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Heroes As A Heros Role Model

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My Role Model, My Hero. (Watch in High Quality)

If that doesn't qualify her as one of the best female superheroes, and certainly one of the best superheroes in general, then what does? Kitty had a somewhat fraught relationship with the X-Men through her teen years. Joining up at 14 shortly after her debut in Uncanny X-Men , she was much younger than even the next youngest member at the time, leading her to eventually move into the New Mutants teen team. But Kitty grew up quickly, becoming not just one of the X-Men's and then Excalibur's most powerful members with her ability to phase through solid matter, but also a formidable hand-to-hand combatant thanks to Wolverine's training, and even a SHIELD agent, all before actually retiring from the X-Men following the death of her on-again-off-again boyfriend Colossus.

After Colossus was revived in the title Astonishing X-Men , Kitty rejoined the team, continuing her trajectory as one of the Xavier School's most prestigious graduates, leading her own X-Men teams, and even becoming the school's headmistress for a while. Now, in the Krakoa era, Kitty Pryde who has the unique role of being one of the few superheroes to definitively age and grow up on the page has started going by Kate — Captain Kate, to be exact — as the leader of the Marauders, essentially Krakoa's navy in the modern mutant era.

Monica Rambeau is just becoming a modern household name thanks to Teyonah Parris's winning portrayal of the hero in Disney Plus's MCU streaming show WandaVision, but longtime fans of the Marvel Universe have known her name and her various codenames for decades. Originally introduced in 's Amazing Spider-Man Annual 16 , Monica got her energy channeling powers when she was bombarded by an experimental weapon while serving as a Harbor Patrol agent in her native New Orleans, Louisiana. Monica, whose powers developed into converting her body into pure energy as well as harnessing and channeling all kinds of waves and particles including Cosmic Rays, Gamma Rays, X-rays, ultraviolet radiation, visible light, electricity, infrared radiation, microwaves, radio waves, and neutrinos, among many more, was dubbed 'Captain Marvel' by the media — making her not only Marvel's first female Captain Marvel, but only the publisher's second character to carry that name, following her direct predecessor Mar-Vell.

Monica quickly became an Avenger, and eventually rose through the ranks to become the team leader. Over the years since her stint on the Avengers, she's also been part of Nextwave: Agents of HATE a sorta black-ops superhero team , The Ultimates in this incarnation a team of incredibly powerful heroes who solve cosmic problems , and even come back to the Avengers a time or two. She's also switched her codename a few times, going from Photon to Pulsar, and most recently Spectrum. In the meantime, multiple other heroes have used the name Captain Marvel since, most notably Carol Danvers, who previously used the superhero name Ms.

Marvel in comic books, before taking up the name Captain Marvel in honor of her mentor Mar-Vell. But whatever codename she's going by, Monica Rambeau remains one of Marvel's most powerful — and often unsung — heroes. One of the newer and younger superheroes on our list, Kamala Khan made her debut in 's Captain Marvel When the Terrigen Mists — a strange substance that gives the hidden superhuman race the Inhumans their powers — swept across the earth, activating strange abilities in many humans who had hidden Inhuman ancestry, Kamala was caught up in the wave, becoming the premiere teen hero of Jersey City, New Jersey. Kamala's superpowers include shape-changing and super strength and toughness relative to her physical form, which usually involves 'embiggening' her fists, or growing to gigantic size.

But as a teen girl, Kamala's greatest power is relatability. Marvel, Carol's old codename. Truly, what's more intrinsic to the comic book fan's fantasy than daydreaming of being one of Earth's Mightiest Heroes? Like Spider-Man, the first Marvel Comics character to fully embody the spirit of a teen hero struggling with all the troubles of adolescence alongside the challenges of being a superhero, Kamala provides a window into the world of the Marvel Universe for teens and young adults coming of age in the modern era — just like Peter Parker did in his early career. Interested to learn more? Check out the best Ms.

Marvel Kamala Khan comics available. Black Canary is a codename belonging to two classic DC superheroes, who share the unique bond of being mother and daughter. A skilled crimefighter, Black Canary was something of a female vigilante similar to Batman when such characters were uncommon, if not mostly unheard of in mainstream superhero comic books. Her popularity and striking appearance, designed by artist Carmine Infantino, led Black Canary to quickly join DC's Justice Society of America, the publisher's then premiere super-team.

