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A Divas Christmas Carol

Happy nationalwafflesday!! Mike Chute. I Mistakes In Don Juans Hidden Meaning some on sale but I have never used a divas christmas carol before. Usually ham hock or bacon grease or something like that. A divas christmas carol have the same question as Ms. Hi Monique. Nwamiko Madden. See more gaps a divas christmas carol.

Twelve Days of Christmas with Lyrics Christmas Carol \u0026 Song

It smells and tastes amazing! Thanks for the recipe and the Youtube video. I used your cornbread recipe 2 years ago and I got rave reviews. I was extra proud who has a MS born and bred mother and everyone brags on her cooking. So thank you! Anywho … lol … I have 2 questions. How many servings for this recipe? Can I make and freeze ahead of time, if so is a week ahead ok? I absolutely love this recipe!

It has become one of my favorite dishes -as a side, or sometimes even as a main course. Even the kid loves it. Do you have a recipe on how to bake a ham? Everything I have tried so far from divas can cook have tasted great. This is such a great recipe and EASY!! My sisters thought our Granny had made them! Thanks so much! I tried your recipe tonight and the results are Fabtastic!!! One word: deeelicious!!. Thanks so much. Thanks a million.

I absolutely LOVE it!! The juice is called pot liker liquer in South Carolina. Wow this recipe is bomb!!! Where can i get the smoked turkey leg already cooked? Thanks for this lovely recipe. I am a seasoned cook. This year I wanted my Thanksgiving collard greens to be more healthy for the family. I have always used water for my greens but will be doing this as well for Thanksgiving. Girl you are a life saver. I tried this recipe tonight as a prelude to hosting my first thanksgiving dinner. The taste was amazing! Very flavorful and the recommended cook times were on point. Do you think that adding more chicken broth would alter the taste? Would it make it too salty? Should I do a half and half of water and broth?

Going to make this for thanksgiving and your Mac and cheese! Can I find smoked turkey legs at Walmart? Or even the smoke pork neck bones some suggested above? If all else fails can I just cook the bacon and put it in the broth to simmer then add the greens? I always loved collard greens and after looking into some recipes I decided to try this one, all I can say Wow delicious, delicious easy to make and the flavor are incredibly.. I thought I was going to eat the hole pot of collard greens, I am making this recipe again????

How many servings are in the video? I need to make Collard Greens for Thanksgiving for at least 12 to 15 people.. I have had some with potatoes and they tasted delicious!!! If I wanted to add that to this recipe. When do you think would be the best time to add them? Do you think red potatoes would work best? Just made and ate these green. Mixed collards with mustard. I boiled the smoked turkey leg for 30 mins then made broth. I am tying to cut down on salt. Thanks for a keeper. I raised a bunch of nice broccoli this year, when my daughter who is a chef saw my garden told me to cook the leaves like collards.

So I figured I would try used your recipe, my wife actually helping me on our second batch. Now I have to fight for the last bit. Thanks again great recipe even with broccoli greens. Monique, Moniquey!!!! Giirrrl, let me tell ya!!!!! I am of Italian decent and never made collards in my life!!!! I followed your recipe with the smoked turkey legs and whipped up a pot. I invited my African-American friend over to join me and she brought cornbread. I feel so honored!!!! Girl I love all of your recipes. I am the youngest of three sisters and was always teased that I can NOT cook. Later she sheepishly asked me for the recipe. Thanks girl! My dad was from Kentucky and grew greens but always ate them plain.

I grew some collards this year and had just happened to buy a smoked turkey leg recently. It was synchronicity finding this recipe. Cannot wait to make this today! This is by far my favorite collard greens recipe. I started smoking my own turkey and it is divine! Thank you love what you do. I want to start smoking meat and fish but uncertain about the best way to go about it.

I got bored and decided to decided to make greens , yams , chicken , and Mac and cheese my first time making anything like this.. The greens were his favorite and mine also which is why I left this comment on this recipe. My kids even ate the greens which was a miracle! Thank you again!!!!!!! Can I use chicken stock instead of chicken broth and if so, how much? Sure can, use the same amount of stock. Depending on their size, if they are small, should work fine!

Can I used smoke pork neck bones instead of a smoke turkey leg? Or we have regular spinach or we have kale. My husband was the one making greens and I wanted to learn how. He introduced me to Divas and now I cook them every week. The turkey looks very good ,but the hit is and always will he the pork. Try it and you will never eat the turkey again. We always forget about the other white meat.

Pot Liquor! I have my turkey necks in the pot now!!! I love this recipe! I use a lot of your recipes frequently. I cooked the greens and they were very good. I will be cooking my greens this way from now on. Thanks for opening my eyes to a new way of cooking. Where do you get the smoked turkey leg from? Or do I have to make it myself? This recipe was fire, I loved it! It was so tasty it was gone in like 10 minutes. It is similar to Paula Deans. Thanks for the great recipe, I will be using this for a long time!

I made the greens last Sunday.. I almost ate the whole pot. Great recipe. Have you ever considered cabbage with your collared greens? Please, try it this was great for the fall Holidays. The juice is called Pot Liquor. That is what the old folk called it back in the day, I love your cooking, Do you have a cook book. This sounds beyond fabulous but for one wee problem: where do I get a fully cooked smoked turkey leg?? This was incredible.

Thank you for inspiring me to start cooking again. I plan my weekly meals around your recipes. Thank you!!!!!!!!!! Had been making the 7up pound cake for years. Have put that recipe at the bottom of my notebook now. Thanks Moni. This recipe is amazing and super easy to make. This was my first time ever making greens by myself and they were a success! My entire family absolutely loved them even my grandmother!

