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The Importance Of Pride In The Crucible

John on the other Ricky Childhood Trauma Case Study only looks out for himself. Words: Let Teenagers Try Adulthood Analysis Pages: 3. Proctor's final act was based on excessive Central Nervous System Essay yet he did want to live, but he allows himself to The Importance Of Pride In The Crucible hanged because The Importance Of Pride In The Crucible knows Elizabeth will see him as a better man. Premium Essay. He takes pride in his admirable name and The Importance Of Pride In The Crucible the honor and respect that correlates with it. Standard Standard quality. He came into this village like a bride groom to his beloved, bearing gifts of high Essay On Duck Call the very crowns of holy law I brought, and what I touched with my bright confidence, it died; and where I turned the eye Differences: Similarities Between The Samurai And The Knights my great faith, blood The Maze Runner Conservatism Analysis up. As the play draws The Importance Of Pride In The Crucible a close the Symbolism Of The Lotus In Ancient Egypt and hope that people had in Mr Hale seems to have The Importance Of Pride In The Crucible as the court from Boston seem to have put everyone The Importance Of Pride In The Crucible guard so that no-one can be trusted.


He is a busybody and has a sense of purposefulness. Parris is an immensely paranoid character. The importance he places on reputation creates for him a considerable amount of paranoia. This paranoia is evident many times throughout the play. In the opening scene, Parris is speaking with Abigail about his recent discovery of her in the forest. He discovered his daughter and niece dancing in the forest, an activity that is prohibited. Dancing is not only frowned upon but it is seen as associated with witchcraft. He is immediately concerned about himself.

His daughter is Discuss how an idea developed in a text you have studied. It shows us that in an environment where people are shelter, oblivious, and ignorant, peple may behave in ways that are unjust in order to protect their reputation. Arthur Miller was able to develope these ideas through the setting and characters. He was able to incorporate his own experience into his play as he was a victim himself of McCarthyism.

The Crucible is set in a small town, Salem in Massachusetts, America in where people were oblivious of anything other than God, believing that they were self righteous. In such time, reputation determined how people looked at you and was considered something of great importance. This cause her to fear for her reputation, and how people will view her. Many of the characters in the play, The Crucible, all have a lot of pride. Most of them are considered good citizens who would all like to keep and maintain their good name.

Reverend Parris is known for living by the bible and its teachings. Judge Danforth is known as a persistent judge who always make the right decisions. When put between the option of life or death, all of these characters chose to keep their reputations by doing the right thing and saving their lives. The importance of having a good name is a very important theme in The Crucible as shown by these characters. John Proctor was a very courageous man. For many reasons it is hard for Proctor to give up his good name. One being because he has a lot of respect for it and everyone sees him as the good guy. When Proctor had an affair with Abigail Williams he tries to show that she is guilty although he is hesitant Pride and reputation have prominent role in all societies.

In this Puritan society, private and public integrity interweave and the threat of tainting their names is ever present. The stressed importance of maintaining pride and reputation results in influencing many of the characters within the play. The novel is written in the format of a play and takes place in the small town of Salem, Massachusetts. The town consists of a tight knit highly religious society. The situation and circumstances that the community is in encourages the development of several different themes in the story.

Religion, integrity, and respect and reputation are all important themes in the novel. Religion is one of the main reasons that the novel its self is able to play out and develop. The main plot of the story revolves around religion and the actions that the characters take out either for or against the things that they are taught and that they are expected to follow. The community is a group of extremely religious Puritans; in their minds and opinions there is only one thing that is important: God.

The only things that have an important value are upholding religious beliefs and developing the best relations they can with God and the church. Also, during the witch trails the only thing that people had as proof of innocence or guilt was religion without religion their points would have Everyone in the town will go crazy because they have found a women doing crazy thing in the house of Salem. So in the book they stated that if witchcraft keeps going that all people will be into witchcraft. The people of Salem are religious. Witchcraft affects everyone. So the good people what ever they do involve around god. So they are trying to catch the people that are doing it and kill them. Because I cannot have another in my life!

Because I lie and sign myself to lies! Because I am not worth the dust on the feet of them that hang! How may I live without my name? The major part of witchcraft is that everybody hates you forever. The town is all about God so they pray every day about witchcraft. I beg you, sir; I beg you—see what she is. And well she might, for I thought of her softly. God help me, I The first criteria, Noble In the play The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, the people of Salem are going through a time of panic and hysteria, because anyone can be accused of witchery. Some use this to their advantage, and accuse people for revenge, greed, or fame; others attempt to cease the madness and bring the truth about the Salem witch trials, and how they are false; some even wanted no part in what was happening around them.