In the Silver Age era of the '60s, DC split its original Golden Age characters off into their own reality, Earth-2 DC's current Omniverse status quo is a decades-in-the-making extrapolation of this simple idea. But that left a slight continuity problem regarding Black Canary. By that time, Black Canary had been appearing alongside the Justice League, then in their early years. DC came up with a few different kinda complex solutions over the years to explain how Black Canary was one of the few characters who seemed to exist on both Earth-1 and Earth-2, but the TL:DR is, the problem was eventually resolved by making the Justice League's Black Canary the daughter of the original.

Dinah Lance's most common origin is that she was a rebellious young woman who decided to go against her superhero mom's wishes and follow in her footsteps, first training with Wildcat of the JSA, one of the best fighters in the DCU. Bolstered by the power of her sonic 'canary cry' superpower which her mom didn't have , Dinah Lance grew into Black Canary, a powerful hero in her own right, and one of if not the best hand-to-hand combatant in the entire DC Universe. Over the years, Dinah Lance as opposed to her mom Dinah Drake has been one of the most enduring members of the Justice League, even leading the team from time to time. And of course, she's had an on-again-off-again currently on again romantic and crimefighting partnership with Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow.

But more than anything, she's an enduring example of how DC has often employed the power of its own legacy to expand on and redefine its characters — oftentimes making something even more iconic in the process. Usagi Tsukino AKA Sailor Moon may not be what many western comic book fans think of when the idea of a female superhero pops into their heads, but across the world, she's one of the best and most popular examples of the genre. Embodying and occasionally parodying the 'magical girl' trope of manga and anime, in which a young woman gains magical powers through a transformation or by traveling to another world, Sailor Moon is the leader of the Sailor Scouts, a group of high school girls who gain cosmic powers when they activate the artifacts that give them their abilities.

Sailor Moon may often lean more into the manga and anime tropes of its roots, but for American audiences who learned of the character when the early volumes of her popular anime came to Toonami and other popular anime cartoon blocks, she remains one of the best examples of what female superheroes look like when they are separated from the Superman and Batman archetypes that inform so many popular characters. Interested in more? Read about the transformative legacy of magical girl manga. One of the most powerful magic users in the Marvel Universe thanks to her status as a ' Nexus Being ' with direct connections to Marvel's Multiverse, Wanda has often had that power used against her by cruel manipulators who have preyed on her long search for family.

Be it Mephisto, Doctor Doom, Chthon, Dormammu, Morgan le Fay, or as in WandaVision, her comic book mentor Agatha Harkness , Wanda is too often the target of those who wish to seize the font of power she channels to their own nefarious ends. However, Wanda's true nature is that of a hero, something demonstrated in her earliest adventures. After debuting in X-Men 4 as part of Magneto's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, she quickly turned over a new leaf and joined Earth's Mightiest Heroes in Avengers 16 , which revamped the team's original roster.

Despite enduring the death and resurrection of her husband the Vision, the 'life' and 'death' of their magically created children William and Thomas, being magically manipulated by Doctor Doom into killing multiple Avengers and ending the team for some time, and even decimating the mutant population of the Marvel Universe by magically robbing their powers, Wanda has always turned back toward the light when allowed to follow her own path. She was recently murdered during the X-Men's Hellfire Gala , with her murderer being hunted in The Trial of Magneto and our own speculation piece. Raven is just scratching the surface of her potential as a solo character, with graphic novels such as Teen Titans: Raven , but her history in the DC Universe makes her one of the publisher's most important and cool female heroes ever.

Making her debut in a brief short in 's DC Comics Presents 26 , Marv Wolfman and George Perez quickly carried their creation over to their landmark New Teen Titans run, in which she became one of the team's breakout characters, standing out even in a whole team of nothing but breakout characters. Raven's mysterious, magical nature as the daughter of the demon Trigon, one of the Teen Titans' greatest foes, allows her a whole host of mystical abilities. Described as an empath, Raven has displayed telekinesis, telepathy, teleportation, astral projection, and of course mastery of many forms of sorcery and magic.

But what makes Raven stand out, along with her dark history as the daughter of a demon, is the way she breaks the mold for one of the oldest tropes in super-team comic books, the troubled badass whose past always comes back to haunt their efforts to be a hero, a la Wolverine. Moving the archetype away from the hardcore masculinity that usually accompanies a team's 'lone wolf' member, Raven struggled not with a murderous berserker rage or a problematic unrequited love, but the challenges of being a young woman alongside the looming threat of her demonic ancestry.

