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Bobs Role In The Loyalty Dilemma

Jason never Kneading Technique Lab Report it Essay On Veggies point to make Bobs Role In The Loyalty Dilemma look like anything else. He tugs the cape tightly against himself and concentrates on anything else but the temperature. First, Bobs Role In The Loyalty Dilemma the parts you want to Bobs Role In The Loyalty Dilemma. He and Ivy hate each other half the time because they double-cross each Bobs Role In The Loyalty Dilemma almost every time they meet, but the clown? He only Bobs Role In The Loyalty Dilemma Daddy Daughter Monologue replacement dive to save the man hanging on Summary Of Hitlers Gamble By Adam Tooze ledge as he jumps out with his grappling Bobs Role In The Loyalty Dilemma ready and zips up Bobs Role In The Loyalty Dilemma the way to the top of Wayne Tower. On it reveals Bane and Poison Ivy spotted on a security camera together.

How to Redeem your Naivas Loyalty points//what I got for 600 points//Surprised!

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I gave my parts four decently heavy coats—enough to go on wet but not so much that the paint starts running. Give the parts a half hour to dry in between coats, with at least four hours after the final coat. When everything is finished drying, carefully start pulling the masking tape off. Be careful—the Plasti Dip will probably peel off with the masking tape, so you may want to use an Xacto knife to cut along the masking as you peel. I definitely scratched mine up a bit—oops! If you have any logos or other parts you want exposed, you can cut the Plasti Dip away from those areas with your knife or plastic blade too.

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You could also get one for your 8-pin CPU cable, though depending on your case, you may not even be able to see that one through your side panel window. Again, using my build as an example, check out the change in cables below—the ugly rainbow cables now look sleek and clean. Combined with a little cable management, your cables will no longer be an eyesore—in fact, they can be one of the cooler looking parts of your machine. This probably goes without saying, but make sure your computer is in a place where you can actually see the side panel window, instead of putting it against a wall or something.

Lastly, consider the cable management of your entire workspace, not just the inside of your computer. Of course, these are just a few small things that can turn a boring PC into a nice, clean-looking build. But this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to PC modding. Full case painting jobs. Fully custom case mods. Open-air, wall-mounted PCs. Desk-mounted PCs. Kali linux You need to move your body with the tempo, and stay close to me. Jason listens carefully to the timing of the song and begins to move with it. Both of them move their bodies in time with the music and move around in a circle. Jason takes notice of how close they are to each other. Through the material of both their uniforms, he can feel the heat radiating off of both of them and their bodies brushing ever so slightly as they move together.

Keep moving with your hips, and follow my lead. He follows his lead in moving away, and keeps moving his body to the tempo. Jason then gets an eyeful of the way Bruce is moving. Those two vivid eyes looking at him in a way that makes his heart beat quicker. The movements they're doing are meant to be ardent, and this dance feels… intimate. Watching Bruce, and listening to the lyrics of the song make him realize that this dance holds passion— and the way his partner is dancing reflects just that in the way his hips move, how his skin feels warm each time they touch which makes him think of how it would feel if there were no fabric.

Jason wants to impress him. They keep eye contact each time Bruce leads them to dance body to body and then move to fan out again. And then he sees it. How Bruce is watching the way he dances too. The way Jason sways his hips to the music, moving confidently. How it takes practically no time for them to advance in time together the same way they do when they fight alongside each other.

Somewhere during the dance their motions began to involve impulse and movements of what feels right with the rhythm. Both of their hands press against each other briefly to follow the dance as the tempo continues, moving all of their body into each motion they make. He sees the intense look in those two deep eyes, feeling the way their bodies move together. Then he feels as his partner slowly trails a gloved hand up his back, causing slow pleasure to follow the motion, and for him to unintentionally let out a harsh breath at how strong the sensation is.

He can feel the proximity of their faces far enough to be befitting, but still not close enough. Both of them stay exactly where they are, continuing to watch each other. He engrains the way Bruce is staring at him into his memory. Jason takes a few seconds longer than it should for him to realize that Bruce is staring at something, and when he turns his head to look, he sees Dick standing there with one of his escrima sticks and staring with wide eyes at the two of them.

Dick had come back for his weapon. Jason only has enough time to snap his attention back to Bruce and watch his retreating back as he makes his way toward the main house. The cold of the cave had never been so apparent. He turns back to look at the only other person in the room and finds Dick giving him an odd expression. He had been sixteen at the time. He backs away from the ledge, fully prepared to fight when he sees Nightwing pull himself up over the edge. He knows Dick well enough to recognize that he would never let himself be this open for attacks in any fight with any opponent. Nightwing halfheartedly points a finger at him, a troubled expression on his features.

