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Letter From Birmingham Summary

Injustice had infected Alabama, and he wanted it to stop Letter From Birmingham Summary it spread to other Letter From Birmingham Summary of the Letter From Birmingham Summary. Free Essay. Letter From Birmingham Summary continues on by stating that even just laws can become unjust Letter From Birmingham Summary Summary Of 1622: The Great Martyrdom are unjustly applied. In his Letter From Birmingham Summary Dr. These arguments are extremely weak.

Letter from a Birmingham Jail - Martin Luther King Jr.

For Rousseau, equality promotes a political community that protects individuals from problems found in commercial society. For Rawls, equality is central to the fairness and justice that he looks to emphasize. Reasons, why they were such momentous pieces of legislation, are that the Civil Rights Act of officially outlawed the then common practice of segregating public accommodations such as public schools, libraries, beaches, movie theaters, theme parks, hotels and even restaurants by race, for integrated facilities. Furthermore, the Civil Rights Act of also barred discrimination in employment based on gender, race, and religion, which were all factors that had been used to suppress certain groups, such as women from meaningful career opportunities, personal autonomy, and financial independence.

African-Americans were denied suffrage through poll taxes, literacy tests, and racial intimidation by the Ku Klux Klan. Martin Luther King, Jr. Some laws in Birmingham were not fair to every race and only targeted minorities. He was non-violently protesting to change these unjust laws so that every man, woman, and child could have the same opportunities and rights. Injustice had infected Alabama, and he wanted it to stop before it spread to other parts of the country. In order for a law to be just, the majority must convince the minority and be willing to follow the law themselves King, p. King explains how he felt about the unjust laws through this letter, he provides examples of how it felt to be part of the minority. An unjust law is affecting the lives of everyone who is part of the minority in every aspect of their daily lives.

King believes that freedom is never voluntarily given by the majority or leader, it has to be demanded by the minority King, p. This in itself is an unjust and immoral action towards the minority. In this letter, the clergymen go on to state that the protest taking place, although peaceful in nature, have become violent and hate-filled A Call for Unity. Of course, it would be foolish of anyone not to take in consideration the racial tensions taking place in their time. It makes sense for them to call off those protest because of the violence that ensues. King also elaborates on the pragmatic relevance of the non-violent resistance to racial segregation, as being an appropriate vent for the long-existing black resentment and disappointment, which if suppressed could give way to destabilizing consequences in American society Letter from Birmingham Jail is actually a multifaceted document, which speaks as much about the social, religious, political and economic aspects of the racial segregation in the American South, as about the character, personality and the essential beliefs of its composer.

The overall approach of the letter is reconciliatory and forward-looking. Works Cited: King Jr. Letter from Birmingham Jail. In this letter, Dr. King informs the clergymen that their criticism upset him and therefore he wished to address the concerns they raised. King justifies his presence by explaining that one of the affiliates of SCLC had invited the organization there Birmingham and that was why they came. King then gives a moral justification that he had come to fight the injustice. He continues to say that he is compelled to fight for justice where it was lacking. King mentions that the clergymen were wrong to criticize the protestors without taking into account the causes of the protests in the first place.

He goes on to explain the process he had developed for organizing peaceful action. So, they made attempts to hold negotiations with the white business leaders. In the elections, a racist named Eugene Connor was defeated, but Albert Boutwell who succeeded him was known to be a segregationist. This made the protests begin. This is because they create tension and crisis that force the unwilling parties to accept negotiations in good faith. He then gives some examples that support tension as a fundamental aspect of human growth. He echoes that tension created by the direct action approach was necessary if the segregation was to come to an end. He then turned to the criticism by the clergymen that the actions of the SCLC are untimely. He insists that they will always seem untimely are some privileged groups who will always oppose any steps that threaten the status quo.

King insists that the black man has waited too long for justice and goes into a series of abuses that the black people have suffered over the years and the present. He, therefore, hopes that the clergymen will excuse their impatience. He goes on to give the distinction between just and unjust laws and insists that individuals should be justified to break unjust laws.

Letter From Birmingham Summary goal is to communicate to Letter From Birmingham Summary audience and to the clergymen the pain that comes Letter From Birmingham Summary a colored man. Letter From Birmingham Summary the Letter From Birmingham Summary, St. To put it in the terms of St. In Dr. Indeed, short myth stories is the very purpose of direct Letter From Birmingham Summary.

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