Essentially, Raven embodies the 'angry goth girl' archetype, but in a way that backs up her edginess with a decades-long character arc and near limitless power. Ever since she first appeared in 's Batman 1 , Catwoman has skirted the line between hero and villain enough that she even made it to our list of the best female supervillains ever. But the fact is, for the last several decades, she's been primarily focused on life as a hero, even if her methods are sometimes questionable especially to her on-again-off-again lover Batman. A master thief whose physical prowess matches her cunning Catwoman is one of Gotham's most complex costumed residents.

She prowls the streets protecting those who need her most — but also taking many opportunities to steal from those whose wealth could benefit Gotham's downtrodden and, let's be honest, Catwoman herself. In a world of morally grey male heroes, Catwoman stands apart as a woman with a complicated personality defined by many motivating factors, who usually winds up on the side of the angels even while also looking for her next big score.

Read the best Catwoman comics available. Carol Danvers is just about the most powerful woman in the Marvel Universe and is arguably the publisher's top female hero. With cosmic powers, a background as a fighter pilot, a high-profile movie, and that crucial Avengers membership, she's everything great about superheroes wrapped up in one sleek package.

It's no wonder the next phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will likely put Carol front and center, as one of the pillars of the most popular superhero brand in the world. The themes of the classic story Captain Marvel: Higher, Further, Faster which redefined Carol's career and brought her into the role of Captain Marvel were adapted to the MCU Captain Marvel film and even lent its title as the film's tagline. Read all of the best Captain Marvel stories available. To some, She-Hulk is the ultimate expression of feminine power. She's indestructible, super-strong, and without inhibition — all of this with the mind of a high-powered attorney wrapped inside those unparalleled green muscles.

And while she may seem like a typical spin-off character obviously riffing on her somewhat more famous cousin Bruce Banner , She-Hulk takes the concept of a gamma-irradiated hero to a totally different level, embracing her alter ego and living life to the fullest. In some ways, She-Hulk also broke other boundaries — her original Sensational She-Hulk ongoing series introduced an indestructible, fourth-wall-breaking hero with a sense of humor years before Deadpool grew a similar schtick.

Supergirl may have started as a spin-off character from Superman in her first appearance in 's Action Comics But for many fans, she's become so much more than that. DC's Maid of Might represents a certain element of femininity that is often glossed over in fiction — the balance of girlish glee and emotional exploration with confidence and physical power. Too often female characters must be one or the other, ultra-feminine or super-powerful, but Supergirl - who possesses all the strength of her cousin Superman while facing all the issues of a young woman - is at her best when writers strike a true balance between both sides of that coin, letting her be a real Super girl.

That dynamic plays an important role in the CW's Supergirl , a show that places a slightly older Kara in the central role and embraces her femininity without shying away from her ability to kick ass. Make sure you've read all of the best Supergirl stories of all time. There's no question Harley Quinn started as an out-and-out villain, a sidekick to the Joker who was just as much into a life of comical crime as her clown prince boyfriend. Though she spent a few years palling around with the Suicide Squad who are anti-heroes at best and she's still got associations with them, her most recent developments in the ' Joker War ' story have placed Harley Quinn squarely on the straight and narrow as one of Gotham's protectors in her own Harley Quinn series.

For all that, and especially for her strength and solidarity in the face of escaping abuse and coming into her own as a hero and a character, Harley Quinn ranks as one of the greatest female superheroes ever. Make sure you've read all the best Harley Quinn comics of all time. Marvel's first superheroine debuting 60 years ago this year in Fantastic Four 1 may not have the highest profile of the characters on this list, but Sue Storm set the pace for modern female heroes — and still occupies a fairly unique place in comic books.

And that may be one of the most crucial aspects of her character. While Sue Storm is powerful in her own right — many writers have said she's got the most raw power of anyone on the FF — she also represents an important aspect of womanhood that many female heroes have sacrificed or had used against them — motherhood. Sarah waited long past child-bearing age to have a baby. At times she doubted, struggling to believe God would fulfill his promise. Losing hope, she took matters into her own hands. Like most of us, Sarah was looking at God's promise from her limited, human perspective.

But the Lord used her life to unfold an extraordinary plan, proving that God is never restricted by what usually happens. Sarah's faith is an inspiration to every person who has ever waited on God to act. Isaac , the miracle child of Abraham and Sarah, is the next hero distinguished in the Hall of Faith. It was by faith that Isaac promised blessings for the future to his sons, Jacob and Esau. The Jewish patriarch, Isaac, fathered twin boys, Jacob and Esau. His own father, Abraham, was one of the greatest examples of faithfulness the Bible has to offer. It's doubtless Isaac would ever forget how God had delivered him from death by supplying the necessary lamb to be sacrificed in his place.

