rating in Fernandez became the co-pilot of an Airbus A in Fernandez had a total flying experience of 9, hours, of which 68 hours were spent on the Airbus A According to the report, Captain Fernandez was under supervision as he was undergoing the first of 10 route checks required for qualification to Captain.

During the flight, he was seated in the left seat. He joined Indian Airlines in and was employed as a co-pilot on a Hawker Siddeley HS from —, later flying the plane as a Captain. In , he obtained a Boeing co-pilot rating and later, a pilot in command rating in In , he was promoted as a co-pilot on an Airbus A Captain Gopujkar had a total flying experience of 10, hours, of which hours were on the Airbus A During the flight, he was carrying out the duties of both the co-pilot and the check pilot. Before Flight , Captain Gopujkar was involved in a taxiing incident in Cochin [ which? During Flight , he was seated in the right seat. According to official reports: amongst the 54 injured people, at least 20 had suffered head injuries, 32 suffered lower limb injuries, while 7 sustained thoracic injuries.

Details in the report revealed that most of the dead suffered major trauma during the crash. At least 81 victims were revealed to have suffered shock and burn injuries. The report then stated that several passengers may have been too injured to move, leaving them physically unable to escape from the burning wreckage. They may have survived the impact, but due to the injuries they suffered during the crash, they couldn't escape.

The report stated that most people seated near the emergency exits and slides survived the crash. As most survivors and victims of the crash suffered head and leg injuries, the investigative team stated that those injuries might have occurred to the passengers and some of the crew onboard as a result of the inadequate leg room. In addition, during the crash, several seats were thrust forward, causing several passengers' head to slam into the back of the seat in front of them.

The Indian Ministry of Civil Aviation ordered a full-scale investigation into the crash. On 19 February, investigators visited the crash site and inspected the wreckage of the aircraft. They noted that the front part of the aircraft was destroyed during its impact with the embankment. A subsequent fire led to the total destruction of the aircraft. Investigators then inspected the flight controls of Flight , viz. However, they didn't find any abnormalities on these controls. Control failure was ruled out as a possible cause of the crash. According to investigators, they also ruled out terrorism as a cause of the crash, as there were no signs of an onboard explosion during the approach and there was no evidence of explosives on board.

Investigators made an analysis based on both flight recorders as follows: Flight was approaching Bangalore Airport in 'open descent' mode. In this mode, the aircraft engines are at the idle throttle. People would notice this since the engines seem to turn silent, and the plane appears to be sinking gradually. The crew of Flight disengaged the autopilot when sighting the runway of Bangalore Airport. They later made contact with Bangalore Tower. Captain Fernandez noticed this and requested for a go-around. He would climb to ft, do another circle and come back better aligned to the normal glide path.

The check pilot, Captain Gopujkar then responded to his request: "Do you want a go around? Or do you want vertical speed? If the pilots had proceeded with the go-around, the emergency that was to follow could have been averted. The aircraft was also now in the vertical speed mode — the correct mode for landing. Captain Gopujkar then checked the landing checklist. After completing the checklist, he asked the cabin crew to be seated at their stations. Realizing that the aircraft had regained its normal glide path, Captain Gopujkar reported at that he had now selected a " ft rate of descent".

However, instead of choosing the vertical speed knob, he accidentally chose the altitude knob. So, instead of inputting an order for a ft rate of descent to the Airbus A, he made an order to put the aircraft on an altitude of ft. The vertical speed knob and the altitude knob are located next to each other and have a similar design.

There are The Junction Boys Film Analysis types of gypsies, Roma gypsies, and Irish travelers. Frankfort horizontal The Junction Boys Film Analysis Frankfurt horizontal plane. The perpetrator left without the valuable jewels, for which he had killed her, after The Junction Boys Film Analysis interrupted The Junction Boys Film Analysis Paula, Alice's fourteen-year-old niece.

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