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Reflective Essay On Community Service

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Community Service Placement Reflection

Volunteering was also a way for me to give back to the community. Through volunteering I was able to really appreciate what people did for one another, no matter how small the action may have seemed. For instance, translating something for a non English speaker, and at one point having been in those shoes, at the library helped me understand that sometimes a helping hand is all one needs. It is hard to ask for help when you do not know how to, but it is very easy to lend that hand even without the person verbally asking. Mulhern never asked me to devote my time, but I found that doing so by my own free will was all that invitation I needed. This fosters the financial and volunteer side of philanthropy. A personal example of this would be my experiences with Camp Good News.

Camp Good News is a nonprofit camp for inner city children ran by volunteers. Since the camp relies on volunteer workers, parents can cheaply send their children there for a week Many summer camps, even Christians one, can cost several hundreds of dollars, but it costs less than one hundred dollars to attend Camp Good News. In return for this work the Utopians are provided not with money but with the food, water, and shelter that is needed to sustain life.

Everyone gets an equal amount of these necessities regardless of how hard one worked. This is not a source of tension seeing as everyone works equally as hard. People are taught throughout their childhood that one should work to better the community rather than working for the selfish reasons of personal wealth. The economy in the world today is not one which focuses on the progression of the community but instead is one which promotes the individual. Although many businesses in United States are against paid leaves, career and family are part and parcel.

A career is need to generate income that will be used in building a good house, providing basic needs such as clothing and food, and also for speculative need. Business should be social, friendly to its workers and therefore for better expansions and growth of any company, workers are the strongest pillar. Guaranteeing paid paternity and maternity leaves does not violates the social responsibilities of a business. In fact it motivates the workers since they bear in mind that sometimes to come they will rest. A stable income gives people peace of mind and enables them to plan better and save money. A middle class family who can manage finances wisely can do very well at creating a comfortable and enjoyable life for themselves.

A disadvantage that I see with middle class is that we will probably never stop working. The group started off pretty strong by following the team strategic plan fairly closely. We were unable to follow it as we had hoped because of our conflicting ever changing schedules and the lost track of time. Our ideas were slow coming and the two breaks within the semester lead to this loss of time. I believe that our plan would have been very effective if the subject was one that we were more motivated about. For these reasons I find our plan neither effective nor ineffective, but rather our plan was not entirely executed as we had planned. A job is always important because the world runs on money, nothing is free. With this job we will be able to purchase a house and help support our families.

Our families are the most important part of out life, and they will allow us to reach our goal. Sometimes families may also lead us to become stressed, it helps to have a safe place. You can find that safe. Regular yard work that seemed so insignificant to us made a big difference to them. We all had something to contribute and in turn were transformed by the experience; we gave our labor and the people of New Orleans showed us amazing hospitality.

For me this reciprocal effect is the most transformational of community service. Lastly, the values inventory assessment helped me realize that my personal values are a huge part of me being a leader as they shape who I am as a person. Without my values I would not be nearly the same person that I am right now. This helps me exercise leadership now by leading others who have the same type of values as…. By being able to understand the individuals I work with, will in turn develop my leadership skills.

It is also essential…. A career as a public service worker requires a dedication to helping people within the community and advancing that community to make it a better place for all those who live within it. This requires a responsibility that both challenges and rewards those who choose to work as a part of this industry. For these reasons, I would be honored to earn my Executive Master of Public Administration degree, so that I may enhance the contribution to my own community and better serve the people who are a part of it. In my history of working in the public sector, I have been able to interact with organizations that allow me to service people along with building my skills to offer quality assistance.

This helps make my community a safer place to live, even…. My education in social work, psychology, and disability studies, has taught me to self reflect and be aware of my own values. Through continuous self-reflection I will be more aware of my communities impression of me, and how effective I am communicating with them. In turn I will become more culturally aware and be able to integrate more effectively into my community. I place a lot of importance in assessing needs and evaluating interventions to ensure quality service while responding to the constantly changing locales, populations, developments, and societal trends.

I think the job of a consensus organizer is important because people need to be able to have a leader within the community and someone who knows what they are doing. I would love to be a consensus organizer, because I think I would be a great leader in the community. It not only helps the community but also the individual doing community service. People can benefit a lot from the experience gained through community service and use it in future life. A year of community service will greatly help in making a person develop work skills. It will offer a chance to work with specific organization of interest and increase communication skills.

Community work creates confident and responsible citizens. Each member needs to know that every other members has an important role to play. That they are in this together as a group. They would also understand what it is important to the others, and why the others are interested in the success of MGI. I believe that the team building exercises would achieve all of the above. The diversity of the group should be leveraged as a benefit and not a hindrance. They also have a positive attitude and display high integrity and honesty.

They can solve the problems and build relationship with the members. They should be a good listener in order to communicate with the members and can work with everyone and motivate them. They have an open mind and passion for the work.

Another time, we cleaned up the Reflective Essay On Community Service out of the loading docks of Reflective Essay On Community Service non-profit food bank Philabundance. Cheap essay writing services with discount of. I can Reflective Essay On Community Service when I have participated in a community service; I Chavezs Early Years: Poem Analysis seen how camaraderie and unity Reflective Essay On Community Service us to where we are now.

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