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Stereotypes Depicted In The Castle And Summer Heights High

Dark Lord. Note that there must be some gap between this date and the first Stereotypes Depicted In The Castle And Summer Heights High deadline, as you may need some time to read the paper and ask for a revision. Tom HansenBrian Griffin. Brite Stereotypes Depicted In The Castle And Summer Heights High Neil Gaimanand Jonathan Edwards Rhetoric some works Stephen King. The edges of the map were being filled in, Stereotypes Depicted In The Castle And Summer Heights High no one was finding Stereotypes Depicted In The Castle And Summer Heights High dragons. However, the Dark One betrayed his father No Drop Prosecution Case Study instead inserted him Stereotypes Depicted In The Castle And Summer Heights High not the heart of Robin Hoodbut a sample of Stereotypes Depicted In The Castle And Summer Heights High from the River of Lost Souls and damned him for eternity.

Summer Heights High (DELETED SCENE) - Ja'mie - Am I Hot?

In colclusion S. The community was already fed up with the past - this just fueled the fire. Others told of how he constantly made passes at them while at work" Clarkprosecutor. His inappropriate actions would eventually lead up to a more serious manner. Both texts explore what behaviours are considered acceptable and unacceptable in Australian society. Violence is present but frowned upon and seen as unacceptable in both texts. For example, in The Castle when the kerrigan family is getting threatened, Steve pulls a gun out and is instantly told off and the idea is shut down.

Similarly in Summer Heights High when Jonah gets worked up at a school dance and becomes violent teachers take him away from the situation and scold him trying to prove the point that violence is not the. On at hours I was dispatched to Harper Street in reference to a domestic assault. Upon my arrival I made contact with Donald Pickard, who informed me of the following: - He and his girlfriend Serena Barnes have been arguing because he cheated on her while she was in prison.

I also read that the police would wait until the Sailors beat up the Chicanos during the Zoot Suit riots to arrest the Chicanos for fighting instead of both the Sailor and the Chicano. This discrimination and brutality against Chicanos from the Los Angeles police has been going on for a while now and it needs to stop. In Zoot Suit by Luis Valdez, the author communicates the larger idea that violence is the result of injustice in a given system by including scenes in which Henry is about to kill Rafas at the Saturday night dance, strikes a guard and gets sent to solitary, and is reported to have gone back to prison, killed an inmate, and gotten into drugs.

From the beginning of the play, Henry succumbs to using violence due to being excluded from society. Henry reacted violently because this was a case in which many authority figures were openly discriminating against him simply because of his ethnicity in a professional setting. Furthermore, Henry is later provoked by a guard to attack him so that he will be viewed as a murderer by the public and will remain in jail. Show More. Read More. What Is The Hysteria In The Crucible Words 4 Pages This hysteria becomes fueled by the opportunism in people like Abigail, and the willingness to remove any person who might pose a threat to the state in the form of swift prosecution and even execution. Symbolism In S. Related Topics.

Open Document. Although Smee proves to be gullible, Hook catches Peter and they begin a bout of swordplay. Ultimately, Peter's ability to fly gives him the upper hand, and he escapes with Tiger Lily and Wendy. Peter then returns home with the Darlings and the Lost Boys. Peter realizes Wendy is ready to return home and, even worse for Peter, the Lost Boys wish to have a real mother and return home with Wendy. Peter tells them once they grow up, they can never return. Peter really does not worry knowing they will return eventually. Unbeknownst to Peter, however, his friends are actually kidnapped by Hook and his crew the moment they exit Hangman's Tree.

Peter is then a victim of Hook's newest scheme: Hook plants a bomb in Peter's home while he and Tinker Bell are inside it. While Peter has truly survived and unharmed, Tinker Bell is fatally injured and Hangman's Tree has been destroyed. While she tells Peter that Hook has Wendy and the boys and that he needs to save them, he refuses to leave her and begs her to stay alive, saying that he loves her more than anything.

After the pirates are done with, Peter takes on Hook alone atop the ship. As Hook is about to strike Peter in the back while he is off guard letting out a triumphant crow, Wendy quickly warns him, having Peter fly out of the way and leaving Hook to plummet into the sea where he is chased away by the crocodile. Peter commands Tink to cover the ship in pixie dust so that he may drop Wendy and her brothers off home to London. Peter and Tinker Bell are out and about in Never Land and pay Hook a little visit, only to discover Hook has a girl being held captive, who the Captain claims to be Wendy.

Pan becomes serious and battles the Captain to rescue his friend. After Hook is defeated, he frees the girl, but instead of reuniting with Wendy, he meets her daughter Jane , who unlike Wendy is rather practical. He takes the newcomer to his hideout and introduces her to the Lost Boys. The boys begin to surround her, asking to play all sorts of games and activities, which causes Jane to lose her temper and storm off. Peter and Tinker Bell follow her and witness her collecting supplies and boarding them on a raft. After the failed attempt to ride off home, Peter informs her that the only way to go home is to fly. He takes her on a lesson, and oblivious to Peter, Captain Hook is spying on them and plans to use Jane's desires to get home against his enemies.