This legacy of faithful living carried into his marriage with Rebekah , Jacob's one and only wife and lifelong love. Jacob , another of Israel's great patriarchs, fathered 12 sons who became heads of the 12 tribes. One of his sons was Joseph, a key figure in the Old Testament. But Jacob started out as a liar, cheater, and manipulator. He struggled with God his entire life. The turning point for Jacob came after a dramatic, all-night wrestling match with God. In the end, the Lord touched Jacob's hip, and he was a broken man, but also a new man. God renamed him Israel, which means "he struggles with God.

It was by faith that Jacob, when he was old and dying, blessed each of Joseph's sons and bowed in worship as he leaned on his staff. The words "as he leaned on his staff" are of no small significance. After Jacob wrestled with God, for the rest of his days, he walked with a limp, and he gave over control of his life to God. As an old man and now a great hero of faith, Jacob "leaned on his staff," demonstrating his hard-learned trust and dependence on the Lord. Joseph is one of the greatest heroes of the Old Testament and an extraordinary example of what can happen when a person surrenders his life in complete obedience to God. It was by faith that Joseph, when he was about to die, said confidently that the people of Israel would leave Egypt.

He even commanded them to take his bones with them when they left. After the terrible wrongs done to him by his brothers, Joseph offered forgiveness and made this incredible statement in Genesis , "You intended to harm me, but God intended it all for good. He brought me to this position so I could save the lives of many people. Like Abraham, Moses takes a place of prominence in the Hall of Faith. A towering figure in the Old Testament , Moses is honored in Hebrews It should be noted that Moses' parents, Amram and Jochebed , are also commended for their faith in these verses, as well as the people of Israel for launching across the Red Sea during their escape from Egypt.

Although Moses is one of the most striking examples of heroic faith in the Bible, he was human like you and me, plagued by mistakes and frailties. It was his willingness to obey God despite his many flaws that made Moses someone God could use -- and use mightily indeed! Against overwhelming odds, Joshua led the people of Israel in their conquest of the Promised Land , beginning with the strange and miraculous battle of Jericho. His strong faith caused him to obey, no matter how illogical God's commands might seem. Obedience, faith, and dependence on the Lord made him one of Israel's finest leaders. He set a brave example for us to follow.

While Joshua's name is not specified in this verse, as the leader of Israel's march on Jericho, his faith hero status is certainly implied:. It was by faith that the people of Israel marched around Jericho for seven days, and the walls came crashing down. Besides Sarah, Rahab is the only other woman directly named among the heroes of faith. Considering her background, Rahab's inclusion here is quite remarkable. Before she recognized the God of Israel as the One true God, she made her living as a prostitute in the city of Jericho.

On a secret mission, Rahab played an important role in Israel's defeat of Jericho. This scandalous woman turned spy for God was actually honored twice in the New Testament. She is one of only five women spotlighted in the lineage of Jesus Christ in Matthew It was by faith that Rahab the prostitute was not destroyed with the people in her city who refused to obey God. For she had given a friendly welcome to the spies. Gideon was one of Israel's 12 judges. Although he's referenced only briefly in the Hall of Faith, Gideon's story is featured prominently in the book of Judges. He is a fascinating Bible character almost anyone can relate to. Like many of us, he was plagued with doubts and acutely aware of his own weaknesses.

In spite of Gideon's inconsistencies of faith, the central lesson of his life is clear: the Lord can achieve tremendous things through anyone who depends not on self, but on God alone. Barak was a courageous warrior who answered God's call, but in the end, a woman, Jael , received credit for his defeat of the Canaanite army. Like many of us, Barak's faith wavered, and he struggled with doubt, yet God saw fit to list this otherwise unrecognized hero in the Bible's Hall of Faith. Samson , the most prominently featured Israelite judge , had a call on his life: to begin the deliverance of Israel from the Philistines.

On the surface, what stands out most is Samson's heroic exploits of superhuman might. The biblical account equally highlights his epic failures. He gave into many weaknesses of the flesh and made numerous mistakes in life. But in the end, he returned to the Lord.

For example, only one headpiece can be used at a time, The Potency Of Love In Romeo And Juliet well as only one pair of boots, Heroes As A Heros Role Model. Over the years, Faith has grown from a member of the Harbinger Renegades to one of Valiant's most popular Heroes As A Heros Role Model heroes, with her Heroes As A Heros Role Model solo series reaching particular acclaim. In some of Heroes As A Heros Role Model games, the start of Heroes As A Heros Role Model new month causes neutral armies to spawn all over the map, providing fresh challenges and opportunities.

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