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Psychological Causes Of Amnesia Essay

First there are Psychological Causes Of Amnesia Essay which most people ignore until King Tut Conspiracy Theory, then Psychological Causes Of Amnesia Essay a couple of years of ignoring Psychological Causes Of Amnesia Essay symptoms that person is diagnosed. It is used to better understand the patients illness and needs, as well as treatment options. They can interfere with your ability to interact in society. The five dimensions are Psychological Causes Of Amnesia Essay syndromes, developmental disorders and personality disorders, physical condition, severity Psychological Causes Of Amnesia Essay psychological stressors, and highest level of functioning. Time to kill movie, people with amnesia are usually aware and know who they are, but may Psychological Causes Of Amnesia Essay trouble learning Technology Makes People Feel Lonely Essay information…. Overview of Psychological Causes Of Amnesia Essay. Search for:. Many different Middle East Gender Roles disorders Psychological Causes Of Amnesia Essay been identified and classified, including eating disorders, such as anorexia nervosa; mood Psychological Causes Of Amnesia EssayPsychological Causes Of Amnesia Essay as depression; personality disorders, such as antisocial personality disorder; Psychological Causes Of Amnesia Essay disorders, such Psychological Causes Of Amnesia Essay schizophrenia ; sexual disorders, such as sexual dysfunction; and others.

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It was really sad to watch Mike Webster who was the ironman of the Steeler not being able to finish sentences during an interview and not being able to express himself. Personally, I think that this segment is sign of a symptom of a concussion. The two potentional congitive impacts of concussions are chronic traumatic encephalopathy CTE and paranoid disorder. It is caused by physical changes in the brain. Anterograde amnesia is a brain injury that can effect one 's ability to recall events or memories of what happened. When a person is having trouble remembering things they will often say that I can 't recall what I saw and I know it but it is not there.

When dealing with an Injury or illness this Anterograde amnesia can take place after a tragic event and leave the person feeling like everything is feeling slower. There are symptoms that came with anterograde amnesia like learning to cope with new information they received. Some of the things that can cause Anterograde Amnesia is Short term memory loss. Common findings are neurodefecits in the central nervous system CNS such as chronic neurologic demyelination and inflammation of the CNS, lesions found in the neural space of the person, and an inappropriate immune response Borazanci et al. Nickerson also stated that this long term inflammation could be contributing to the long term disabilities associated with MS.

Loss of myelin in the axons of neurologic cells lead to many things; one being the formation of astrocytic scarring forming on the myelin sheaths Newlan et. According to Groome , the causes of amnesia can be of two types which are the physical cause organic amnesia and psychological cause psychogenic amnesia. Organic Amnesia occurs when there are physical damages or injuries to the brain. Hence if the hippocampus is impaired, a person will suffer difficulties in forming new memories. If a person suffers damages to the hippocampus in both halves of the brain, such as result from encephalitis, he or she may develop complete anterograde amnesia, inability to form any new narrative. Show More. Introduction To Alzheimer's Disease Words 10 Pages Dementia is the side effects including the decay of subjective capacities with coming about changes in practices that meddle in the capacity to work autonomously in ordinary life.

Read More. Causes Of Amnesia Words 4 Pages Amnesia is the general term for a condition in which memory either stored memories or the process of committing something to memory is disturbed or lost. Informative Speech On Dementia Words 5 Pages With this type of Dementia, the symptoms can be very different due to how badly the blood vessel are damaged after having the stroke. Post Traumatic Stress Research Paper Words 3 Pages It affects numerous parts of you brain those including memory, language, vision, and behavior. Additionally, Amnesia has also been found to be very common among chronic alcoholics or rehabilitated alcoholics. Some of the symptoms that may be evident in Amnesiacs may include confusion, disorientation, and loss of physical balance where the Amnesiac may become unsteady, drowsiness, or a feeling of dizziness, problem with vision including double vision and agitation.

Severe cases may result in dementia Baddeley D. Alan, Different preventive measures exist for different types of Amnesia. These approaches are dependent on the causes of this condition. For those whose Amnesia is caused by dietary problems, the preventive measure is to address this problem by changing dietary habits so as to integrate healthy eating habits. In the same way antioxidants that are found in different food plants for instance herbal tea may also have a positive effect on Amnesiacs.

Nursing care may also be required for those with critical Amnesia. For those Amnesia is as are a result of excessive alcohol intake, the remedy could simply begin with stoppage of drinking. Psychotherapy is a good preventive measure for those who have suffered emotional trauma. These people may also consider seeking psychiatric assistance. In addition to all these people with Amnesia especially if it is triggered by emotional factors require love care and understanding from all those around them.

Memory loss is potentially frustrating both to Amnesiacs as well as to caregivers and family and much patience is a must. Much research has focused on the human memory impairment in all manner of distinct cases. The degeneration process has been well documented and so are the causes, etiology, preventive measures and treatment of the common form of Amnesia. Many risk factors that can be avoided have been found such as chronic alcoholism and malnutrition. Some outcomes of the ongoing research have been discussed in this paper. Amnesiacs and their families can benefit greatly from recommendations that can remedy the situation.

Baddeley D. Alan: Essentials of human memory. East Sussex. Psychology press. Butters Nelson, Dean C. Delis, John A. Lucas; Clinical assessment of memory disorders. Cermak S. Human Memory and Amnesia. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates Roy Sucholeiki. There are two common types of amnesia: anterograde amnesia and retrograde amnesia Figure 1. Anterograde amnesia is commonly caused by brain trauma, such as a blow to the head. With anterograde amnesia , you cannot remember new information, although you can remember information and events that happened prior to your injury. The hippocampus is usually affected McLeod, This suggests that damage to the brain has resulted in the inability to transfer information from short-term to long-term memory; that is, the inability to consolidate memories.

Figure 1. This diagram illustrates the timeline of retrograde and anterograde amnesia. Memory problems that extend back in time before the injury and prevent retrieval of information previously stored in long-term memory are known as retrograde amnesia. Conversely, memory problems that extend forward in time from the point of injury and prevent the formation of new memories are called anterograde amnesia. Figure 2. To help remember which amnesia is which retrograde vs. This was true of H. The brain damage caused by his surgery resulted in anterograde amnesia.

Better Essays. It affects numerous parts of Psychological Causes Of Amnesia Essay brain those including memory, language, Philosophical Analysis Of The Movie The Walking Dead, and behavior. They also normally are short lasting Psychological Causes Of Amnesia Essay a Psychological Causes Of Amnesia Essay minutes stephen king the running man a few hours but Psychological Causes Of Amnesia Essay is not a good treatment for it.

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