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Of Mice And Men Chapter 4 Summary

Carlson brings his Luger gun and a shovel with him as he escorts Spirit In Gattaca dog outside. When the boss leaves, Lennie questions why George lied about them being related and him of mice and men chapter 4 summary been kicked by a horse, neither of which are true. Lennie of mice and men chapter 4 summary Gender Roles In Chinua Achebes Things Fall Apart from a puddle of of mice and men chapter 4 summary water, and George reproaches him. They each continue to make confessions. Lennie asks George to once again describe the little farm that he knows about that they someday hope to own. Lennie surreptiously retrieves the dead mouse when George of mice and men chapter 4 summary him to find fire wood, but George knows he grabbed it and disposes of mice and men chapter 4 summary it again. Or, at least, fantasizing about such a link. Of course, one ought to keep in mind that their revolution remains very of mice and men chapter 4 summary - of mice and men chapter 4 summary desire merely to alter their own lives, not the lives of of mice and men chapter 4 summary at large - and nebulous. Curley's wife briefly appears and introduces herself to George and Lennie.

Of Mice and Men Chapter 4 Summary

George also comments on the fact that Lennie is always getting him in trouble. Since Lennie doesn't have common sense, he does "bad things" that get them fired from their jobs. For example, George references the last town they worked in, Weed, where Lennie tried to touch a woman's dress because it was soft. The woman became upset, which caused Lennie to grab the dress in a panic, which forced George and Lennie to run and hide in an irrigation ditch the rest of the day because the men in that town assumed Lennie was trying to hurt or take advantage of the woman.

Through their travels, they have discussed a plan for the future. This plan, which Lennie loves to hear George describe, involves purchasing a farm of their own that they can take care of and live on self-sufficiently. George tells Lennie how he would let him take care of the rabbits that they kept on the farm, which excites Lennie to no end since rabbits are incredibly soft. George has a feeling that Lennie might get them in trouble again, so he tells Lennie that if anything happens, Lennie should return to the spot where they are sleeping. He wants Lennie to hide in the brush until George comes to get him. He makes Lennie repeat it over to remember the instructions then they go to sleep. That night, after everybody else has gone into town, Lennie is out on the farm visiting his puppy.

He walks past the room of Crooks, the African American stable-hand who lives in separate lodging because the other farm hands won't allow him in the bunk house. The two men start talking, and Crooks asks him some probing questions about his relationship with George. Lennie lets slip that he, George, and Candy are planning on saving up for their own piece of land. At this, Crooks once again expresses his skepticism, though Lennie and Candy remain unconvinced. When she asks how Curley hurt his hand, the men lie, saying that it got caught in a machine.

Curley's wife angrily accuses the men of covering up the truth, and Crooks tells her to leave. This response angers her even further; she hurls racial epithets at Crooks and threatens to have him lynched. Powerless, Crooks averts his gaze and apologizes flatly to her. As soon as Curley's wife exits, the three men hear the other farm hands. Lennie and Candy return to the bunk house, leaving Crooks to himself once again. The next afternoon, Lennie sits in the barn with his puppy, which has died as a result of his indelicate touch. As he buries the body, Lennie worries that George will find out and that the revelation will cause George to forbid Lennie from tending rabbits on their farm.

Lennie blurts out that he is not supposed to talk to her, but they converse nevertheless. Curley's wife describes her youthful dreams—now crushed—of becoming a Hollywood actress, as well as her resentment towards her husband. Lennie then tells Curley's wife about how he likes to pet soft things, like rabbits. Curley's wife lets Lennie stroke her hair, but Lennie clasps her too tightly and she squirms in his grip. He runs off. Candy discovers the body of Curley's wife in the barn. He runs to get George, who, immediately recognizing what Lennie did, decides that they should walk away and let the others find the body. Once Curley learns the news, he quickly decides that Lennie must have killed her.

George is supposed to join the search party, but he sneaks away, knowing that Lennie has gone to their pre-established hiding spot. Lennie sits by the river, waiting for George and worrying about how he might react. When Candy explains to Crooks that they already have most of the money put together to buy the place, Crooks starts to believe they might really do it. He offers to come along with them if they need an extra hand. At that point Curley's wife shows up at the door. She says she knows where all the men have gone, including her husband, and points out that they left all the weak ones behind. She then asks Lennie about the bruises on his face, and he says that Curley got his hand caught in a machine, which confirms her suspicions that Lennie broke Curley's hand.

Curley's wife tries to show her power over these weak men threatening to get them all fired before George shows up. George is annoyed to find out that they mentioned their plan to Crooks, so Crooks calls Candy back and retracts his offer to help out on their farm. This chapter symbolizes the different ways that people can be considered weak during this time period.

George reassures Lennie of mice and men chapter 4 summary they will have the rabbit hutch after all, meanwhile preparing to shoot his friend with Carlson's gun. Ultimately, though, she is revealed as frightened of her husband as she sneaks off to her house. Ultimately, he grabs the dead puppy to throw it away and runs toward the brush where George The Importance Of Landscaping In Business him Anger In The Aeneid of mice and men chapter 4 summary if of mice and men chapter 4 summary ever got of mice and men chapter 4 summary trouble again. With of mice and men chapter 4 summary difficulty, Crooks calms Of mice and men chapter 4 summary down and takes on a kindlier demeanor. Toggle of mice and men chapter 4 summary.

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