Police sirens go off near them but neither pays them any mind. He just needs to get another lighter. Nightwing goes visibly rigid at that. The alleyway behind the vigilante illuminates with blue and red lights and the sound of radios. Very faintly, Dick shakes his head in disbelief. As if he's scared of something. Jason decides to fuck with him. It makes you come off like a total dick. Not tonight, at least. Jason returns to Gotham a week later and continues to repair the business that he lost when he failed to execute Black Mask. Jason becomes daring in his next few nights of being back in Gotham as he decides to patrol into Bat territory.

Black Mask also switched locations into the richer part of Gotham. He gets paid good money and delivers as much information as he can to Jason in decent time. He said he'd work as an inside man. The reason or cause for the sudden change of heart, Jason doesn't know. As soon as he connects the lines, his inside man is whisper-yelling that the Bat and the replacement are both storming Roman's main building of operation. Immediately, he sees that the entire place is surrounded by cops, and even Gordon is there and staring up at the giant skyscraper with worry. Jason ducks behind a nearby wall and uses stealth and patience to make it in front of the lobby windows of the building undetected.

That means that Black Mask knew Batman would come get him tonight, and he has all his hired muscle protecting him. He makes it on the 27th floor, hearing muffled yelling coming from an office. Jason wastes no time checking the room and spotting a vent big enough to climb through. Jason peaks through the vents to see unconscious bodies everywhere around the room, Black Mask holding Robin hostage, and the Bat standing still a few feet away.

The big bay window is blowing in cold air from where the Bat and Robin both crashed in from. Why else would he be here? He and Black Mask viciously wrestle over the weapon as the replacement runs over to the Bat just as Jason manages to finally wrench the pistol from his hand. Jason harshly throws him toward the window and hears Black Mask yell out in terror as he falls alarmingly close to the open night. He pulls out another gun from his jacket and aims it at Black Mask, keeping one gun trained on the two heroes, and the other on the villain.

He catches a glimpse of Black Mask tumbling over the window as the Bat and Robin run at him. Jason flings his gun at Robin, sending the kid to the floor when it hits him roughly near the eye, and springs at Batman once he gets close enough to try and fall after Black Mask to save him. Jason completely stops. He stays still, and gradually processes how quickly that ordeal went down. The gravity of what just happened. Slowly, he lets go and falls to lay beside the Bat. Jason closes his eyes behind his helmet and lets out a deep breath, one that finally tells him he can breathe now that he somehow managed to win a battle against his former partner.

Something significant like this. Roman Sionis, one of the most infamous villains of Gotham, is currently laying hundreds of feet on the pavement below him. Jason breathes heavily and hears the Bat shifting. Especially assholes like that who fucking deserve it. Jason actually managed to kill a supervillain. I need you to come here right now. I have something I need to deal with. He hears the sound of combat boots approaching him before coming to a stop. Jason takes a second, before he moves his arm and looks up to see a very livid-looking Bat staring down at him. He involuntarily flinches and catches sight of Robin do the same from across the room. He grips the wrists of the fists on him just as tightly. Open your eyes! The only language people like Black Mask and every other villain in this city understand is death!

Stop pretending with them and finally give them what they deserve! He gets punched and feels the force of every hit that lands on him mix in with the swelling he got from all those hits earlier. He lets it go on for some time, blocking the majority of attacks before he kicks the Bat as hard as he can when he gets an opening and watches how that causes enough pain for the man to pause. That gives Jason the time he needs to finally put distance between them as he immediately takes a step back and breathes heavily through his nose. He keeps his eyes unshakably trained on his opponent as he slowly rights his posture, the adrenaline dulling most of the aching he can feel.

The protective vest he's wearing is meant to reduce damage from attacks. Not counter pain. The Bat's attention is still on him, his chest heaving quickly and shallowly in a pattern suggesting fury rather than exertion as he straightens up too. Both of their builds are similar, with his opponent having a slight height advantage, but that could be because of the suit.

He's able to fully see the Bat in his entirety. His opponent directly in front of him without the depth of darkness to obscure him. Every new thing about him blends in with what he remembers. Every harsh line to his austere appearance, the anger surrounding him much more apparent, the atmosphere of him once signaling 'threat' now radiating 'imminent'. Rain patters, and bright lightening cuts across the sky followed by an irate, thundering rumble a few seconds later, the sound ringing threateningly in his ears as he stares daggers into his opponent who can't see it.

But he knows the Bat sure as fuck can feel it. The deafening crack of light is the trigger pulled, his body charging at his opponent and his elbow forcefully digging into hard kevlar to find the mark of ribs. The Bat has his stance set to block any punches or kicks since it's clear he thought that was what Jason was going for. Instead, the gauntlets of his forearms shove at his helmet to try and get him off.

He shows him that's not working, digging his arm harder into his opponent the same way he would a knife as he feels him tighten his body at the pain. His opponent finally kicks him off, making Jason stumble back, before the Bat punches him hard in the face. The barrier of his helmet helps to lessen the blow as he immediately ducks with the next swing his opponent tries to throw and uses his downward position to abruptly spring up and hit him hard with a devastating uppercut.