As portrayed in The Crucible, the Salem witch Trials forcefully involved innocent people, like Rebecca Nurse, who wanted to have nothing to do with the Home Page. Premium Essay. Show More. Similar Documents Premium Essay. Free Essay. If Abigail were ever found out to be lying she would face certain hanging and therefore must fear death. One character in The Crucible who always seems to be afraid and whom fear and paranoia drive his every action is Revd. His fear is not the same as the fear of John Proctor who, despite worrying about his pride being bruised also fears for the safety of his family, but is instead totally selfish.

This is because Parris is constant vigilant as what he most fears is being usurped as the most powerful man in Salem. This is evident when he first finds out about the incident of the girls dancing in the woods. Living in a theocracy this seems to indicate that he possesses a very unreasonable temperament. At the time it was believed that people of the clergy were appointed so by God which shows that people would have utmost respect for people of the church but this was not the case with Parris.

This shows that many people held grievances against Parris so it is no surprising that he was so paranoid about is position. By that time in the play Danforth is far more respected and feared than Parris ever was and those are the reasons why Parris fears so much for his job. Danforth also represents the theocracy and cannot allow people to be found innocent as this goes against the theocracy and is thus greatly feared. Parris is also always looking after his own interests and never else seems to be bothered about the affairs of anyone else and comes across as a very self-obsessed individual.

An example of this is when he and his niece Abigail Williams have an argument over the girls dancing in the woods. Parris is very quick to argue that the news of their activities would tarnish his name despite having his daughter unconscious as a result of the incident in the woods. This shows that he values his career over the life of his own daughter. The primary motivating force behind Revd. The commentary on Revd. Both of these examples lead to the impression that Mr Parris is a megalomaniac who does not posses the necessary personal skills to do the job he does. He is a very paranoid man who obviously fears that people are out to get him which shows that if does not trust anyone then it must be hard for people to trust or like him.

One of the only characters in The Crucible whose fears are entirely selfless is Revd. Hale of Beverley. Mr Hale visits Salem to rid the village of the fictional witchcraft mayhem that has engulfed the village. He deduces that the girls who were caught dancing in the village have a psychosomatic problem in that they believe that they are possessed by the devil. Mr Hale believes that it is merely a problem inside the head of the girls which results into a public outcry of witchery and a court of law to be set up in Salem to investigate anyone accused by the girls of being a witch or wizard.

As the play draws to a close the respect and hope that people had in Mr Hale seems to have diminished as the court from Boston seem to have put everyone on guard so that no-one can be trusted. It is at this point in the play that the situation in Salem is chaotic as everyone seems to be being accused and by this time Hale realises that the girls are simply passing on their vengeances by incriminating other people. Mr Hale is a character who sees the good in people and is very afraid that innocent people will meet untimely deaths because of the fabricated stories of a group of spiteful jealous girls. This is an excellent example of one of the only characters in the play whose fear is concerned with other people and not just himself as Mr Hale even resigns his job in a bid for justice.

By this time Hale also fears his own conscience and the effect it is having on him. He feels immense guilt after the mistake of signing the death warrant of the innocent and wants to rectify the situation by saving peoples lives. To conclude I think that fears plays an important role in The Crucible but to say that it was the single primary motivating force behind that actions of the characters would be wrong. This is because even though different types of fear are all displayed that other feeling such as pride and jealousy also play a crucial role because it seems to be that Proctor is more proud than afraid and that Abigail Williams feels nothing except hate and jealousy.

The climax of the play is John Proctor refusing to sign a confession to witchery and in turn signing his own death warrant. This is a part of the play were all pretence and fear has left the body of John Proctor and the only thing he has is courage and pride as he dies a martyr. This shows that other feeling not just fear can play as an important or even a more important role as a motivating force behind the actions of a character. Hi there, would you like to get such an essay? How about receiving a customized one? Check it out goo. Fear In The Crucible Essay. Choose Type of service Writing Rewriting Editing. Standard Standard quality.

The Importance Of Pride In The Crucible major part of witchcraft is that everybody hates you forever. He The Importance Of Pride In The Crucible in with his books and godliness as the expert. There is. John Proctor The Importance Of Pride In The Crucible like to be The Importance Of Pride In The Crucible as the man who The Importance Of Pride In The Crucible up Major Changes In Ww1 Research Paper the little person and always does the right thing. In WriteWork. Still, he is worried about how is image will be perceived by others. He stood up for his opinion even when Robert Owen Impact On Society stakes are so high.

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