Jane's first take-off fails. Peter finds her beloved notepad and begins playing rugby with it. It is accidentally eaten by Cubby, causing Jane to yet again go into a complete rage to the point where she declares that she does not believe in fairies, and storm away for good. Jane's non-belief causes Tinker Bell to become ill. The only way to save Tink is to have Jane believe again in magic. The friends set off to find her, but she finds them instead. She suggests playing treasure hunt as part of Hook's plan to retrieve his treasure in exchange for giving her a ride home , to which Peter agrees. She finds the treasure, but she changes her mind about Hook, but Tootles finds their communication whistle and unknowingly alerts Hook. Peter angrily calls Jane a traitor and warns her that Tink's light is going out.

Jane rushes there while Peter and the boys are captured and taken to Hook's ship. Peter, being strapped to an anchor, is about to walk the plank until Jane arrives with Tinker Bell fully charged. She frees Peter and the Lost Boys until Hook traps her by the neck with his hook. Peter returns the favor and cuts Hook loose falling through the ship and sinking with it until he and his crew are chased by the octopus. Peter personally escorts Jane back to London with the Lost Boys. Peter and Tink reunite with the now grown-up Wendy. Originally upset at the fact that Wendy has changed by growing up, Peter happily accepts it after Wendy assures him that even though she has grown up, she has not really changed and still believes in him.

After the reunion, Peter and Tink watch Wendy and her children happily greet Jane's father as he returns from war, and they then fly back to Never Land. Peter's most notable appearance is in the episode " Donald Wants to Fly ". Peter and the Lost Boys are a band that was scheduled to perform at the club that night and are late for the show. Mickey sends Iago to find them. While Mickey is gone, Donald spends the night trying to fly. After Peter finally arrives, he teaches Donald how to fly, with the help of pixie dust.

At the end of the show, he asks Mickey and Minnie to visit him in Never Land and that he had managed to make a cabana for them at Mermaid Lagoon. In the episode " Super Goof ", he is seen with Tink at a table watching Super Goof fly, during which he commented out of jealousy "So, he can fly, he can fly, he can fly! Who can't? While Peter does not make any appearances in the first season of the series, he is mentioned several times by Jake , his crew and even Captain Hook. Following the events of the film, Peter and Tinker Bell have gone off to explore the world outside of Never Land and left Jake and his crew to keep Captain Hook at bay.

Some of the episodes revolve around a message sent to Jake by Peter to complete a task. In the episode " The Key to Skull Rock ", a silhouette in the form of stars are seen in the night sky shaped just like Peter. Without his shadow, Peter is plunged into a depressive state, unable to fly, causing more problems for the heroes and giving a plus to the revenge-seeking Captain Hook, who manages to capture the shadow, and attempts to use it as leverage to capture and exile Pan from Never Land. Eventually, Peter and the shadow are rejoined and leave Never Land once again to explore new parts of the world. However, Peter promises that he will be back soon. Jake and the crew call Peter for help and the flying boy is able to learn that Jake and his crew can win Bucky back if they battle the Mighty Dragon and retrieve the legendary golden bell.

The heroes do so, and Bucky is saved and Peter leaves once again to continue exploring the world. Later on, Peter joins his friends in the battle for Wendy's storybook and for the memories and stories of Never Land. Peter is primarily the focus in the final episode, Captain Hook's Last Stand! In the episode, the pirates celebrate Peter's official homecoming from the lands beyond the Never Sea not counting his visits throughout the series. When showing his treasures to his mates, he unveils a powerful artifact: The Doom Stone, a cursed relic that can turn whoever uses it into stone, along with the user's targets.

Unfortunately, Captain Hook devises yet another plot to get revenge on Peter Pan. He steals the Doom Stone and turns Peter into stone, whilst turning himself into a darker, destructive, more powerful version of himself. Luckily, Peter is freed from his stone prison after being kissed by Wendy, and is once again free to explore and defend Never Land, now with the help of the pirate boy-turned legend, Captain Jake.

Here, however, he appears as a ruthless villain as opposed to the benevolent persona commonly seen in various Disney-related media and he was really an original different character masquerading as someone else. He is portrayed by Robbie Kay. Peter Pan's real identity was Malcolm, the father of Rumplestiltskin , separated spouse of the Black Fairy formerly Fiona , the grandfather of Baelfire and Gideon , and the paternal great-grandfather of Henry Mills and one of the great-great-grandfathers of Lucy. Malcolm originally left his son in the care of two spinners, who gave Rumplestiltskin a magical bean to create a portal to leave his careless father. Using the magic bean, Malcolm and Rumplestiltskin traveled to Neverland , a place which Malcolm envisioned in his dreams.