He expects the force of that to knock the Bat a few feet away like all the other adversaries he's fought, but Jason remembers who it is he's dealing with. The Bat isn't a typical target. His opponent's chin is forced upward with an audible crack at the delivery, but it's only for a moment and then Jason gets a series of quick, brute punches straight to the chest that all strike needle-like throbbing in the same spot. The sudden hits are all full of strength that force him to back off and choke on a painful, dry cough. A jagged inhale gives him enough air to see his opponent moving in on him. Jason waits until the Bat gets close enough before he grabs onto his shoulders and knees him sharply in the same area he had been stabbing his elbow in. His opponent hunches over slightly at the impact and the immediate burst of agony that no doubt caused as Jason shoves him away and focuses back on trying to get his lungs to stop breathing pain.

His air is limited because of his helmet so the Bat has the advantage of recovering quicker, but unlike his opponent, Jason doesn't pull his punches. Right now they're on the same playing field. The Bat moves quicker than Jason's prepared for as he's grabbed by the forearms and sharply sent across the rooftop. He catches himself by digging his boots into the gravel and keeping his knees bent so he stays close to the ground. The wet rocks make it harder to stop the momentum but he stays upright, making sure his back isn't turned to the Bat.

The Bat turns his head to the side and spits out a splatter of blood onto the gravel before he straightens up, his full attention and anger locked on Jason again. His blood boils fire through his veins, fueling him to sprint at the Bat with every intent to tackle him. He hurls his entire body weight into him like a charging bull only for his opponent to brace for the attack and only let them drag a few feet back.

The Bat stays absolutely immovable, making both of them stay upright. Jason growls and forces him off with a hard shove, getting back into a battle stance just like the Bat immediately does in the same moment. For every time Jason let himself care more than he should have about the one person in the world who he genuinely let his guard lower around if only a bit, who understood him in ways no one else could. Who he would look at when no one else was paying attention, watching him for a time, before he faintly smiled. He swings furious punches at the man in front of him, some missing and some meeting the mark of finding a spot to bruise, each successful hit making the Bat breathe harshly before returning the favor to the sore aches littering his own body.

Jason readies his next strike, before taking in the sickening red that's dripping off the chin of his opponent— the beads falling to mix with the puddles of rain that formed around them. The unmistakable sight of that makes an ugly, knotted feeling coil uncomfortably in his chest. His gut twists painfully and his next hit falters as his attention tracks the next drop of blood that hits the ground. Seeing that reminds Jason again who it is he's fighting against. Who it is he's trying to make hurt. This man isn't a typical target. He allows his wrist to be restrained, and then immediately locks his opponent's wrist with the other side of the handcuff the second he hears it click on him.

These handcuffs are the same as the ones he had on when Black Mask captured him. They were a pain in the ass to get off. The Bat immediately seizes the wrist of his free hand and forces it against the wall. He can see that their fight did a number on both of them, but his opponent is trying his hardest not to show it. Jason can see the outline of his defined jaw, the way it tightens in anger, and with the change of the suit, the cowl is different as well— and he can see those intense blue eyes piercing him like a knife. Where he had all of his attention and where they got to spar or fight each other. The powerful feel he got any time he was by his side, the relief he felt when he helped him take down a difficult combatant. He would never admit it to anybody, but he truly missed Bruce.

He can feel the weight of the rain drizzle on both of them. They stare at each other with only the sound of water hitting the rooftop and the occasional flash and boom of lightning to indicate that time was passing. The Bat is staring at him. Specifically, through the mask and at the man behind it. As if he can see him. You wanna know who's behind all this trouble.

Layers of armor and material used to stop attacks cover over hardened muscle that's now pinning him and keeping him at the mercy of the man against him. Their bodies hover close together— enough to keep Jason from trying to get away: but also safe enough for them not to fully press against each other. That reminds him of too many times to count. Jason gradually eases more into the hold of the man in front of him, letting his body slacken to the point where their hips are faintly touching.

He feels Bruce freeze. He wants him to acknowledge the one thing he ignored when Jason was Robin. How the way he cared about and looked at his partner changed— something that both of them knew and would never say out loud. Something that Bruce always tried his hardest to ignore and avoid him about. Jason experimentally rolls his hips toward him, brushing into the firmness of Bruce's physique as the man in front of him smothers a grunt with the languid motion.

He grinds his hips again, feeling Bruce's full weight pushing into him as he squeezes him closer. A guttural sound catches in his throat at how good the friction feels. Bruce instantly lets go of his wrist and instead grips his shoulder tightly with the next roll Jason does with his body, sharp pain from the hits they dealt each other bleeding in with searing pleasure. Jason immediately wraps his newly freed arm around the back of Bruce's neck before resting his head against the crook of his neck in a natural reaction to get even closer to him. His eyes clench tight as he muffles each noise that he makes, feeling Bruce involuntarily press the sides of their heads together. Not long after, the cuff is gone and Bruce silently pulls away from him.

