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Oliver Cromwell Ireland

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Oliver Cromwell in Ireland - A Short History

England is the anti-underdog, a country and culture synonymous with smug imperialism, casual colonial tyranny, and queuing. Endless queuing. But is this fair? Why, precisely, does everyone hate the English? Al Murray is getting to the truth of things in his new show, which is helpfully titled Why Does Everyone Hate the English? He has his work cut out for him in the Ireland episode, which takes in religious battles, severed heads on sticks and — even more horrifyingly — the sight of Al trying his hand at Irish dancing.

The man who helped topple a king, and then embarked on a conquest of Ireland so savage that Cromwell is still regarded by many Irish people as a war criminal to this day. But has his name been unfairly maligned? Could it be argued he was actually justified maybe, perhaps in some of his most infamous actions? The standard 'Bad Cromwell' summary of his exploits in Ireland goes something like this. After having killed Charles I back in England, Oliver Cromwell turned his greedy gaze to Ireland, which teemed with the Catholics he despised, and which he wanted to bring to heel. And so he set off with his army, cutting a bloody swathe through the country, ruthlessly slaughtering soldiers and innocent civilians alike.

Take the bloody siege of Drogheda, for example. After a stand-off with the commander in charge of enemy forces there, Cromwell ordered the town to be stormed. Thousands were killed in the attack, including an unknown number of civilians. In one particularly gruesome moment, soldiers seeking refuge in a church steeple were burnt alive when the building was set alight. Cromwell recounted how he literally heard someone scream 'God damn me, God confound me: I burn, I burn. And worse was to come during his attack on the town of Wexford. He proved to be every bit as lethal in concluding the genocide as was his father-in-law and within two years all Catholic resistance was at an end.

This period in Ireland was a time of great upheaval and turmoil and the killings and murders by one group on another fomented such hatred and mistrust between Catholics and Protestants, that it is little wonder that the same is almost intuitive in many people today. It would do us all so much better,if,instead of killing people for the cause of Christ, we would live as He would have us live and win people to His cause with the love and forgiveness that He constantly showed even to His enemies. The truth is that the time will come when each of us will finally understand the meaning of the little verse: "Only one life, 'twill soon be past, Only what's done for Christ will last".

Whether we are a Cromwell or the Irish Rebels who battled his oppressions, or a modern day Baptist, Catholic, or a "nothing", perhaps before we allow ourselves to get involved in a "religious" war, we would do well to as : "Is this really something the Prince of Peace would have me get involved in? There is no greater paradox in the whole world than to hear of people killing others in and for the name of the One who could have slain so many with a single word, and yet allowed Himself to be offered as the sacrifice for all. That motivation is fodder only for the most intellectually corrupt and morally destitute morons,who use Christ not for their own spiritual development, but for the satisfaction of their own personal greed and pyschosis.

About the Editor Bee Smith. A convinced anti-Papist, Cromwell was soon noticed for his allegations against the Pope. When the Civil War broke out in January , Cromwell himself mounted an army, representing the armed arm of Parliament. He was known for his courage, his great mastery of the arts of war, but also for his great violence and propensity for cruelty. From then on, Cromwell became a prominent figure in the troubled political landscape of the time.

He then takes part on July 2, in the battle of Marston Moor, then of Newbury in October of the same year. Very quickly, the climate in the Kingdom of England deteriorates: the country is exhausted by more than 11 years of tyranny led by King Charles I, a fervent Protestant declaring open war on the Puritans. Cromwell thus decides to rise up against the king, in view of a forthcoming English revolution — Faced with so many defeats, Charles I eventually fled to the Isle of Wight in , but was eventually captured and repatriated to London. A trial was held and the decision was made to execute the King by axe on January 30, Cromwell then proclaims the hour of the Republic or Commonwealth.

Charles I being now dead and buried, Cromwell decides to focus on Ireland and Scotland, 2 countries torn by rebellions. The Irish and Scots intend indeed to free themselves from the English yoke, and do not cease since to fight in the name of the Irish Confederate Wars Cromwell went to Ireland in August with an army of 12, men. In a hurry, he ransacked many towns, killing Irish Catholics in turn, whether women, children or men. For more than 3 years, Cromwell purges Ireland, reducing the Irish population from 1,, to , The losses are enormous, and the damage considerable: the towns of Drogheda , Wexford , Clonmel , Limerick , Waterford and Galway are besieged, partially destroyed and the population almost entirely decimated.

Cromwell then leaves Ireland for Scotland, leaving behind him a bloodless Ireland, where Catholics suffer a strong political and religious oppression through discriminatory penal laws.

Cromwell travelled to Oliver cromwell ireland to lead troops oliver cromwell ireland forces oliver cromwell ireland loyal to the king. Oliver cromwell ireland by the execution of King Charles I, the Ulster Scots also joined the coalition against the newly-declared Oliver cromwell ireland Commonwealth. Disease however killed indiscriminately oliver cromwell ireland Ireton, along oliver cromwell ireland thousands oliver cromwell ireland Parliamentarian troops, died of plague outside Oliver cromwell ireland in Oliver cromwell ireland the Remember The Alamo Essay oliver cromwell ireland their monarch, the Royalists signed the Oliver cromwell ireland Ormond Oliver cromwell ireland with oliver cromwell ireland Irish Confederates Oliver cromwell ireland Catholic Confederation which ruled two-thirds of Ireland oliver cromwell ireland the Rebellion until Cromwell's Conquestoliver cromwell ireland themselves with the Irish against the English Parliament. Elizabeth Bourchier oliver cromwell ireland. P M Haverty New York.

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