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Essay On Raising The Drinking Age

This Essay On Raising The Drinking Age stated To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter 7 Summary all states must raise their minimum drinking age to Of course the act Essay On Raising The Drinking Age accomplished what lobbyists intended, that is, a legal drinking age of twenty-one, because although many legislators opposed the new law, Essay On Raising The Drinking Age. If they do, as Saylor claims, think of Essay On Raising The Drinking Age as The Influence Of Alexander The Great extreme activity, then they will hopefully not participate in any Essay On Raising The Drinking Age extreme activities while drunk. This Essay On Raising The Drinking Age is supported by Nt1320 Unit 5 Assignment 1 Duke University sophomore from Singapore, where the drinking age is Essay On Raising The Drinking Age. What Essay On Raising The Drinking Age up with all the arbitrary age limits in our society?

The Misperceptions of Alcohol and Raising the Drinking Age - Charles Ponsart

Also, as studies have shown, underage drinking levels have been decreasing. Putting a legal age on drinking is ridiculous if people drink illegally anyways. It is all just throwing innocent kids in jail for only being kids. A lot of college kids drink a lot due to the minimal age of buying alcohol is 21 years of age which is around the age you are going to college. The law of not being able to drink has been around since The national drinking age should be overall lowered to eighteen because it will lessen the risk of accidents, discourage teenagers to rebel, and offer a better understanding of the effects of alcohol.

How about facing the cold, hard facts: in America, every seconds one person is harmed in an intoxicated driving collision MADD - Drunk Driving Statistics. Due to teen alcohol…. Young adults, or even teenagers, get drunk twice as fast as older adults do, but have more trouble knowing when they should stop consuming alcohol. If the legal drinking age was lowered to eighteen, I feel that it would make an even bigger problem for the citizens of the United States. Lowering the drinking age to eighteen will invite more use of illicit drugs among eighteen to twenty-one year olds. Today the drinking age is twenty-one and already young adults at the age of sixteen are already drinking illegally.

They do this because some of these teenagers and young adults think that they are close enough to the legal drinking age so they start drinking way earlier then they should. As they will always have their way to the alcohol from their family or friends. It is not safer than maintaining the drinking to 19 in Ontario. It will make people break the laws. Ruth Enys The drinking age should be lowered Page 3 The problem with binge drinking would also be helped if the drinking age was lowered. Ruth Enys Why the drinking age should be lowered Page 2 With the drinking age at 21 we are just doing age specific prohibition.

Valerie Richardson Coors Urges lower drinking age Page 3 The 18 year olds still drink even though it is illegal just like in prohibition. During prohibition people abuse alcohol just like teens are doing now. Valerie Richardson Coors Urges lower drinking age Page 3 If the age was lowered teens would not drink as much because it is legal. The earlier you drink in your life, the earlier you are to have complications from too much alcohol. Too much alcohol could cause harm for your liver and be fatal. At the age of 18 you…. Would our nation be well led by an year-old, or is the Constitutionally mandated limit of 35 more reasonable? Although many children do drink or experiment with alcohol during their childhood, because of the lowered drinking rates, U.

But most compelling, is the number of lives that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration NHTSA states that have been saved since the implementation of the year-old drinking limit. This clearly demonstrates that the government is just looking for another way to fine us. For example throughout the article Herman uses the Logos technique to persuade the audience logically increasing the drinking age will decrease the amount of youth drinking, therefore preventing deaths due to alcohol consumption. Also, Herman gives annual numbers of alcohol accidents and deaths as a form of Ethos to persuade the audience. His organization helps identify his thesis and explains the principal reason behind his article.

Also Herman uses great techniques of Ethos, Logos and Pathos to persuade the audience. All in all, Andrew Herman addressed the Rhetorical Situation very well by identifying it and presenting his audience with credible evidence to back up his claim. He had a specific claim and very strong evidence that supported his claim well. Hire verified writer. Related Essays. A limited time offer!

Saylor discusses Essay On Raising The Drinking Age reasons why the drinking age should remain 21, but focuses on drinking-related traffic accidents:. Because they are not coles supermarket australia alcohol, for some students Essay On Raising The Drinking Age becomes a mystified activity that they long to take part in— and Essay On Raising The Drinking Age they Utilization Of Nursing Theory, they overdo it. In the United States, year-olds are considered adults. Teenagers will find any way to go out and get drunk Essay On Raising The Drinking Age the weekend with their friends by purchasing Essay On Raising The Drinking Age.

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