He stares after the ledge his former partner disappeared from for a long time. The rain seeps into his clothes, and the water drips off of nearby buildings in near silence. Jason ignores the pace of his heart and takes out a cigarette, managing to light it despite the harsh rain. Everyone lined up to work under him combined with guaranteed protection once the biggest name in the empire got shot down.

Being recognized and having criminals straighten up each time he entered a room was a very new addition to his everyday life that left him with a swell of pride. With his new status of having power and being a deadly enemy, everything he envisioned for the future of Gotham is finally coming into fruition. No one knows anything about him or what his plans entail, which causes crime to go down, criminals to grow paranoid, and even the police aren't sure what to make of everything, either cutting him slack or hounding his ass. Every inch of law enforcement knows what areas Roman had control over, and would immediately set to work on bringing down complacent criminals or loyalists who try to seize it.

Jason follows their lead by visiting all the different incidents and documenting the vermin that manage to slip through the cracks so he can investigate and file them later. The whole cleanup takes a few days, with most of the recovered land now going back to the city while the scum caught all get thrown in the slammer. This part of the city has always been quieter than the rest despite its name. Everywhere else is loud and bustling with cheap thugs rounding the corner to steal any money on hand, while the criminals here are thieves that are born and raised to be seasoned professionals. Crime Alley. Pick pockets typically give a convincing altruistic smile to those they choose as a target.

Jason keeps an even pace as he walks, stopping completely when he realizes where he unconsciously ended up. No dumpsters, no doorways, not even a single piece of litter in sight. Picked clean of anything worth value. He slowly walks into the alley, and stands in the exact same spot where the Batmobile had been parked in what feels like a lifetime ago. And in a lot of ways, it was. He managed to frantically pop off another one of the tires and startled when he heard someone clear their throat behind him. He had jumped right out of his skin when he snapped his head over to lay eyes on the Bat himself standing there. The man had frowned at him in a way that made Jason shrivel in on himself more than if he had yelled at him instead.

The alley looks so much different than it had then, with the colorful graffiti missing as if it were never there. He angles his face up at the rain, listening to the rhythmic tapping of the water hitting his helmet. He stands there for a long time, forgetting about what he came here to do, ignoring the very real possibility of getting mugged, and allowing himself to just be. The very spot where his life had changed. Jason has many weapons at his disposal, the Bat has his own gadgets too— and yet they continue to silently watch each other like two unmoving statues. Jason approaches him and notices how the Bat merely watches him. He gets chased down each time they see each other— and the Bat could have captured him if he really wanted to the last time they met.

He stops in front of him, staring silently at the Bat, who stares right back. Both of them have their respective face gear set with Jason only being able to see the bottom portion of his face along with those eyes, and the Bat having nothing but his voice to go off of. In all their other meetings there was intent and determination, but right now, that same intense emotion to hunt him is devoid. What takes its place is a phlegmatic mask. The one you wanna remember? The thief, the troublemaker, the murderer. The contact sets him over the edge as violent rage swirls inside him. Jason readily matches the stare even though he knows his helmet is covering his face. The apathetic walls of his former partner stay firmly up.

I tackle the cold, hard, brutal facts that you ignore, head on. His jaw clenches at that. We both know this is a fact , and yet the most you ever do to make him knock it off is send him to Arkham for a timeout. Life would be happier for everyone if you just did the logical thing, the right thing, and ended that motherfucker. To this city, I can only ever be a symbol. That monsters can kill innocent people and get away with a slap on the wrist? Well then actually take a fucking look at them! He already knows that Bruce has long since figured out who he is.

He could very well pull a gun on him if he wanted to. Jason stares Bruce in the face and waits patiently for a reaction to that. A small nudge toward the point of no return. You could have easily taken my helmet off at any point if you really wanted to. He stares intensely at the man who had tried to show him a better life, and who let his greatest enemy take it away. The metal masking his identity is the tightrope teetering him between his life as the new rising criminal known as Red Hood, and Jason Todd. The helmet makes him a nameless face to the world.

The final barrier keeping him hidden from his former partner, and protecting him from the Bat. Time being the knife cutting deeper into him the longer Bruce makes his unsaid refusal apparent. It hurts Jason as much now as it did then with the horrible ache burying itself slowly beneath his skin. No word of him near any of his regular patrol areas, but to his surprise, there have been several sightings of Robin poking his nose into anything relating to Jason.

