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Service availability


We strive to make our writing services accessible at all times. However, we seek for your understanding for the possible instance that site is down for whatever reason at any given point in time.


We may suspend access to this site momentarily or permanently for any reason without further notice.


We are not liable for possible adversities caused by the use of or failure to use of this website's content or from any judgment resulting from the information provided herein.


The content of our site represent our views. These do not warrant any certainty for legal or formal advice. We recommend to check with your counsel for legal or guidance on other matters.




The site provides links which you may access at any point in time. When clicked, the link will redirect you to another site, leaving ours. With this, the likelihood of transporting pieces of information from your device to the external link is high. Sending of your information through the links are out or accountability. External links are bound their own terms and conditions. The purpose of the links is to help increase traffic to our site. However, we do not represent in any way the content in these third-party sites, endorse the information available, or even affirm the linked page.


Use of the output from our site


You are not considered as the sole owner of the written piece of work (referred to as the “product” thereafter). All products, references, and content provided by us are for research and reference purposes only. We do not encourage and condone us being part of a fraud allegation punishable by law. We strongly remain to be committed to you while abiding with the copyright laws. Given this, intent to commit plagiarism, which results to the violation of copyright laws, is out of our knowledge as of this writing. Therefore, you agree that whatever product from our site is regarded to as a sample document or reference material only to help you in your research. Any idea or text used from our product in your original document should be referenced and credited to our site.


To the extent allowed by law, our company together with its affiliates and partners will not be responsible for any unscrupulous, unsuitable, prohibited, or illegal use of the products or any other references and content received from the site. Our liability excludes other parties’ opinions on your poor assessment, plagiarism, legal complaints, dismissal, probationary period, withdrawal of grants/honors/prizes/rank/scholarships, suspension, or other corrective sanctions due to our site. Clients are solely accountable for any and all kinds of punitive acts occurring from the unjust, unethical, and inappropriate use of the data.


We will not be held accountable for any lags or technical difficulties encountered during the release of the product due to glitches of our client’s mail server or problems in the Internet provider.


Our company does not assure you of a high score nor any specific grade attributed to our product. Refund cannot be given should you receive a poor assessment since these are beyond our control.




We ensure that our products have a low plagiarism level. Maximum acceptable level of plagiarism is 10%. In case the plagiarism level is higher than expected, you may ask for a revision or refund subject to our Satisfaction Guarantee and Revision policies. Please note that citations (i.e. in-text references in the footer or at the end of the paper) and commonly used phrases such as idioms, standard expressions, and the like are not to be considered as plagiarized content. Therefore, it should be excluded from the plagiarism estimation.




The Prices page indicates the rates excluding VAT. Clients from the European Union will incur additional VAT charges per order. VAT is excluded for refund requests as stated in the policy. 


Requests for refund and revision


Only three revisions are tagged as free. It is considered as a new order if there are further edits or proofreading to the paper after the complimentary revisions.


Refund requests undergo the Quality Assurance Team. If the team determines that the prior instructions given to the writer were met, refund request will be denied. If prerequisites stated in the Revision Policy are met, refund request will be approved. However, the refund does not apply to value added tax (VAT).


In cases wherein the “Approve” email is sent to us, refund request will automatically be denied. Clients may only request for revision from the time the paper was accidentally approved up to seven days. We advise you to review the paper properly, if you experience difficulties reading the text, kindly contact our Customer Service Representatives to check on other ways to be able to have a more readable document.


Please note that for full refund requests, no part of the paper or any other documents we have provided may be used in your favor. These documents become our property and only we have the right to publish the work online for commercial intentions. It means that when a part or the whole paper was searched online or run through a plagiarism-detecting tool, contents will be linked back to our site. The document may also be featured in our site as a sample essay. It is our responsibility to protect the writers should there be refund claims despite the work being fully delivered.


Documents will be uploaded by the writer to the specific project order page. After this, you have seven days to review, request of revision, or approve the document. Time starts upon the transfer of paper to the project order page. Once the seven-day grace period has lapsed, the document is automatically approved.


Refunds are not applicable for VAT incurred and paid for the order. This is applicable to European Union residents. What will be refunded is the amount or a fraction of the amount indicated in our Prices page.




Proofreading is the process of checking your work for grammatical, punctuation, or language use errors and plagiarism. What we do is to run your paper in a plagiarism-detecting tool. For orders requiring this kind of service, our writer can only change a maximum of 30 percent of your paper.

Proofreading is bound to certain limitations namely creating of a new document from your existing file and rewriting a published content online. Please note that rewriting is not proofreading, thus charges will vary.


Special test services


We can help you with problem solving and multiple choice tests. To avail of this service, kindly fill out the order form and upload the test material. Different rates apply.


Our company will not be liable for the grade that you will receive based from the test outcome. You have the freedom on selecting whether to go with our responses to your tests or choose only the answer that fits.