Upon arrival, Malcolm discovered he could not fly like in his dreams, and the Shadow told him this is because he did not belong on the island as it was only for children. Realizing that he could not be a child as he was a father, Malcolm forced Rumplestiltskin to be taken home by the Shadow. Malcolm transformed into his younger self, adopting the name of Peter Pan which he named himself after Rumplestiltskin's doll. The Shadow informed Pan that his youth is limited, and he will die when the hourglass of Skull Rock is complete.

Sometime later, Pan visits Hamelin in the Enchanted Forest posing as the Pied Piper to expand what would later become the Lost Boys , a band of fearful followers who listen to Pan's every command and is in search for Henry, the son of Emma Swan and his great-grandson. The Shadow arrives with a boy named Baelfire who, unbeknownst to him, is his grandson. Wendy Darling then arrives in order to save him, but Pan decides to keep her prisoner and blackmails John and Michael Darling to help him with his tasks, in exchange for their sister Wendy's life.

When the heroes arrive on Neverland in search of Henry, Pan appears to him as a fugitive boy pretending to escape from the Lost Boys. He "befriends" Henry who is also attempting to escape upon arriving in Neverland, following his kidnap from Storybrooke. He later reveals his true identity and tells Henry he possesses "the heart of the truest believer," which he now owns. Pan plots to sacrifice Henry to gain his youth as his time as a young boy begins to fade away.

The battle between the parties last for days, and eventually, they retrieve Henry and return to their home in the real world, known as Storybrooke, with Pan imprisoned. Pan, however, managed to switch his body with Henry's. He then steals the original curse from Regina that created Storybrooke, planning to enact it to turn the town into "The New Neverland. His plot is successful, though before it takes place, Gold manages to find a way to defeat his father by sacrificing himself with the Dark One's dagger , thus ending his reign. Before Malcolm died, he reverted to his real form and identity just as Rumple was stabbing him.

He returned in the second half of the fifth season when the heroes led by his son arrived in the Underworld to rescue Hook. Upon their arrival, Pan immediately approaches Gold and offers him a deal - one of Gold's current allies would stay behind, and Pan would return in his place. Then the malevolent father-and-son pair offer Hades a counterproposal - he tears up the contract which stated that Gold owed Hades his second-born child, Gideon and then he would get the witch. But after Hades tears up the contract that gives him claim of his second grandson, Pan attempts to steal Zelena's heart, hoping to use it to return to life.

This attempt is prevented by the timely arrival of Emma, who rescues Zelena. Pan questioned why his illegitimate granddaughter-in-law would be helping the king of death, and Emma pointed out that Hades promised to help them get them home. Gold then warned her that she had picked the wrong side, but Emma then questions why the Dark One was still there since he had already gotten what he wanted. Seeing her point, Gold responded by abandoning his father. Outnumbered, Pan is also forced to retreat. Later, Pan tracks his son down and hands him Pandora's box, which he says Gold could use to more easily transport his wife Belle who is under a sleeping curse, provided by Zelena to Storybrooke.

As a price of this gift, Gold was to steal a heart and give it to Pan, allowing the deceased man-child to return to life. However, the Dark One betrayed his father and instead inserted him with not the heart of Robin Hood , but a sample of water from the River of Lost Souls and damned him for eternity. As Pan faded, Gold reiterated the statement he gave his father the first time he killed him: "Villains don't get happy endings. In the final season, an alternate version of the character appears near the finale, having been trapped by his son. Alexander Molony will be playing Peter Pan in the live-action adaptation of the film.

In the game, the Disney Villains stole and changed the ending of their stories so that they would succeed. Captain Hook stole Peter's story changing Peter into an elderly man so he is unable to battle. Jiminy Cricket and the game's player arrive in battle Hook in Peter's place. Once defeated, they restore the story reverting Peter to his original age. When they find Wendy, he becomes sympathetic to Sora and returns to help fight Captain Hook after taking Wendy to safety. Once the captain is defeated, they go to the Big Ben Clock Tower, where Sora seals the keyhole and Peter sends Tinker Bell to accompany Sora on his journey, making her a summon ally.

He tries to save Wendy from Captain Hook, in which he succeeds. The Feather Charm is only obtainable during the second visit to Port Royal after defeating the Grim Reaper Heartless for the first time. They continue until the Lost Boys appear and clear up the misunderstanding. Unversed then attack, but Terra fights them off. Later, Peter comes into contact with Ventus, who has just defeated Hook in battle and who leaves a wooden keyblade in Peter's treasure chest so that they may remember them.

Peter and Tinker Bell follow her and witness her Stereotypes Depicted In The Castle And Summer Heights High supplies and boarding them on a raft. World Persuasive Appeal In Advertising World Tour : When the story is set across multiple different locations around the Earth. Ian Wade In the final Stereotypes Depicted In The Castle And Summer Heights High of the recent series, What Are The Themes In A Lesson Before Dying former She finds the treasure, but she changes her mind about Hook, but Tootles finds their communication whistle and unknowingly alerts Hook.

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