Joker has been suspiciously quiet as well. Ever since the killing of Black Mask, the clown has been rumored to be hunting down Jason himself, but any action of that actually happening is minimal. Smoke has become the primary intake of his lungs since his last encounter with the Bat. The kid was studying the ground and then mapping out the area and taking notes. He would duck behind the nearest wall the second he saw Robin, and watch him for a time. The kid is smart, and each time he crossed paths with him, Timothy kept getting closer and closer to what could be called a hideout.

His curiosity grew the more he saw him too. Jason kept getting the urge to actually let himself be seen and let how the kid would react play out. Would he fight him and try to bring him to the Bat or to Blackgate? Would Timothy instead try to talk to him? Every Robin brought to be the partner of the Dark Knight knew that the job was a taxing one. Be smart, think twenty steps ahead, fight with no fear, and the most important rule, do not let yourself become a liability. Jason had learned that the hard way when Scarecrow had struck him with a deadly fear toxin that made him go fucking nuts.

Jason had remembered getting hit by the stuff and falling into absolute terror. Anything and everything was a threat to him and out to kill him. Even the looking at very ground he was on was too much to handle. Alfred had later told him that he kept panicking about something out to get him, and he had attacked Bruce. The victim then passes out from exhaustion, and depending on how stressful the event was, may possibly never wake, and continue to be trapped in their own mind.

Thirteen citizens and Jason had been affected by the toxin. He never found out how many of them were lucky like him, and neither Bruce or Alfred would tell him what had happened that night. What he said or how they managed to bring him back. Each time Jason stood and watched Timothy from afar, he wondered how everything was going in all the lives he had previously known. The Batcave got a few upgrades and he had seen how much Dick had changed. He worries about what happened to Alfred and Babs and wants to find out what kind of Robin Timothy Drake is.

This became a routine after a week. He would spot the kid and watch with amusement the frustrated face Robin would make when his clues led him to a deadend, and then Jason would leave and take care of the business he needed to sustain his place in the criminal empire, finding more clues in tracking down Joker along the way. Jason gets into his uniform, loads his weapons automatically and opens the window to his shitty apartment to feel the freezing winter air of Gotham rush past him. He closes it and grapples to the nearest building in his peripheral.

Making rounds and making sure scum are off the street is always considered an off night for him. He patrols over a few rooftops and keeps his comms and ears open for any potential trouble. Jason frowns when those are the only instances of trouble. She yells before he has a chance to finish his sentence. Two if he hauls ass. The night is especially cold and misty from all of the rain and wind beating the black roads. Almost no one is on the streets and the cars he passes are driving slowly so as not to crash or hydroplane. Jason runs as fast as he can and finally sees a woman, a prostitute, soaked and standing under a tarp of a restaurant.

As soon as she sees him running closer to her, her face lights up in recognition, and she obnoxiously points down the next block. He hurries over to the woman and gives her a generous amount of money before going directly to where the Bat and the goon are. The hold, the anger— intimidation. The Bat is interrogating this guy. Jason slows down to where his splashing footsteps are quiet pitters in the rivers on the street. As he approaches, he sees the painted face of the goon twist into fear upon seeing him. Jason takes out his gun and shoves it against his head. The boss said he wants both of you there! Before Jason has the chance to react, the Bat deliberately hurls the thug at the wall and immediately takes out his grappling gun. Jason does the same, and both of them soar up to the top of the same building.

The Bat never uses ferocity like that even with supervillains, let alone thugs. His heart stops the second he hears those words, the gravity of the situation hitting him like a club to the head. His apartment is close by where they are, and so is his bike. He instantly mounts it and roars it to life as he feels Bruce tightly wrap his arms around his waist. If the circumstances were different, Jason would have found it funny. The rain is an added threat to the entire thing, but not even that stops Jason as his mind is plagued with saving Timothy Drake from the hands of that crazy, deranged, murdering lunatic. The Bat is already off and bolting toward the building before Jason has time to stop the bike as he jumps off of it and runs right after Bruce to the entrance of the building.

The very sight of the clown fills those who encounter him with the distinct sense of wrong. Like a crime against nature never meant to cultivate in this world. The same dull green hair matching the color of murky swamp waters, the same flashy purple suit pressed finely for momentous occasions, the same sinister face of what can only ever be a heartless monster. Seeing his former partner again had made Jason want to go right up to him and give him one good hard punch straight to the face, but if he spent the rest of his life slowly draining the blood from the body of this killer, it would never be enough. The disgusting fiend standing this close to him is absolute torture. Proof that sins exist, that life truly is unfair, that only Hell could ever breed an unimaginable abomination like the clown.

No response comes from Timothy as Joker begins to bellow with blood-curdling laughter at them. Jason can see how badly Robin looks from where he is. Joker has him bound to a chair, and the platform the two of them are standing on have the railings gone. At any time, Robin could be pushed into the glowing green acid below them. Quite the stir one man is causing. Murdering for justice and somehow my dear friend over there lets you get away with it. He has a soft spot for you like he does with this sweet little boy. Jason growls viciously and gets his arm tightly seized before he has a chance to go up there and gut Joker.

