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Bethany Brookshire

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But as the climate warms, the frosty Arctic melts. By using a wedding dress — something that everyone will know — Banks hopes that her project will bring climate change home. Diana Movius designed a ballet performance that represents melting ice and moving glaciers. Dancers can use their bodies to show people falling in love. They can show war and triumph, happiness and sadness.

And now they can show climate change. Diana Movius is a choreographer kor-E-AH-grah-fur — someone who designs dances and movements. Movius designed a dance about glaciers. The dancers perform in front of images of drifting ice. Their bodies help show how glaciers break off of ice sheets — a process called calving — and melt into the sea. Scientists often use charts and graphs when presenting climate change data. But Ed Hawkins decided to do it with stripes. He studies climate at the University of Reading in England. He created an eye-catching array of stripes to show how the world has warmed over time, going from a cool blue to an angry red. When Jeff Berardelli saw the pattern, he wanted to use it to show climate change to the world.

Meteorologists study weather and climate — and you might see them on television giving the weather report. Berardelli put the pattern on ties, mugs, jewelry, shirts and buttons. And he spread the word to other meteorologists to wear the stripes on screen on the first day of summer in Lauren Olesky, another meteorologist at CBS12, grabbed a striped coffee mug.

She was excited about spreading awareness of climate change. This is a sound clip from the climate change opera Auksalaq. Matthew Burtner, Scott Deal. Growing up in the tiny village of Nuiqsit, on the northern edge of Alaska, Matthew Burtner experienced climate change firsthand. Burtner is now a composer at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. By then she was doing postdoctoral research with mice at the University of Pennsylvania. Writing under a pseudonym allowed her to keep her alternate career as a science writer secret. But in a May blog post , Brookshire decided to let the cat out of the bag. Her secret side gig was now her main gig. Despite leaving her mouse research behind for a career in journalism, Brookshire continued to be intrigued by vermin.

Before coming to MIT, she published an article on the self-domestication of house mice, which launched an interest in writing about pest-human interactions. At MIT, Brookshire has been digging into what makes mice and other pests so successful at living with humanity, despite the lengths people go to to get vermin out of their lives. Brookshire credits supportive mentors at Science News for helping propel her career to where it is now.

Brookshire is aware that her work has the potential to inspire future scientists. You have been sent instructions on resetting you password to the email associated with your account. Please check your email and signing in again. We'll send you an email with a link to verify your email. Feed Browse Upload Library More. Library Library. Your changes have been saved. Listen to audio about Bethany Brookshire. Browse for Bethany Brookshire interviews, guest appearances, and call-ins. Make snippets of Bethany talking to create audio highlights to share with your friends or embed in related blog posts.

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