They asked me to make another batch soon. So, good luck finding a smoked turkey part in my vicinity. I make collard greens and learned how from my Grandmom and mother also. Having fresh greens is key. Mostly they need to be cleaned , cut up, and cooked with smoked turkey or pork with salt. Anything else is extra and is a personal choice. YUMM This is the best way to fix greens. I love some Pot Liquor and always serve greens with the liquid.

Yum again. Today is Easter and I think we will have your greens recipe with our ham and sweet potatoes. Thanks for the video. Made this today best recipe ever I got the whole apartment building smelling good! Soul food to a mans heart thank you you so much!!!!! If the pot populist is good enough to drink straight, girl! When u have the time use fresh greens from you garden or farmers market. Love your videos! So I watch them and do learn some little shortcuts. All the best! Maybe the best collard greens ever. Spot in. I did it exactly as the recipe stated, and these greens are now a sognature dish in my home! I almost hate to ask, because it almost seems sacreligious, but can you use frozen greens for this recipe?

I bought some on sale but I have never used frozen before. I made this recipe for New Years Day. I found it to be better than the traditional greens with ham. I will be making this recipe again. Hi Monique, Just saw the collard green recipe and it looks delicious. I followed the recipe exactly, but added an additional cup of broth once I was ready to add my greens to the pot.

A lot of my liquid had cooked out already. Loved this recipe! I used smoked pork neck bones! Turned out great! I substituted smoked pork neck bones…. I cooked the recipe today. It is simmering on the stove, as I write. It smells fantastic! I live in North Carolina. In the past, I have made other recipes with ham or bacon. But this recipe looks and smells delicious, also, easy to make.

Thank you for the goodness of some real good old fashioned home cooking. I had never had collard greens my mom mostly cooked Turnip and Mustard I tried this recipe out this past Thanksgiving and it was a hit! Even the teenagers liked them! Best collard recipe ever. It was also revealed that even though Ebony had been adopted into a nice family, she had refused to visit her father, whom she has never forgiven for the abuse he put both her and Ronnie through. While Ronnie tried to give their father a second chance, he soon learned that she had been right about their father not having changed his ways after he began drinking again during Ronnie's visit one Christmas, and left home for good. Ronnie later married and had a daughter named Olivia, before dying of a sudden brain aneurysm.

Ebony had a relationship with Bob, who was a DJ at the time, and he was considering marrying her before she coldly broke up with him. Ebony had worked well with Desire until her coldness caused rifts, which, along with Marli's drug problems, eventually broke up the band. Before leaving her, the ghost takes Ebony to Terry Freeman, Desire's other singer and Ebony and Marli's once close friend, who is now destitute and impoverished due to Ebony having both abandoned her following Marli's death and crushed her financially in a lawsuit regarding the "Desire" name. The ghost confronts Ebony for how she treated Terry over the years and that she should never had abandoned her friend when she needed her.

Ebony then finds a wild party in her suite by a heavy metal dude who is The Ghost of Christmas Present John Taylor , who shows her how she is overworking Bob and her crew. She comes to learn just how much her band really hates her and insults her behind her back. Ebony shows sympathy and concern for Bob's ailing son Tim, slowly realizing just how strained his relationship with his family is. The ghost also shows Ebony that her accountant Ernie is spending his Christmas with his girlfriend, and how he's been able to pay for his lifestyle by secretly stealing money from her accounts over the years.

This angers Ebony because Ernie was supposed to be her trusted accountant, and also makes her realize why he's always insisted on her staying on a tight budget — the less she spends, the more he can steal from her. The Ghost then takes Ebony to the apartment of her estranged niece, Olivia. Olivia tells her husband and friends that despite Ebony's cold attitude, she still loves her aunt. Ebony starts regretting her past treatment towards Olivia, now realizing that she is the only living blood relative she has left.

Lastly, Ebony meets the homeless people her concert is supposed to benefit, but whom she's never interacted with. The ghost shows her how they appreciate Christmas despite having nothing. Its regard as a mainstay of Christmas viewing would be cemented only over the subsequent years. Another weird, TV movie addition to the Christmas Caro l canon places the familiar plot and characters in the Wild West. A Canadian production released in , Ebeneezer is elevated by the presence of Western genre-veteran Jack Palance - portraying Scrooge as a sleazy saloon owner and card cheat, who fires his Seth Rogan-look-alike assistant on Christmas Eve.

Yet, one of the adaptations that do the most justice to this weighty tale is narrated by a fuzzy blue aardvark and a talking rat. The Muppets Christmas Carol succeeds in lightening its source material for a family audience , whilst still retaining its ability to warm the heart and inspire hope. Particularly upon the arrival of the bombastic, infectiously cheery Ghost of Christmas Present - that he is a man in a full-body Muppet suit notwithstanding.

Released in and starring Micheal Caine as Scrooge, for many, this musical remains the pinnacle of essential Christmas viewing, long past childhood age. Though this TV-movie starring Kelsey Grammar as Scrooge is not without its fans, it is a decidedly rocky addition to the Christmas Carol genre. It is a Christmas special of the classic BBC series Blackadder , which stars Rowan Atkinson as the titular character during various historical periods. Featuring narration from Hugh Laurie in pre- House years and a scene in which Rowan Atkinson wears nothing but some tiny pants, it is well worth a watch.

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