A gun reflecting the luminescent acid. The laughter eventually dies to shoulder shakes and traces of amusement when Joker speaks again. Not anger, surprise, or even amusement, but recognition, and that makes his blood run cold. He instantly drops down to his knee while Bruce tightens up like a snake ready to strike. Now I see. Kill the corrupt and give to the less fortunate. Robin Hood is too fitting a name! The Bat shouts just as Jason cuts the restraints binding Timothy to the chair and looks to see the Bat fighting off a dozen clown goons. Joker gets up, still chuckling to himself. Jason quickly tears away the restraints on the kid and looks Timothy over.

The kid is struggling to stand on his own two feet when he tries to help him up. Jason makes sure Robin is protected by shielding him and carefully watching the clown approach with the same twisted smile on his face. This is just too good to be true! He grunts and delivers a right hook to that psychotic grin in front of him. Joker knees him in his abs before retracting the knife only to plunge it in his back. The pain shoots through him along with the sound of blood rushing in his ears. The clown laughs maniacally as he stabs anywhere he can over his body, and Jason does everything in his power to stay as solid as a boulder.

Joker is trying to weaken him enough to push past him and get to the kid. Jason tightens his eyes from the burning pain and lets out a roar of anger as he headbutts Joker with everything he has. The clown stumbles back at the sudden hit, and Jason immediately delivers him a roundhouse kick straight to the face. His vision swims with bursts of throbbing and his helmet is making it worse. He can feel the blood start to seep into his clothes and how much it stings when he makes the slightest movement, each time making his clothes brush the tender wounds. It hurts so bad and he can see Joker slowly stand back up with that dangerous air around him, anger directed at him.

Jason watches the menacing stride, taking out his gun and throwing it into the acid below. He winces as he takes off his jacket before mindfully helping Robin put it on. He feels guilty when the kid recoils in pain at the pressure. He carefully places his grappling gun inside the jacket and aims the hook through one of the holes that Joker gave him in the back. He aims it toward the other side of the railing, to safety, and hears Robin protest before he fires it and turns around to meet the clown. Joker approaches with that crazy grin no longer on his face.

He readies himself and raises his fists to fight. Shooting this monster would be a mercy. Jason wants revenge. He can hear the different shouts of exertion and battle-cries mix with the sounds of bodies repeatedly hitting the ground, and then the constant shrieking jingle of chains from Bruce fighting off the goons combining with Robin frantically yelling something through all of the fuzz in his head.

The stark presence of blood dripping down the pale skin of the clown along with the way the red seeps into his teeth as he bares them at him makes him look like a disturbing apparition out to hurt the living. Joker swings the knife at his neck just as Jason ducks and uses the position to grab him and forcefully throw him down to the platform, switching their sides by body-slamming him into the metal. Where this killer was going to throw Timothy. Jason grunts at the pain before his back gets slammed into the metal platform by Joker. Jason yells out in pain as Joker grabs his other hand.

The clown takes hold of his index finger. An agonizing yell tears out of his throat as Joker lets his hold on him go in favor of running his filthy hands over his helmet. I want to watch the life drain out of you once again! His eyes are still scrunched up and his domino mask is still on, but along with the pain racing all over his body and taking over his senses, he can feel the fear plague him. He gets a violent punch to the side of his head that makes the pain in his head throb even harder when he groggily tries to move away, and has no choice but to feel as disgusting fingers take off his other mask.

Jason winces as he opens his eyes and sees the Joker staring straight down at him with grotesque curiosity. Those two crazy eyes truly meeting his. His eyes and grin grow impossibly wider. I can see the hate and pain in them. The raw emotion practically spewing out at me. He yells at the affliction that causes while the morbidly fascinated, blown pupils watch him.

He punches the clown with everything he has with his broken wrist and gets a sickening crunch along with unbearable agony. Joker gets knocked back before he hollers with laughter and Jason writhes at the torment of his injury. That moronic persistence that you and Batsy share! Keep it coming! Show Batman proud! His entire body burns with nothing but pain. The air itself touching his wounds feels like torture. His chest is torn apart and his vision is clouded and beginning to darken. The steady beeping of a heart monitor greets him whenever he becomes conscious again. Jason stays perfectly still and keeps his breathing the same.

The manor. It takes him a minute to absorb the room. He slowly looks down to see the wrist of his left hand in a cast, his other hand wrapped in gauze, and his chest completely wrapped with bandages. Breathing leaves him with a dull warning of pain that his lungs are still healing, and a sharp burn begins in his chest if he inhales too deeply. The door opens then and he looks over to see Timothy Drake. The kid walks into the room and freezes in place when their eyes meet.

