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The Causes Of Alzheimers Disease

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Alzheimer's Disease: Root cause and potential treatments

One study found that half of all people with dementia admitted to a hospital for pneumonia or a hip fracture died within six months of leaving the hospital. Another study that examined autopsy reports of people with dementia found the main causes of death were pneumonia, cardiovascular diseases, pulmonary embolism , cachexia , and dehydration. Other factors that impact the death rate in Alzheimer's disease include advanced age, increased falls, and delirium. Some important decisions to make prior to a person's decline in late-stage Alzheimer's disease are related to advanced medical directives. These directives include designating a health care power of attorney and a financial power of attorney, making end of life decisions such as a decision about resuscitation, and conducting research about palliative care and hospice care for someone with dementia.

Although these decisions may be difficult, making them ahead of time can increase your peace of mind and allow you to focus on your loved one at the time of decline, instead of on difficult choices and options. When it comes to Alzheimer's, the MIND diet has shown promise in reducing risk and promoting brain health. National Institute on Aging. Alzheimer's disease fact sheet. Updated May Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Contribution of Alzheimer disease to mortality in the United States.

What are the signs of Alzheimer's disease? Sampson EL. About one-third of all people age 85 and older may have Alzheimer's disease. These age-related changes include atrophy shrinking of certain parts of the brain, inflammation, vascular damage, production of unstable molecules called free radicals, and breakdown of energy production within cells. Many people live into their 90s and beyond without ever developing dementia.

But it may mean you are more likely to develop it. Genetic risk factors are changes or differences in genes that can influence the chance of getting a disease. These risk factors are the reason some diseases run in families. There are two types of Alzheimer's—early-onset and late-onset. Both types have a genetic component. Most people with Alzheimer's have late-onset Alzheimer's disease, in which symptoms become apparent in their mids. Researchers have not found a specific gene that directly causes the late-onset form of the disease. However, one genetic risk factor—having one form, or allele, of the apolipoprotein E APOE gene on chromosome 19—does increase a person's risk. Early-onset Alzheimer's disease occurs between a person's 30s to mids and represents less than 10 percent of all people with Alzheimer's.

Learn More. Stay in the Know with E-News. E-mail Address Please provide a valid Email Address. Zip Code Please provide a valid Zip Code. Thank You! Causes and Risk Factors for Alzheimer's Disease. Share or Print this page. Risk genes increase the likelihood of developing a disease but do not guarantee it will happen. Researchers have found several genes that increase the risk of Alzheimer's. APOE-e4 is the first risk gene identified and remains the gene with strongest impact on risk. We all inherit a copy of some form of APOE from each parent. Those who inherit one copy of APOE-e4 from their mother or father have an increased risk of developing Alzheimer's.

The brain is the cradle of mood, emotion, cognition, The Causes Of Alzheimers Disease, motor, and different forms of learning. It consists of over billion nerves that are connected to The Causes Of Alzheimers Disease another through The Causes Of Alzheimers Disease protoplasmic fibers named axons Hendrickson, The Causes Of Alzheimers Disease is called early- or young-onset Alzheimer's disease. The Causes Of Alzheimers Disease activity and risk of neurodegenerative disease: a systematic review of prospective evidence.

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