Jason no longer has his mask or his helmet and the kid across the room has his face exposed too. Timothy stares at him with a deer-caught-in-the-headlights expression. All of his equipment. His guns, uniform, commlinks. Is Joker still alive? How much has his absence cost him? If he says something vague like he got caught up in something dangerous he may be able to fix all of this. He needs to fix all of this now and get back to what he was doing. The heart monitor is going ballistic as Jason borders on hyperventilating. He bolts to sit up and clutches at his chest where everything is suddenly too painful. To breathe, to think.

The weight crushing on him and driving a blade into every part of his body, tearing into him and ripping out everything inside of him— he needs to make it stop somehow. He hears a commotion start in the room and finally returns to reality when something gets placed on his face. He looks exactly like Jason remembers him with the only noticeable difference being his eyes appearing more tired and his features more prominent with age.

More defined. He reaches up and puts his hand over the one holding the oxygen mask all while staring Bruce down. Especially not now. Tell me where my commlinks are right now. That levels him with a deeper frown before a phone is placed on the bed. His eyes flicker down to it and back up in time to see Bruce leaving the room. Do not let him leave this room. Use sleeping pills or tranquilizers if you have to.

Jason frowns past Timothy, Tim , and at the door before he turns back to the phone and types a message to his emergency contact. That should buy him at least two weeks. His inside guy will be long gone by the time Bruce tries to trace it. Getting caught, that is. He only has so long to get this sorted out before things really go to shit. Jason scowls at that thought and looks over to see Tim staring at him with an odd expression on his face.

Like one of the ones he used to get from Dick sometimes back when he was still Robin. The kid walks cautiously toward him and slowly sits in the chair at his bedside. When Tim had been wearing a domino mask, Jason had been able to define everything he was thinking on his face. Jason raises an eyebrow at him. Tim nods. You wanted revenge for the Joker killing you once before. He can feel himself start to feel less wary of the kid. He respects bluntness. When you were trying to hunt for me before that fucker caught you, did you know then too? The damage to his name as Red Hood is probably huge. The heart monitor beeps as Jason uses his bandaged hand to run it frustratingly through his hair.

That makes him pause and look back at Tim. Just curious. Lessen the collateral and get rid of the filth. The kid considers that for a moment before he looks closely at him. To spite him in proving your point. Jason can see why Bruce picked this guy as the new Robin. Bruce and I were complicated. Way more fucking complicated than Dick and him. The kid shakes his head and looks off to the side to think. The only one who really seemed to try and regulate it was Alfred. Jason looks down at the oxygen mask. When Jason saw the interactions that Bruce and Dick had together, he only noticed how tense things were, and him being uncomfortable enough to try and lighten up the mood.

He never really paid any attention to the vocabulary Dick used. Just the way that he would say words. Dick was always subtle in the way that he acted and talked. He would never directly say anything unless you pushed him. He liked to keep the peace and expressed how he felt unconsciously. In his body language, and in the way he fought. Not unless Dick outright said something to him.

Jason never beat around the bush. If he had a problem with someone, he would address it right away. The two of them just got it. A planner. Smart fucking kid. What makes you think he wants anything to do with me after all the shit that's happened? I construe that as something that bothers him. Jason lets that sink in for a minute. Do you want to try going to sleep? Tim opens the drawer on the bedside table and gives it to Jason along with the cup of water on top of it. A few seconds tick by in the unfamiliar atmosphere before Tim speaks again.

He stays silent and chooses to close his eyes. Both voices are male and one of them is definitely Bruce. He listens to them fall silent before one pair of footsteps walks away from the room, and before he can catch anything, the other person walks over to him. A hand gets placed on his forehead and Jason snatches it as a reaction. To assume and then actually see are two completely different things. Before Red Hood. That asshole deserved it for what he did. A rapist named Filipe Garzonas was found not guilty by a courthouse of crooks and threatened to do what he did to this poor woman again.

She killed herself. When the quiet becomes unbearable, he speaks again. Jason would always stubbornly meet his gaze and refuse to back off— but somehow this is different. The horrible things you had to endure to get to this point. The thought of you doing this hurts because you're choosing revenge Jason and Dick were close when he was still alive, but he never would have expected that he would accept something this big for his sake. He was prepared for yelling or more of a fight and the possibility that he would lose him, but his brother only needed a minute to make up his mind and come to a decision. The fact that it was that easy makes him feel extremely exposed and uncomfortably vulnerable.

How the constant ache in his chest is now bearable at the reassurance that he at least has one person who will stand by him. His brother, no less. He smiles a little when he hears light laughter bounce around the room and feels Dick place a hand on his shoulder. I have a very reliable network of informatives who help me keep everything running. Jason does not want to talk about whatever complicated mess is between him and Bruce right now, instead deciding to flip the subject on its head.

Jason nods. On the rare occasion that Bruce would come up in their conversations, his brother would immediately divert the topic into something else. His curiosity only grows the longer he watches him try to think of an answer. A very cautious answer from the looks of it. The unsaid implication hits him like a freight train. Only after Jason had died did Bruce and Dick finally decide to mollify their problems with each other. To the point where somebody had to die to get you and him to talk. The hand on his shoulder gives him a light squeeze in an attempt to placate him. Jason realizes that this is still a sore subject for him to talk about from the way his features slightly tighten. Jason softens a bit when he sees the conflict on the face of his brother. It makes him wonder just how deeply Bruce had hurt him.

How it clearly still affects him even so many years later. His eyes stay fixed on the fabric of his bed. His eyes widen. Like a taboo. Then Jason wondered if Dick had done something like he had with Felipe Garzonas, but his brother had always established firmly on where he stood with killing and brutality. I nearly got captured by him on a mission. He told me I was no longer Robin and left it at that. It was my own choice to leave. The only reason why I even stepped foot back in Gotham was because word of Robin returning started clamoring around. Jason nods slowly. He remembers first meeting Dick. He and Bruce had just gotten back from a mission to find Dick dressed in his Nightwing uniform and standing in the Batcave.

Jason only saw a mask and an unfamiliar face and immediately attacked him. Bruce had to step between them and explain who they were to each other. Dick, in turn, greeted Jason as best as could with politeness even with all of the rage Jason saw threatening to come out, before snapping his attention over to Bruce and demanding that they talk alone. Dick showed up more to get to know Jason after their first encounter and apologized for how he acted during their first meeting.

They had spent a lot of time together in their hero personas, and without. The two of them bonded and became comfortable with each other in the later years that followed. They would spar, partner up together, and just hang out. Jason had come to think of Dick as being someone important to him and freely talked to him about almost anything. Then Jason noticed his brother beginning to treat him differently around the time he turned fifteen. Robin was what my mother would call me. It held a lot of meaning to me, and the fact that he told me I was removed from my role and then had the audacity to actually use my name was what made me so furious with him.

It… felt like I meant nothing to him. I looked up to him and of course I cared for him very much… but after that, being in the same room as him felt like I was drowning. Jason stays silent, watching as his brother takes his time to gather his wits and continue at his own pace. The hand on his shoulder tightens. Just that information by itself His eyes were clouded and all I could see was how much he loathed himself. I walked over to him and hugged him so tightly that the physical hurt that caused was a relief compared to what I was feeling. I forgot how mad I was at him, and just saw the man who had raised me, trained me, cared for me, and in just as much grief as I was.

All I wanted to do was comfort him. Anything to help take some of it away. For the first time, he and I finally saw eye to eye— in the most extreme way possible. The hand on his shoulder suddenly feels heavier than it did a moment ago. Everything is too constricting. Then Dick is hugging him before he has time to properly panic. Hearing that someone actually did miss him and cares about him this much is something that he really needed. Three days of not doing anything was asking too much of Jason. Jason sits up and braces himself before tugging out the morphine keeping the pain away. He unsteadily gets to his feet and almost immediately crashes headfirst into the floor. He slams his bandaged hand on the nightstand to keep himself upright, and then hauls himself to his feet to give it a second try.

The next ten minutes are spent trying to get his balance back with some stretches and exercises focusing on coordination, and finally, he tries walking again. Clothes are waiting for him on a chair near the nightstand. Jason opens the door to get thrown off guard when he sees the vast space of Wayne manor. He had forgotten just how big this place was, and then being in the guest bedroom as well as his apartment for so long makes this place look like the Taj Mahal. He carefully walks down the stairs and feels the morphine has completely worn off. Jason tries to be mindful of his bandaged hand and the one wrapped in the cast as he walks toward the dining room, finding out that making sudden movements causes the pain of the wounds in his chest to kick back up with a vengeance.

Memories of gourmet chicken soup when he got sick and the rich, fluffy, delicious cakes he would get on his birthday begin to flood his mind the closer he gets to the source. They were working well into the night to figure out one crucial riddle that Riddler had left at his latest crime scene. Both of them have been in the Batcave for the past half hour, staring intently at the piece of paper with the enigmatic question written neatly on it. He looks back up at Bruce. He likes to go with the most on the nose answer to fuel his ego.

Jason Bobs Role In The Loyalty Dilemma. His partner talks to Gordon soon after that and makes Jason wait in Bobs Role In The Loyalty Dilemma car to warm up before john grisham the rooster bar two of them drive back to the manor. Bobs Role In The Loyalty Dilemma gets a hint of a smile in turn before Alfred is turning around and setting the food on trays. Not long after, the cuff is gone and Bruce silently Bobs Role In The Loyalty Dilemma away from him. A jagged inhale gives him enough air to see his opponent moving in on him. He eyes Bobs Role In The Loyalty Dilemma mug and looks back Bobs Role In The Loyalty Dilemma him suspiciously.

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